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  1. Congratulations all! Winners are announced!
  2. Nothing, so far... and office hours are soon over... Come on! Don't keep this suspence up! :P
  3. almanzo

    Nigeria - Boko Haram deadliest massacre

    It's just a damned tragedy, for all parts involved. Poverty and desperation makes it quite easy to radicalize the young... If you have no prospects of a future, it's easy to see how one could join a group that at least claims to fight to restore morality and order... A convenient way to vent the hate of thousands on to innocents in order to gain power. Same thing with IS, it's just tragic.
  4. Well, the Marksmen DLC does include suppression as an effect, the AI are planned to scan areas for bullet impacts and to avoid open ground or running into fire from now on. Plus, there are mods who does this allready, when I play coop sessions with my community, we use suppression extensively and it's very effective. We are playing with Ollems TPWC AI suppression system: and it makes fireing manouvers a must, to be honest. In the Marksmen DLC stream, they demonstrated much the same feature, so blind fire might actually be a good addition in my opinion, especially if your pinned down in order to regain fire superiority.
  5. almanzo

    Marksmen DLC wanted changes

    Has there been any mention of ballistics at all? Wind speed or proper adjustments and so on? The only feature related they've mentioned in the stream was the weapon resting. I actually took it for granted that they would add scope adjustments, elevation and wind... If they haven't, I find that to be quite weird.
  6. almanzo

    Marksmen DLC wanted changes

    I wan't map tools!
  7. almanzo

    CSLA Studio - A3 WIP

    For some reason, I have a real connection with the M113, I simply love the M113. I think it's due to nostalgia for OFP, I loved the missions where you was a passenger in the M113, and I like the bulky design. Great work, can't wait to sit in the claustrophobia box again! :D
  8. I am still in need of informants, preferably people who mostly play DayZ. I am conducting interviews during february, and I have allready finished a few.
  9. I must say that I understand the purpose behind this thread, and while I agree that there are quite a few very good mods and missions among the finalist (A small disclaimber, I have had a small role in one of the sp finalists) I think the whole idea of this contest might not have been beneficial to neither the community or bohemia interactive. I too have a feeling that the intention behind might have been in part an attempt to recreate DayZ, a perfectly fine ambition on part of BI, but I also think that they genuinely wanted to create something positive in order to encourage creativity and diversity in the user made content that we as a community can enjoy. But sadly I think that the contest might have halted rather than encouraged new content due to secresy, fear of collaberation and the way you can't use mods to make own contributions. Part of what has made the ARMA community great is how well people cooperate and collaborate in a common goal, creating content for the benefit of all. Sure, there have been more narrow scenes as well, prior to ARMA III, the Life community was small and a nichè, and only one of many examples of small communities that use ARMA for something completely different than the main part of the community. But despite this, sharing and helping have been a huge part of the community all the time. The unspoken law that one does not do reviews of mods exept they spesifically ask for feedback have usually been respected, and people have been encouraged and cheered on from very early on when making small and "beginner" type mods before growing and learning new stuff. Up to now, there hasn't been much competition. The spirit of the community has been cooperation and helping eachother grow. As such, this competition has more or less changed some parts of the community into becomming competative and sometimes even hostile towards others. Bringing money to the table I think wasn't the best of ideas, even though I really admire the reason and dedication behind it in part of bis. I also think that the money could have been better spent on small contributions ala "mod of the month" or things like that. Either way, I think it's really awesome for them to have tried, trowing 500 000 euros at their modding community is something just BI could have done. It shows they appriciate you and realizes how important you are to the game and the community at large. Sadly, I think it has been counter productive. Either way, good luck to all finalists, please don't let it get in the way of the fantastic cooperative spirit of our community.
  10. almanzo

