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  1. Is there a way or a script to make infantry charge a trench and not stop and cover and fire?
  2. Is it using the arma 1 engine or arma 2 engine?
  3. ag bo--

    Patch 1.55 Issues

    i install the 1.55 patch for OA( i have Arma 2 steam and OA non steam) and everytime i install the 1.50 to 1.55 patch, it still says i have version 1.54. I cant find a patch that goes from 1.54 to 1.55.
  4. @bisch Its not that there no futurists weapons sights for fire fights, its just doesnt seem intense enough, no one is firing their guns.
  5. I find find infantry combat a bit a strange, no one really fires there weapons, and when they do its practically always kills you. I also find the recoil on guns to much, 2 shots and shooting directly into the sky, cant even do decent supression fire. I don't know if its just me, but it seems i can never get a decent fire fight
  6. Should never have any doubts about this mod always top quality
  7. looks really promising, can't wait
  8. Can't wait to see anything from this mod
  9. ag bo--

    RPG MODs

    Theres also aussie life
  10. Hey guys i just want to play ace single play atm, iv installed Ace using mod folders, but where do i put user config. I'm using the steam version of Arma 2.
  11. were does userconfig go? im have trouble installing
  12. I can't wait to have the big battles i had in ofp on the arma engine.
  13. Great maxim and all other units. Will their be tweak to infantry AI so that they fight more like their from ww2?
  14. ag bo--

    Liberation 1941-45 Mod patch 1.09

    Hey guys. Love the work done by the libmod team. Is any more work being done by the official lib team for ofp? BTW made a movie using libmod: