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  1. blazer01

    Wich ArmA game is better?

    yup get the gold i got ArmA then QG did the same with OFP aswell lol but i did get the Goty one with it all in
  2. blazer01

    BLND HMMWVs pack Beta

    i think we all will lol and nice pack
  3. blazer01

    AAN - ArmA Naval Units

    Great work love tham you iz the man
  4. blazer01

    Project RACS

    nice work wld not used the new pack yet but looks nice m8e and its nice to see a UN one in the pack aswell
  5. blazer01

    ArmA Addon request thread

    two alll the Island makers any one thinking of doing Wake Island also known as Wake Atoll http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Wake_Island_map.png just love this map on BF2 so id like to see it on ArmA
  6. blazer01

    Sukhoi Su-47 Berkut

    just a update the Display - unarmed one as had a update in the Cockpit two crt.s where taken out as thay where overlaping two more lod one as a Cockpit bucket now just some fix.s on the model where needed when iv dun all the models the same than ill do a bit off work on the textures ill do one in Tiger Meet and one in Digital on the black Su47 and just a bit of adding some more camo two eddyD.s textures and two Project RACS lads can i do a tiger meet F16 for ya if this Su47 comes out ok   plzz
  7. blazer01

    Sukhoi Su-47 Berkut

    well for now the tiger one still have some more work to do on it but i think it looks ok http://i7.photobucket.com/albums....-49.png http://i7.photobucket.com/albums....-77.png and if ya like i can do some work on the model like do some work on the Cockpit if ya like just needs some work on it just bits and bobs and the schemes used by eddyD for it just needs bit of camo adding thants it i think and love the FX on it nice
  8. blazer01

    Sukhoi Su-47 Berkut

    lol tis ok man but ya i can see wot ya saying if ok with Eble ill have a go at all of tham am just going to do a tiger meet one but i think i can add some thing like a tiger camo for one and a Digital one for the Black one will that work with ya asymmetrical thing lol
  9. blazer01

    Sukhoi Su-47 Berkut

    tis ok am on it atm the textures just need a bit more work thats all
  10. blazer01

    Project RACS

    nice work man looking nice an dut forget the part time lads as well to put it one way You All Do One Hell of a Job
  11. blazer01

    Island Angel

    nice i like the way you have dun it and whens it out ?
  12. blazer01

    Sukhoi Su-47 Berkut

    i got one for ya the Display one is unarmed so why not have a go at doing a tiger meet one just for the fun of it
  13. blazer01

    Project RACS

    sweet man can i give ya a big kiss
  14. blazer01

    iluminati in ufo

    well looks like the good old colone is at it look man if you r going to bring tham out than do it as long as you did ask the model maker of the models you r useing if its ok to use tham for the game all it takes is a min or two to email the kid and ask soz but some one as to tell ya and as told by W0lle {Also let me remind you: If you never plan to release these addons to the public then there is no reason you post the stuff here. Same goes if you have "borrowed" these addons without permission from the original authors as you did in the past. } all ways ask for permission i do and i all ways get a yes back
  15. blazer01

    PMC Apache has been released!

  16. blazer01

    HSO SLA Pack

    nice work D@VÅ downloading asap
  17. blazer01

    XP 32 2gb vs Xp64 4gb

    well am runing Arma on Xp 32 bit with 4 gig in dut think iv had a ctd with this game unless its a frack up addon mind you i do get 20 to 30 FPS i know its not the cpu i have as am runing it on a AMD 5600+ X2 cpu its ma grxf card with it.s 256 MB mind you this week end am geting a new one with 1 gig on it so am hopeing to get some thing like 35 to 50 FPS i hope
  18. blazer01

    PMC Apache has been released!

    same er nice but the HWM Apaches r Top quality and have a lot of nice stuff aswell but this addon brings is smooth perfomance no lag regarding bugs not seen any yet all it needs is all new textures for it for inside and out if you can do this than i think you r on two a winner er on this addon
  19. blazer01

    Independence Day

    nice work but who did the modeling colonel
  20. blazer01

    Eurofighter Typhoon

    tell you wot i would love to see a tiger meet pack of some of the top jet addon that r out like the mig15 the su30mk and not forgeting the su34 and the f22 & f35 & ef2000 & Tornado IDS and the Puma that one is dun i think and the Lynx well thats my wish list and add to the list if ya like the more the better
  21. blazer01

    Proposed Global Ban List

    same thing i wos thinking if it.s some one who we know who hacks than ya it is a good idea but if it some one a admin dus not like people than in my books its a no no {With Great Power come Great responsibilty} we have to have a set of rules that we a go buy like if we have some one whos good at flying jets and we have a admin who dus like it cuz he.s in the jet doing his job but still gets a ban becuz some admind dus not like it cuz he is in the jet and not him iv see this a lot on some BF2 Server when a admin thinks he is god and to tell ya i dut like peeps who r like that so all am saying is we need some rules that we all go by but wot if lets say i wos on and i got a ban for some thing silly as tk.ing some one how will i get unband for it ?? who do i ask ?? but ya a good idea but we need a R.O.E game rules for both sides that we all go by if this helps and stops ppl from hacking than ya go for it its like i say if you cant play the game dut play it or ask for help
  22. blazer01

    Proposed Global Ban List

    i like the idea but what will the banning include peeps that hack and Tk.ing on servers ? if so i say ya