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  1. blazer01

    JCOVE Lite for free

    ya i know i do use it some times with my clan but what am sayin is it be nice to have a server so we can play it online with it mind you id like to have a game with the lads in the army lol civ's V army :p what you all think to that
  2. blazer01

    Dragon Rising has been released

    all i can say is at the end of the day CM need to stick to car games and not mil sims as it is my time playing DR has now finished ill stick to ArmA 1 & 2 thank you
  3. i was goin to say that :P lol sweet and nice work
  4. blazer01

    Dragon Rising has been released

    pmfao think it says it all for CM lol
  5. blazer01

    Dragon Rising has been released

    pmsl well am not geting any game from CM any more thay can stick DR where the sun don't shine :D ill stick to arma 1 & 2
  6. blazer01

    JCOVE Lite for free

    all thay need doing now in JCOV is to get the MP workin on it
  7. same er and nice to see your still workin on tham m8 keep it up :)
  8. blazer01

    Dragon Rising has been released

    sorry wolle ill be good but getin back to it Operation Flashpoint: Elite for Xbox the old xbox not the new 360 but temp why do you keep comein back on er any way BI have any thing at all to do with OFP DR ????
  9. blazer01

    Dragon Rising has been released

    Oooooooooooooo my god he come back on lol {BIS dont have a game on the consoles} i think thay do OFP for xbox but any way back to the fix's for this game O_o one min you can't fix the game seein as CM did a big fk up with it any way lol
  10. blazer01

    Dragon Rising has been released

    well you do get some bet he's just 14 lol like you lot i was lookin forwud to DR and than whan i got it and all the bugs in it what a joke from CM bit like you templar just name some thing thats good in DR can you do that you get NO SDK KIT to do any modin for it unlike arma 1 and 2 and not forgetin OFP you just have to have a look on arma and ofp sites to find lots of stuff for all BI games but ill tell you what is the biggist joke of all is the MP for DR lol
  11. workin on the TSR2 from RKSL rock was so nice to let me have the mlods for it workin on the cockpit interior for the rear for now and have some Weapons on one of the jets i still have this lot to do as well rock did say he will help out on the config for me whan he as the time but ill still need help with some of the stuff so if any one whats to help out just pm me whan i get the time ill put some WIP pics up of her and nice work namman Unrwapping Diffuse Textures Super shader RVMATS animations (model.cfg) Config Weapons
  12. ya Im still playing but now iv moved on to ArmA2 still have ofp ill have to dig it out and put it back on just to see if it works with win7
  13. blazer01

    ArmA2 - The Xbox 360 thread

    id like to see ArmA2 out on console but not the 360 if BI where to do it on console than id have to say PS3 but as it is PC FTW whan it comes for games like this any time
  14. blazer01

    Dragon Rising has been released

    hahaha ELLOO AND HOW CAN WE HELP YOU SIR what sir you will like to see more :yay: in the game sir :D
  15. blazer01

    Dragon Rising has been released

    am not sendin tham any cash thay got £40 out of me last time for that game lol
  16. i just don't see why thay don't dp a addon pack for the game that we can buy UK MOD Content Pack if Bis did do any thingh like it as a Content Pack id go out and buy it asap so to Bis love the stuff in the Content Pack for the uk so bring it out on dvd for us lot to buy :) plzzzzzz ill love you long time if you do :P
  17. love the canopy eddyd and impressive work on the F16 will we see a block 50 aswell :)
  18. well i did ask be4 for this one so ill ask one more time TSR2 and Supermarine fighter - the Scimitar + Lightning F.53 and not for getin the good old Blackburn Buccaneer plzzzz
  19. blazer01

    the FEW

    CJS i hope its ok with ya but i had to do a reskin of the spitfire if ya like pm me your email addy and ill email it to ya i think you many what to use it in a up date and if you like ill have a go with the 109 aswell and the p38 to m8e
  20. blazer01

    the FEW

    r you thinkin of addin some WW2 jets to it as well and plzz add the ju52 and a horten 229 plzzzz :)
  21. blazer01

    Help with addons

    1 where did you install it two 2 goto the install folder for ArmA and add a folder with ths name @MYADDONS in that folder add a folder with this name addons this is where you will put ya addons in next make a shortcut to the arma exe and go to the porperties of the shortcut and add this line to the target line arma.exe" -nosplash -mod=@MyADDONS than go back to the MYADDONS folder and add the addons you like or have a look for a ArmA Launcher for the game that will run the MYADDONS folder for ya have fun
  22. blazer01

    Arma 2 1.06 Patch Suggestions

    just one from me fix the A10A with the GBU bombs so the A10 can lock on to stuff like tanks and that
  23. blazer01

    B 17 bomber

    lookin good up two now
  24. same er and spot on Betsalel it dus just take a min or to just to ask if it's ok
  25. i was looking foward to this mod :( thay had some nice stuff as well but plz do not let this kill it off just look at all the work you lads have put into it