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  1. nice like the A4 and is that a mig21 i see aswell and i still cant get the SU33 to work fully in game so am asking any one who is willling to halp me out all i need is a config makeing up for it just PM me and thanks
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    love it
  3. bit like me i play EVO more than any thing PvP is well not go in to that but ya i play Sniper am all ways tell the lot of tham wots comein and that and all ways get a big thank you off tham unlike PvP and @ cain2001 if you can learn OfP in a month than ArmA is not that hard to master
  4. yup Syria did have the mig 15 have a look http://www.pbase.com/bmcmorrow/damascusnewcity&page=all
  5. You may use the model.cfg provided my BI for "Air" in the vehicles and weapons sample. The config.cpp is pretty easy, because you only have to inherrit the existing Su34 and Su34B class for your Syrian_Su34/B. have fun, mike yup thats wot i had to do lol just have a go at get the Animations working got it in game ok just working the model config out it.s lol and did Syrian or Iran use the mig 15 ?? and have look er look at the Zolfaqar 3 MBT looks like a M1A1 in a way http://www.acig.org/artman/publish/article_249.shtml
  6. oooooooooooooooo i see well i dut see why not wot ya think Miles mossad agent named Zohan and is any good at config files ?? need one makeing up for the Su34 A & B one with both in it Pbo name is Syrian_Su34 and the P3d one r su34.p3d & su34b.p3d if ya need the full Pbo PM me and ill give a link to it for ya to do but i need it back as i still have stuff do on it ok am off to put this Zohan on see if it.s any good
  7. Have you been under a rock for the past year?  www.youdontmesswiththezohan.com  he must of been r kid says it.s funny as fk note to me must download it and see it
  8. yup and 40GB of Films lol wot p*ssed me off the most wos i lost all my Arma addons and updates and all my models but for the Magach 6 i wos lucky i uploaded it to a file site so ill redown load it later
  9. well wot ya think of the Su34 up two now still have a lot to do but am geting thar http://i7.photobucket.com/albums....-10.jpg http://i7.photobucket.com/albums....-62.jpg http://i7.photobucket.com/albums....-64.jpg
  10. just to let ya know i had a HD fkup last n8 lost most of my work and the Su34  so i had to reinstall the lot but any way am back to work on the Su34 ill have it dun in a week or so for ya  il keep ya posted & @ Lennard i think the M60 i wos working on wos Rygugu's m60a3 ?? template where do i get it from ?? any link will help
  11. ya i think i can do a reskin of the su34 and have ya got a email addy so i can send the M60.s to iv dun as much as i can for ya with tham
  12. i know the IAF doesn't use the aircraft in real its a wot if thay did
  13. thanks and its blaz to ma m8 any way the back wheels on the old one where S**T so i had to put new ones on it still as bugs but if some one wud like to do the fix.s for the M60 ERA blazer pm me the LoBo_Egypt_M60A1 textures on just need a bit of a up date to tham i still have the Jordan_M60A1 to do two pics of the  Egypt M60 and as for the textures am just redoing some of tham back of the egypt M60 like the flag  http://i7.photobucket.com/albums....-10.jpg http://i7.photobucket.com/albums....-62.jpg ok up date on the Egypt M60  i just redid all the textures and re did the M1 back wheels  but i still have 4 top rollers not working ?? new look Egypt M60 http://i7.photobucket.com/albums....-23.jpg ok update i have fixed most of the bugs on all the LoBo Magach tanks 6A 7A 7C  r working in game tanks but i still have bug 2 and just did this in a hr you can have it for the mod if you like  IAF A10A CAS http://i7.photobucket.com/albums....-04.jpg http://i7.photobucket.com/albums....-21.jpg
  14. thanks for the info on the bugs as for the M60 with the ERA i still have all the textures to put on it i wos lucky i have a M60 with all the textures with it as for the 7C thats in game and workin with all textures now still have some work to do on it so ill keep you all posted ok iv up dated the m60 iv got most of it workin in the editer got the Commanders Hatch workin now for the views i think iv worked it out iv Replaced all the wheels on some LOD.s and the to back ones with ones from bis M1 i must say it looks nice i may need some help still to get it workin all ok http://i7.photobucket.com/albums....-43.jpg