    American Sniper and realism

    Hi fellow military buffs! This thread might contain spoilers, but I will avoid making big ones. I just came home from the movies after seeing "The american sniper" and a couple of things in the movie made me question it's accuracy, and since I know there is several people in these very forums with a lot of knowlege on the US military and military tactics in general I decided to ask. There is quite alot of scenes in the movie where Chris Kyle is stationed on a roof as over watch in cqb situations. According to his range finder, most of the targets he engages is below 200 meters... Considering he is using a marksman/sniper rifle with a high powered scope instead of say an ACOG, I found this a bit odd. Isn't the rifle to big and impractical and the zoom level of the scope a bit to high for engagements at that range? I mean, an M16 with an ACOG would do the trick, wouldn't it? Secondly there is a scene From what I've seen of real military footage, most engagements are usually from very high distances, and it's unusual to see CQB without a large presence of bluefor... For me, the mere thought of having a sniper on a roof top to cover a crossing just 200 meters down the road seemed utterly stupid, but I might be ignorant... Anyone here who either are a SEAL or know anything about it?
  11. Eager to test the new update, I launched ARMA III tonight with nothing happening. When I click launch, the option to choose between fullscreen and windowed appairs, and after I select my choice nothing actually happens. ARMA3.exe does not show up in the task manager. I tried to replicate it or see if anything changed if I used Playwithsix, and sure enough, I got an error message when launching with PwS "The program wouldn't launch correctly (0xc0000142). Click ok to close the program." I first tried to verify integrety of local cache with no luck. I also redownloaded and installed Directx. Lastly, I deleted my local files but the problem still occours. Any help is welcome.
  12. almanzo

    Lack of content in vanilla Arma 3

    What a nice and level headed response! Thank you, good sir.
  13. almanzo

    Arma Neither This Or That Nor One Or The Other

    I must say that I find this a bit... odd. For me, I actually welcomed Karts, even though I would have hoped for a different civillian asset... And this is not because I am a "altis life" player, I can't stand Altis life. This is simply because I find the civillian faction important for the game, and especially for mission makers. One of my biggest annoyances with ARMA II was how civillian women wheren't able to drive cars or even ride as passengers. I needed a female character for a campaign I was making, civillians have both tactical implications and narrative value. Secondly, regarding Zeus. Zeus does cater to quite a large and important part of the core community as it makes it easier for coop communities to make and control missions on the fly. There is a reason for MCC's sucess, and while I still prefer MCC over Zeus, I still understand why BIS introduced Zeus.
  14. hmm, is it this piece? http://thegianteye.com/ea-vs-bis-how-to-treat-your-customers/ That link redirects me to the main page with no trace of the post.
  15. almanzo

    JSRS3: DragonFyre

    No worries about the DL speed, this has been worth the wait mate!
  16. almanzo

    Roccat Power-Grid. Any users or arma3 grids?

    I downloaded it now, I can see the potential!
  17. almanzo

    Firing from vehicles using launchers?

    From a vehicle standing still, sure... A moving vehicle, with a device that heavy? Sounds really, really unsafe.
  18. almanzo

    Splendid camera, I like you.

    Would you mind sharing a hi-res version of the top picture... Man I'd like that as my desktop background! That was freaking awesome!
  19. almanzo

    DLC Ads

    What? No? You could easily join a server with DLC content, the content would just be lowres
  20. 1) what's the basic phenomenon of your research? It's on a very early stage yet, but what triggered my interest is the facinating growth that DayZ saw in it's early days, especially considering the complete lack of marketing. But I'm also curious about how important the community find modding and modders to be. How important are mods for people when it comes to playing ARMA? 2) what's the urgency of your research? why do you have to do this research? what's the issue? DayZ is a rather unique phenomenon, I've written about Minecraft as well, as there are many simularities. I find games to be an important part of culture to study, as games are increasingly both popular and relevant to our cultural development. The issue I'm trying to adress is how parts of the video game industry have turned it's back on user generated content in favor of creative control and the ability to sell DLC and downloadable content. Maybe modding benefits both the consumer and the publisher/developer? DayZ seems to suggest that, and I think other mods do to. 3) what's the benefit of your research? what will people (especially Arma community) get from this research? I hope to spark a conversation about how allowing your consumer base the creative freedom to alter and change your product can improve both the financial sucess of a game and the value consumers feel the game provides, but also about wether or not modding is an important way of recruiting new talent. I hope to provide some light into these issues. 4) what's the basic theory you use to conduct this research? Not decided yet, as it's quite early in the project. The theoretical foundation will be in place before any interviews are conducted of course. The one theorist I am keen on using is George Simmel and his term "sociability". 5) why are you using qualitative method (interview) instead of quantitative method (questionnaire)? Several reasons. First of all, I am much more competent at qualitive forms of research, secondly as this is a study on something others haven't studied that much before and that it's very spesific (aimed at a small community when comparing to the gaming industry at large) it's easy to loose important perspectives when you don't have prior research to build upon. I do hope though, that my study might provide insight that can be used as a basis for larger, quantitative studies later on in order to see if my findings are representative. Lastly, it's important to note that this is my master thesis. It's main purpose is for me to be able to demonstrate that I am capable of performing such a study. As such, I enjoy the freedom to study something of my own choice. I will be thrilled if I was to be published, but I do not expect to be. I enjoyed the fact that you asked though. And "NoWay_AshWay", I study in Trondheim and live just outside as you might have seen. Who knows, maybe we are related :P
  21. I've made a post there as well, but thank you for your input DarkDruid. It's indeed important to speak to DayZ players as well. I think I am going to need about 10 informants, but I might go higher than that since I need so many people from different groups. I'll officially start working on my thesis in January, gathering informants is something I do early due to experience. Especially considering how many I need. I am glad to see that developers have taken notice, I did choose this subject simply because I find BIS attitude towards modding to be facinating, and at least for me as a player, very beneficial. It makes me curious to find out how this influences the community at large, and what developers think of it.
  22. almanzo

