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    Modern Warfare 2

    @raizjames as i put i was told most where from MW1 so 2 r from the old game :) and why not charge for it just look at BF2 with the 3 addon packs thay did added new stuff for the game i don't see now rediculous it is to buy a map pack as long as the maps r good to play on
  2. blazer01

    Modern Warfare 2

    well from what i got told off a m8 of mine most r from MW1 just a port over wich is nice but havein to pay £15 for tham i don't know may be £7 for tham
  3. Ooo my think am in love :eek:
  4. blazer01

    HBO's Band of Brothers: Pacific War

    Letters from Iwo Jima good film in my books id like to see him do one from Soviets perspective of WW2
  5. well all am say is nice work on the scorpion gunship sir whan can we see a bate of it for us all to have a go on and iv got the dropship and the transport version with MGs and all freeware i think that i got from sketchup have a look on the site if you need tham
  6. blazer01

    Free Falcon 5

    well i installed my copy of Falcon 4 than i came to install freefalcon and it told me it had to uninstall Falcon 4 lol well lets see if it works :)
  7. blazer01

    Free Falcon 5

    ill have to give this a go but can some one tell me if Falcon 4.0 will work ok with win7 ??
  8. blazer01

    ATI horizon bug

    mmmm run's ok with my 4600 ati card you may need to have a look on the wed site for your card for any updates that may be out for it or have a look on the Ati wed site for any updates or a fix for it
  9. some thing like this http://sketchup.google.com/3dwarehouse/details?mid=533ee24c68c2ce394fffe7c63bab4856&prevstart=0
  10. blazer01

    Addon Research Topic 2

    MP rock and thanks any way i do have some good pics of her
  11. blazer01


    my god this takes me back whan i was a kid lol allways did love the film and i don't tink it's a remake of it but who knows lol
  12. some work am do on the RKLS TSR2 still got lots to do on her like all the inside like but am getin ther :) http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y258/blazer01/buldozer2010-03-1101-59-58-24.png http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y258/blazer01/buldozer2010-03-1102-11-00-35.png
  13. blazer01

    Addon Research Topic 2

    am lookin for any thing to do with the TSR2 like blueprints and that :)
  14. if you what to make on than go for it m8e i do know that thay where in use in WW2 so i hope this link help's you out http://www.lonesentry.com/german_antitank/
  15. low budget Air Force mmmm one aircraft come's to mind the Super Tucano i think one was dun for OFP
  16. blazer01

    Battlefield Bad Company 2 Beta

    looks like ill be buyin this one yaaaa
  17. blazer01

    Need A Model?

    one for ya the scorpion gunship from avatar http://sketchup.google.com/3dwarehouse/details?mid=cad886c9056a79998cfc19f2a5d035c3&prevstart=0
  18. blazer01

    US Army HMMWV program is dead.

    that jltv looks cool :)
  19. the picard maneuver lol thats one way of putin it
  20. blazer01

    Codemasters Expands For Nice New Shooter

    +1 for I44 as for cm i don't hate tham i don't like to be lied to i did have a lot of games at one time like a lot of the car games like Dirt and i must say thay r dam good games but havein a go at FPS games na thay not good at tham i think
  21. blazer01

    Codemasters Expands For Nice New Shooter

    lol i think we r all grow up and i don't think we r pathetic in any way
  22. blazer01

    Codemasters Expands For Nice New Shooter

    thay need to stick to the car games not try and have a go at FPS games lol
  23. blazer01

    PMC 51km Desert

    well i all ways did like this map and seein a port over of it will be good but as it is you still have your arma 1 work so get on with that snake man and whan you have finished it do a port over of the map i think you will find a lot of us will love this for amra 2 tanks v tanks + jets mmm will be good fun ;)
  24. blazer01

    Su-24 Fencer

    tiz ok m8 take ya time on tham