  15. ok good news i got the LoBo_Magach6A in and working in game looks sweet but its got a bug or two but if some one can fix it ill think it will work ok Magach6A http://i7.photobucket.com/albums....-53.jpg bug one http://i7.photobucket.com/albums....-20.jpg bug two http://i7.photobucket.com/albums....-29.jpg i think i can fix bug two but i duno if i can fix bug one and the 7C Â still got a bit more to do on it but am geting thar http://i7.photobucket.com/albums....-84.jpg
  16. ok iv got the Magach7C in game working ok thanks to the lad who did a port over of it nice work been working on the textures for it comeing on ok still got more to do on it but looking nice tell me wot ya think you lot   M60A4 Blazer just needs porting over http://i7.photobucket.com/albums....-90.jpg Magach7C or to me the M60A7 http://i7.photobucket.com/albums....-71.jpg http://i7.photobucket.com/albums....-46.jpg and i have some textures missing ill make a list when iv got time any way hope ya like
  17. ya that i can do for ya on  improveing the textures but i wos thinking of stop the work on that one and port over the LoBo Magach7C and the 7A but its up to you and as for the AH-1 ill do one for ya
  18. {You know how to do all the memory points stuff right?} no not yet but ill have a good go at it if i help ill ask
  19. ok wot ya think seeing as iv not dun this ever in o2 but i think it looks ok for now http://i7.photobucket.com/albums....-79.jpg http://i7.photobucket.com/albums....-14.jpg iv redun all the Blazer armor Israeli Urdan cupola added tanken from the Magach7 for now and as any one got the mlob for the old US M60 as am thinking of doing some thing just for the Lost Brothers mod
  20. @Raafatah64 tiz ok m8e i know wot ill be addin to the M60 i have a lot of plans and pics of the idf m60 but am still got some of my editing tools to put back on as its a new rig am runing now so when iv got the mlod.s ill get to work on it Â
  21. No probs m8 iw os going to ask for the p3d model for the m60 ill have a go at redoin the Blazer ERA on the tank just pm the links to all of it and ill have a go at it for ya iv got the plans for my model of it still so ill have a good go it and iv got a 3ds max mesh as well
  22. If you're judging from the screenshot, it was photoshopped so the color is a bit different in the game. If we find a texture artist who can do a better job we will. Currently we do not have any official Lobo members who are skilled texture artists. We've done a little texture remapping and some work experimenting with specular/normal maps. But our only total retextures have been by EddyD who was kind enough to do a few aircraft reskins for us. So until someone volunteers to fix her up, the mk4 will remain as it is. The only update that I might do is perhaps attempt some normal/specular mapping and add in the Lahat ATGM system. Â That would be for a future update (addon pack #4). At any rate, right now I think the Mk4 does NOT look crappy. Can it look better? Sure, but only if it was reskinned by an extremely skilled texture artist. I also should add that most likely you will find a few bugs here and there and a few things that could have been done better. Â The reason we released this pack now is because almost all of our members are starting school again and will have little time to work on addons. Overall everything works and we just wanted to get one comprehensive addon pack out there for people to start making missions with. Â We also really want to take a break from these set of addons and work on some new addons such as Egyptian and Iranian units as well as historic IDF and Arab military forces. We'll still provide updates however for this pack as we know that many of the addons need improving. Chris G. aka-Miles Teg<GD> I judged it because I downloaded a pack and tested it. If I were you, I wouldn't release Merkava in this quality form. It looks more like incomplete OFP-conversion and I think ArmA texture standards are higher. I also respect your team work for community. Some fresh packs of vehicles and units are always welcome. Hope that next release will be much much better than this one i have to say the same as him nice pack but it needs work still if ya like when i have the time ill redo your M60 Blazer and the Merkava and ill have a go at the F15 as well if ya like just PM me and let me know lads
  23. still looking for some but ill think ill do it for the SLA and when i have the retexturing dun ill put a pic or two up give me a week or so
  24. Guba am usein ur config for it if its ok
  25. nice addon am doing a reskin of it so ill keep ya posted