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    Battlestar Galactica

    ya m8 just pm me with the link m8e all thay need is a bit more work on the textures and thats it and thanks Eble for ya help
  2. blazer01

    F-15 Eagle/Strike Eagle

    lovey downloading now you is the man
  3. blazer01

    Project RACS

    hope this helps man http://www.knowledgerush.com/kr/encyclopedia/Dassault_Mirage_III MIRAGE EXTERNAL STORES The weapons and other stores that could be carried by the Mirage delta fighters underwent continuous improvement over the decades. The Mirage IIIC was intended primarily as an interceptor, and so its initial external armament were early Sidewinder missiles and the Matra R-530 missile, with interchangeable infrared (IR) or radar-homing seeker. These were not very effective weapons, but better ones became available in time. Ground attack stores, such light-to-medium bombs and various unguided rocket packs, were quickly adopted, as were drop tanks of various capacities. The French also came up with an odd combination drop tank and rocket pack, and another odd drop tank with tandem stores racks for bombs. The Sidewinder gave way to the improved Matra Magic heat-seeking missile, as well as other advanced stores, such as laser-guided bombs, directed by a laser designator from an spotter, as no operational Mirage ever carried a designator; cluster munitions; Durandal runway-cratering weapons; the Martel ASM; and a wide range of guided air-to-ground missiles. The Israeli Kfir carried Israeli-built weapons, such as the Shafir II and follow-on Python 3 heat-seeking missiles, and US-built weapons, such as Maverick air-to-ground and Shrike anti-radar missiles.
  4. blazer01

    Spanish Army mod pack 3

    rrrrr i see thats a new one lol
  5. blazer01

    Spanish Army mod pack 3

    all i can say is i love it nice set of new stuff to play with and i love the un212 nice and is thay any way can you may let me have the full MLOD and config for it plzz so i can have a go at doing a USMC Huey 212 just pm me and let me know if its ok with ya and one more thing when am in the tiger gunship as a Pilot am siting in where the gunner sits youu need to do a fix for it some time and nice work m8
  6. blazer01

    Project RACS

    same er am runing ECS and Ace not at the same time like lol but thay work ok for me and am useing the FX/afterburners No problems were found well it may be just me lol
  7. nice pack but just one thing comes to mind is the A10 in game as 5xMavericks on if i wos you Marco id go with a mix like 3 Mavericks 4 or 8 Hellfires and 2 AIM-9 Sidewinders and maybe one GBU??? id go with that loadout for but looking at the pack i must say nice work the last time id seen a UH-60 with Hellfires wos in a old game gunship 2000
  8. blazer01

    ArmA Addon request thread

    Already in the pipe. nice one
  9. blazer01

    USAF F-16C Falcon

    The multi weapon loadout screen like the F/A 18 could be possible but and it's a big one all the aircraft addons created so far would have to re-worked to make them compatible. When you see the lines of code just the F/A 18 needs for its weapons it's a project that might be bigger than the community itself  I'd love to see a more simply version maybe with say 2/3 AA options and 2/3 bombs etc. As for the after burner sound cutting out after 5 secs I'm not sure how to make that loop etc. I've added the sonic boom to the F16 but it sounded terrible, so I disabled it for now(does on some addons for some reason) I'll try and source a better 'boom' unless someone has one I could use. Plus I only added the special effects (10min job)to the F16 the rest of the work is all the other people who have kept the addon alive with chagnes. Southy Ya it could be an big project but could this be in the works? Or just an few more F-16 with diffent weapons loads to them this would be vary nice love the F-16 its an lovely jet or just some like the A10 and the AV8 F35 Su34
  10. blazer01

    ArmA Addon request thread

    one for rksl lads The Sepecat Jaguar any one thinking of doing it
  11. blazer01

    USAF F-16C Falcon

    nice work Southy {Is there any way that ya could make the chose of weapons like Franze FA-18s? } id like to see that for all the jets in the game think of the fun in MP
  12. ok this is how i got it to work load up the demo mission in ya editer and look at the names for the bits and bobs for the demo mission like the uav willl have the name UAV and the same for the MRU and you will need the ems scripts aswell for it to work but i think the bast thing to do is just have a bit of a play with the demo mission like add a F18 as a uav for CaS in the editer
  13. blazer01

    Addon Research Topic

    dut know if this is up on er but good USMC Aviation Squadrons http://www.bluejacket.com/usmc_avi_insig_hma-x.html
  14. blazer01

    Bob lazard ufo in area51

    we could only be so lucky..... ha ha lol
  15. yup you got me  http://vimeo.com/905014 From the concert on April 15th, 2008 at the Roxy Theatre in West Hollywood, CA. Bear McCreary, {Slightly off topic, I'm surprised you didn't use "Oasis - Do you know what I mean?" for your Lynx video} funny thig is i wos telling r kid of this addon and he did say thay need to use the Oasis one for it just like in the vid so er is one for ya can ya do a vid just the same as the Oasis one just for xmas
  16. Bear McCreary – Battlestar Galactica Sound Track Season 3 rrrr no Season 4.5 i do know this as am a big Galactica fan and i am doing a model of the Galactica and Pegasus for arma
  17. blazer01

    Bob lazard ufo in area51

    nice but i have to ask is this all ur work or is it a free 3ds model you iz useing if it is a free one it be nice if you do tell us all
  18. blazer01

    Suchoi Su-34 Replacement

    all i can say is lovey work looks like a jet now
  19. blazer01

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Weapons in Arma

    well all i say is go for it and do we a combat shotgun for the game and the FN2000 we need it for the game i have it as a unlock for bf2 nice gun
  20. plz plz get her in arma man the tsr2 is the all time top jet in the uk keep the work up
  21. yus a Tornado GR4 and a Sea Harrier FA2 for the game you iz the man nice wip pic.s aswell and just one more thing plz can you have a go at makeing a TSR2 ill love you long time if you do
  22. blazer01

    Hemp Plant

    all i can say is man good sh*t
  23. yaaaa brit troops nice one
  24. nice work Southy love it and you can have Xmas off