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  1. Awesome, thanks a bunch! Now we can continue using this awesome mod!
  2. Well, basically we hear each other the "default" teamspeak way, omnidirectional. It also switches us out of the TaskForceRadio channel, we've tried rejoining the channel manually, but that does not fix the problem.
  3. Hello, First of all, great mod! Me and a few playing buddies have had a problem though, while playing the DUWS mission it seems that the radio seems to break as soon as you get teleported after initialization. Now, I'm wondering, could it be that teleporting players around breaks the radio in some way?
  4. Hello I'm currently in the 3th mission of the campaign (where you become the squad leader and you gotta find the evil chedaki guy) and I'm having a problem with Starforce (the chopper transport). I requested an extraction but the chopper doesnt seem to land, it just keeps hovering high in the sky and I cant use the transport option again (cause it says (active)). Is there any way to reset or cancel the first transport command? Any help is appreciated :)
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    And so it begins...
  6. How would one use the nuke if you wanted it to explode at a scripted event? The camcreating wouldn't make it fully functional so is there a way to do it proper without having to drop it yourself?
  7. Is there a way to setup claymores and POMZ already tripwired in the editor. To place ambushes for instance?
  8. Is there any way to get the RACS fighting both sides while West and East still stay hostile to eachother (like E vs W vs Res)? At the moment it seems that if you put RACS as "enemy to all" that W and E turn friendly to eachother.
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    Warfare Cooperative (WACO) v1.1.1

    I think that you can switch weapons for the gunner while holding spacebar and pressing F Â
  10. Hi all! I'm pretty new to scripting and I'm trying to do something here , but I can't get it exactly to work. So this is the thing; I want a player to be able to create a "Camp"(West tent open) where his cursor is looking at (something like building in CTI). I also want this to be working properly in MP. Can anybody help me with this? It would be very educational ! Thanks.
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    Q in regarding to TrackIR

    Hi everybody! I didn't know exactly at wich forum to post , so I thought offtopic would be best! It's about TrackIR , I understand that it tracks the movement of your head to make certain things easier (like lean and or look around) but do you need a 3D gogle for it too? Because what is the point if you turn your head (in RL) to turn your virtual head if you can't see the screen? I hope I phrased that right Thanks in advance !
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    Q in regarding to TrackIR

    Oops Thanks , I guess this thread is mod-food