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  1. am hopeing for some help on this addon am at 90% but i need help with it it is to do with the textures now iv have dun all the texture swoping ok but i just cant rename some textures this is the set of textures i cant rename P:\BIModels\BIA10\data\A10_01_NOHQ.paa P:\BIModels\BIA10\data\A10_01_SMDI.paa P:\BIModels\BIA10\data\A10_02_NOHQ.paa P:\BIModels\BIA10\data\A10_02_SMDI.paa P:\BIModels\BIA10\data\A10_instruments_NOHQ.paa P:\BIModels\BIA10\data\A10_instruments_SMDI.paa P:\BIModels\BIA10\data\A10sklo-pass2.rvmat P:\BIModels\BIA10\data\env_co.paa i have gived tham the path of Ca\A10\Data\ but thay will not go to that path and if i load it up in buldozer all i get is cant load texture BIModels\BIA10\data\A10_01_NOHQ.paa and i get the same thing if i load the addon up in ArmA but it works still and how do i add more jets to the config file aswell any way thanks for ur time
  2. ok i will do next time or if a admin can move the post to the Arma Editing area of the forums but any way the full path for the addon is this marpat_A10G\A10wl.p3d for the addon the p3d file is A10wl  the full path with textures for it is this marpat_A10G\WL\WL_01_co.paa WL_02_co.paa WL is the texture Folder and the rest of the textures goto ca\a10\data\ am useing O2 for all the work it loads up in Buldozer and in ArmA ok but i just cant load texture from BIModels\BIA10\data\ and am useing Oxygen file renaming and the oxygen mass filerenaming on it no Hexeditor to much  {To make it work in buldozer you should replace the BIA10 map to the P:\ drive} so your saying it needs look like this on the drive itself  P:\BIA10 so i have to take it out of  BIModels Folder ok ill have a go and thanks for the help ps iv just had it in game ok loads up but still got a cant load texture funny thing is it wos clear_empty.paa but iv had that be4 so i can fix it lol its ok i think iv fixed it all but i remove bis_klan.paa from the addon ??
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    so wot ur saying is ITS OK FOR U LOT 2 HAVE IT BUT NOT US LOT like i do a lot work on Textures and am just geting 2 grips with 02 i.d like 2 have all the the tools for the game but you cant get them why cuz ppl will not put tham up for dl oo and am not a noob ed i do ask addon makers if it is ok 2 do work on ther stuff like if u dut ask u dut get it (Texture Swaper)