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  1. bertiebasset

    Winter Kolgujev v1.2

    Thanks kegetys great work as always!!!
  2. bertiebasset

    What should be in OFP

    Beer for me although some wildlife and naked birds wouldn't go a miss.
  3. bertiebasset

    New Weapons

    No missions are available in the original campaign but if you invest in red hammer alot of the new vehicles make an appearance along with the new weapons
  4. bertiebasset

    What is the power u got?

    </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (xerxerc @ Jan. 06 2002,18:25)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">666 p2 no graphics card 64mb ram<span id='postcolor'> ok now i feel better
  5. bertiebasset

    What do you think off the new layout?

    I like the new look but the older forum was faster
  6. bertiebasset

    What is the power u got?

    Ok no laughing at the back CPU 500MHz Celeron 192 Meg of SDRAM Voodoo 4 Soundblaster live Benchmark result 874!! Oh the shame
  7. bertiebasset

    Red hammer

    Yep Getright is highly recommended for all your download needs. Also Redhammer is worth getting if you like a good challenge.
  8. bertiebasset

    OpFlash Marine Corps Interview

    Good interview with some nice screen shots from VBS1 .One important thing to come out of it was HomeLAN - Will at least parts of the program be released to the public, such as new vehicles and such? Michael Woodman - Some of the models may be released. BIS and Coalescent Technologies will have discussions in the future as to exactly which models. So fingers crossed
  9. bertiebasset


    Could people stop posting about A10's hitting the wrong tanks as i asume that you are referring to the gulf war friendly fire incident.If you (Ruskiesrule) are telling the truth then i apologise but to include this in your BS is in extremely bad taste. Alot of soldiers were killed in this action one of who lived a few miles from me so please think before you post.
  10. bertiebasset


    I havent been able to finish it yet but when you first get out of the truck enter the building that you start beside.Inside you'll find a civvie with a set of car keys. Hope this helps and if anyone's got anymore tips on how to finish this mission i'd be glad to hear them:D
  11. bertiebasset

    I need a patriotic show of hands!

  12. bertiebasset

    Tank Idea

    Talking of british units along with the SA80 id like to see the challengers predecessor the Chieftain and the Scimitar Light scout tank included. (Edited by bertiebasset at 8:39 pm on Nov. 20, 2001)