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  1. i was just lookin for some stuff for GTA4 whan i came a cross this lot i think you lads at Bohemia Interactive need to have a look at this lads http://www.gtainside.com/en/download.php?do=cat&id=358
  2. blazer01

    Arma 2 addons in GTA4 wtf

    ya id been have a look at tham all i just had to bring this up for Bohemia as we all know what thay r like for the work thay do as i say i was just lookin for some mods for gta4 whan id seen tham so i just had to pass it on to tham to let tham know that some one as been hackin the game files
  3. blazer01

    ATi Radeon HD2400 Pro issues

    ya looks like the psu you i wos you go out and buy a new one 550w for it i had the same card as you one time and it work ok with arma and looking at ur rig its ok to run arma on it
  4. thanks for puting it up on the ftp old bear wots the errors you get as i dut get any ???? but if any finds some let me know and i see if i can fixs tham if not than some one els can have a go but if some one can add two or more av8.s two the config ill do a R A F one and a RaC.s one as well i have all the model books with the av8 in so i can do a good one just pm me some time
  5. av8b for cas work most of the work as been dun by bulkington80 and configs by modEmMaik and some fixs by me and U.S.A. Harrier Reskin By BOSS hope you all like ps for the reskin i did not get the time to pm him if it wos ok to use it but i think it will be ok with him have fun peeps http://rapidshare.com/files/243742546/av8b_cas.zip.html
  6. blazer01

    New beta patch 1.16

    love the new 1.16 patch but can some one tell me when it will be comeing out as not a beta patch but a full patch for the game
  7. ya soz for that er you go http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y258/blazer01/arma2009-06-0121-12-57-04.png http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y258/blazer01/arma2009-06-0121-14-41-60.png
  8. blazer01

    USAF F-16C Falcon

    and the afterburner is out a bit but a i still like it nice work man
  9. i dut know but i like his gokart let us all hope we may get some peeps who will do some nice textures for it :) and i think ya path as to be some thing like this p:\o2 for ya tools i think but any way its looking nice man and it be nice to see a suzuki in game and you thinking of doing a 999 ducati ;) aswell
  10. just one thing i like to know is will it be possible to do port overs of some of the addons from ArmA 2 to ArmA we have been told that it will be possible to port ArmA stuff to ArmA 2
  11. ya thay r m8e and thanks man and @ DerRelienT have got the back door working ? aswell and the pics of it look ok to me nice work
  12. well i think it needs a overhaul and nice truck SHADOWS
  13. nice work man look nice and maik is it ok if i have a go at adding a Ground Surveillance Radar to one just to see wot it looks like or a Air Surveillance Radar
  14. nice Screenshots man and did i see a F86 aswell :)
  15. just some thing am working on with Southy F35 in a Digital pattern next will be the OH58 and the F15 and a Mig29 and the EF2000 aswell for now just a pic of the F35 http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y258/blazer01/arma2009-05-1023-41-15-51.png
  16. nice Island love the layout But it as got some bugs that need fixing but i do like it and i love the way you got the Soviet Union atmosphere love it
  17. blazer01

    Project RACS

    now that will be nice a Evolution map and wld427 do ya think it be nice to have the Mi-24 Hind as well for the rac.s just mix it up a bit for the rsaf any way nice work asall ways man love it
  18. blazer01

    RHS Hind v1.0 for ArmA

    will do Sir
  19. blazer01

    Project RACS

    lol you ask for that :D and nice work man love the 109
  20. blazer01

    ArmA Addon request thread

    look er The Lost Brothers have one i think and i still cant find a B2 but i did get a nice F15E for free so ill do a port over to O2 and see wot its like if its any good ill see if i can find out who did the model and ask if i can use it http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=69294
  21. blazer01

    New BattlEye Features

    nice work man
  22. blazer01

    Addon Research Topic

    Photoshop Tutorials for doing Textures most r for Jets but you can use tham for any thing like cars tanks and Uniforms http://www.simmerspaintshop.com/forums/forum37-photoshop/