    Sound Hardware Acceleration?

    I thought that the way windows now handles sound and sound drivers that hardware accelerated sound is a thing of the past? From a users perspective, there is a huge difference between how Windows XP handled sounds and how windows have handled sounds since Win Vista. For instance, as I am a user of Creative Soundblaster ZS platinium 2 PRO (a sound card that is decades old, but still better than onboard) and back in Win XP, I was able to do a simple SPDIF pass through in order to send unaltered sounds to my reciever. In that way, my reciever could be responsible for decoding the signal, while Windows now adays only lets you send an allready decoded signal to a reciever. It's still possible to do SPDIF passthrough from what I've learned, but only on an application level, for instance, some DVD software allows SPDIF passthrough, but it's dependant on software. I have a feeling that this is the result of the new copyright systems built into modern versions of Windows, but I am not entirely sure. From what I know, no games developer have Dolby or DTS encoded sounds that can be decoded externally, to be frank it's been ages since I've seen a single title adverticed to be Dolby or DTS ready, but I might be wrong. This is purely speculation though, as my knowlege or expertise in this area is quite limited. However, I thought I'd bring it up in order for other, more knowlegable people to further explain or unveil the current state of sound technology. What I do know though, is that soundcards and the development of sound card hardware has stagnated. My card is over a decade old, but it still outperforms most onboard sound cards. It's not that well isolated, so I do recieve some crackling based on what the computer is working on, but nontheless it's still capable of more than most other cards. 24bit 192000 hz has been the highest quality available to my knowlege for over 10 years. For those of us who care about sound, it's actually quite a sad period. The ability to rent a blueray or even DVD is becomming more and more difficult, and the marked is more and more dominated by streaming and on demand services. Those are great and all, and the picture quality and resolution is quite good... However, very few movies are available with sorround sound, and when it does, it's with Dolby Digital PLUSS, that only supports 5.1 sound, while most bluerays today are shipped with Dolby TrueHD or at least Dolby Digital SoundEx.
  23. almanzo

    Legal violations by A3L: Arma 3 life

    How possible is it for us to perform some form of civil action against them? I'll gladly chip in in order to take them to court on behalf of the modders that have been abused and on behalf of the users who have been forced to pay. And lastly, a simple question: Is there any way for me to spot what communities are in violation of intelectual property rights and so forth? Lets say these guys didn't require donations at all? I wouldn't be able to spot if it was against the EULA or not if it wasn't for threads like this? How about city life? Are they breaking anything? And what about private communities using modsets made through PwS? Are they allowed to ask for donations or fees in order to pay for server cost and so on as long as they don't make a profit? Or is donations the only way to finance a community legally? (I am simply talking about a group of friends comming together to pay for server fees and such, requireing everyone to chip in.).
  24. You are quite right, I had forgot to disable a different mod that introduces the G3A3, my appologies. However, I did notice that all russian scopes are zeroed at 200 meters without the option to adjust them. Seems like this issue is only related to the russian scopes, every other scope I've tried seems to work fine.