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  1. ArmA Effects

    i use them together and they are fine. awesome work. incredible effects. andy.
  2. Arma FDF sound pack v1.2

    WOW. i've tried all the sound mods, and this is now by far the daddy. the sounds are simply amazing, and the overall effect in battle is beyond words - it's the effect chammy is going for i believe. i disagree - this is awesome, much better. nice work. i did edit your config by the way - turned all environmental (wind etc) effects right down, as they were almost as loud as the weapons. My setup fyi - EAX & Hardware Accel. both ON with XFi Extreme Gamer Sound Card and Medusa 5.1 Surround Headphones. andy.
  3. will 'End Process' not work? it does for me if arma hangs. andy
  4. Chammys Sound Mod

    sounds of rifles/rpg's are way too quiet imo (i'm used to modwarsound) so would be great if these could be upped. other than that, nice work. andy.
  5. http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin....t=55416
  6. Armed Assault dot Info Great Work on the faces everyone!
  7. as stated in my post before .@ Puma - thanks for that - the next version will have .paa files instead of jpeg to help all the ati players. ** EDIT** as i type this i am uploading the new version - using .paa files so ATI users can benefit too! it is fully backwards compatible with the previous (93CamoFacePack) version (you will see peeps faces that use the 93, and those people will see yours - providing you're not using the 2 new ones of course) link in prev post will be updated. andy. ** EDIT #2 ** http://files.filefront.com/95CamoFacePackexe/;7944796;;/fileinfo.html
  8. damn....u sure? thats a shame...ah well thnx anyway. ALL PEOPLE WHO ARE ON THIS THREAD DOWNLOAD THE FACE PACK NOW yeah, it is a shame, it's why i posted it - the more have it, the more see it! even if just people you know/ in your squad/clan have it it's a bonus. andy.
  9. Find all these amazing faces by wipman and more (95 in total) in this face pack. NEW 95 CamoFacePack http://files.filefront.com/95CamoFacePackexe/;7944796;;/fileinfo.html FULLY BACKWARDS COMPATIBLE WITH THE .JPG VERSION! it installs a pbo into your addons folder and gives the option to choose the face from the edit player option. as it is an addon others will need it to see the face, but the more that have it the more will see it. also you will never be stopped from entering a server for having a custom face! post will be updated when more are added (basically when the face machine that is wipman creates them)
  10. MG Videos all the sounds you need!

    tbh i love the zoom on vanilla arma - the option of the 'zoom out' view, make cqb a possibility, if you could (or if you want to) implement that it would be great. andy.

    i absolutely love it! congrats on another great release, you've really outdone yourselves this time. did you manage to convert prophet's fantastic coops over to your mod? that is all it needs now - 56 i believe - awesome coops. thanks again, andy.
  13. Authentic sound & weapon Mod

    i get it at 800+kbs from them, so it's you.
  14. Authentic sound & weapon Mod

    all fixed. m249 sounds a dream now, and the m4aimpoint works correctly. nice work pred.
  15. Afghanistan Arrives to ArmA

    worked perfectly with 1.07, but 1.08 gives constant crashes.