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    ArmA Addon request thread

    i may have a look for a B2 in 3ds format if i find one and if i can get pemrission to do a port over to O2 and for the game i think Southy may like to have a go at puting it in game for you peeps ill see wot i can do for you lot and i think thay is a sound mod or two out for the jets like HiFi Novus Aevum wich is ok
  2. blazer01

    Project RACS

    nice work man love it
  3. blazer01

    USEC C130 Hercules

    same er i get it to and yup it is annoying can some one do a fix for it ;)
  4. blazer01


    yaaaaaaaaaaaaa it is pmsl so you seen that on top gear aswell :D
  5. just been looking at some new Digital camo on er i think ill have a go at the one on the mig29 so Southy one for ya to think over is can you do a full rename of the F35 with the name of F35_Digital if so ill do the full pack in Digital camo you see it looks like the USAF is going to use it some time and id like to do in in Digital to bring it upto times and if ya can do the mig29 aswell and its not just troops and jets that r useing it just look on the link and see lads and look for Jordan Adopts Fractal Vehicle Camouflage look at the Challengers in KA2 and to racs can i have a go at one of the tanks some time and see how it looks in Digital camo http://www.defenseindustrydaily.com/Digital-Thunder-Camo-for-Slovakias-MiG-29s-04814/HyperStealth Cloudcamâ„¢ Pattern
  6. well am up for that go for it man i think you will find a lot of us will back ya up for this
  7. thanks man if ya like ill do some for it in digital and you can pick the ones to use i just got to thinking how good the A10 pack i did some time ago in digital work ok with the A10 so i wos thinking why not the Su47 i think it just works for the jet
  8. blazer01

    Sap Everon 2.0

    any time :D
  9. one it wos made in sketchup 2 its not my work its the work of Robert Reese i did ask if it wos ok to use it and i got a big yup from him as i say its better to ask if any thing lol 3 it not messy its just the way i got the pics and i have put a lot of work in to it aswell and all the interior compressor blades thay is just two sets and thanks for ya posts lads and plz do not for get it is still wip i still have lots to do on it
  10. blazer01

    Sap Everon 2.0

    same er it brings back the good old days thank you Sgt Ace for this you have made this old man happy :D id like to see evo on this map aswell me thinks it be sweet ;) ps you will have to port this to Arma 2 when its out sgt
  11. blazer01

    Project RACS

    one i missed lol and the 90mm can you give it some Mpat rounds 6 mpat and 6 HEAT rounds or some thing like it
  12. blazer01

    Project RACS

    lol it be good if we can but its up two wld427 and iv been puting tham thru the paces and its looking ok to me up to now still think the top MG aiming is out a bit but that may be me
  13. ya i get it now it wos just the way he put it me dumb lol but ya boycotting the game wont work at all and as for the community members who r doing this than all i can say is just name and shame tham so we all know who it is and to keep a way from tham if it wos any of the stuff am doing got robbed off me bysome one than id be asking admins to ban tham and name him or her for doing it thay is no need to peeps to do this all it takes is a min to pm the addon maker and ask i wos going to ask rkls if i can do a new skin for the Lynx as am hopeing to do a tiger meet pack some time looks like its a big no now thanks to the frackers whos doing this hope your happy now soz for this but its pissed me off a lot its not on at all
  14. all i can say is this is takeing the P its not on the peeps at RKSL Studios do a top job the work you lads have put in OFP and Arma is the tops i wos look forwud to the work on Arma 2 now we may not see it cuz of one noob who thinks he can do wot he likes just not on
  15. ya i know but the polycount is at 12000 and it dus look nice as it is it is still wip its on hold for now as am working on the skins for the su47 @PhilippRauch Nice skins, i especially like the tiger one lol thay r two tiger skins if you look one is tiger camo from vitnam war and @plaintiff1 turbojet engines are unnecessary nooooo not been funny with any one some of the jets r sweet to look at but thay all miss some thing on tham in a way now with firefox i still have work to do on her so engines still have alot of work on tham to go but am still keeping tham on thay just go with her but thanks any way peeps
  16. so wot addons do you think as been robbed from addon makers for one how do You know thay have Roobbed tham the addon makers may have let Bi use tham for arma 2 did you think of that
  17. blazer01

    A-10 Mission from US release

    Devil Cross just love this mission did you use it with ecs it just looks ten times better
  18. just some thing iv been working on nope you all like the mig from firefox http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y258/blazer01/MIG31-1.png http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y258/blazer01/MIG31-2.png http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y258/blazer01/MIG31-3.png and some skins for the su47 am working on as well http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y258/blazer01/arma2009-04-0323-55-34-49.png http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y258/blazer01/arma2009-04-0921-15-24-26.png http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y258/blazer01/arma2009-04-0718-26-50-09.png the su47 skins just need a bit more work
  19. blazer01

    Project RACS

    nice work wld cant see any bugs just the one with the roof mg when shooting its 1 to 3 cm up from 10m away i think thats it the 105 and the 90 mm r spot on for shooting at 1000 to 2000m give or take 100m and nice work why not add a bdrm as well for the racs
  20. blazer01

    Project RACS

    nice one man ill have a go now with tham
  21. blazer01

    BDS T-55A beta Release

    yup and it go.s from 0 to 60 in 1 to 3 secs :butbut: and some bugs as well but it dus look nice
  22. blazer01

    Nuky nuke

    fracking hell sweet boom boom
  23. blazer01

    Valhalla Mod - WIP

    all i can say is this is beautiful just looked at the pic on arma info for Klurs Island and i must say this is just beautiful to look at i can see this been used for a ww1 mod it just looks the part when will this mod be out and keep up the work man looking good
  24. blazer01

    CZM beta releases

    all i can say is WoW downloading asap