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    CSAT Based Official Campaign

    For the love of god no, if there is one thing Bohemia needs to learn when it comes to their compaigns, is to make them coherent with their gameplay. The entire game is tailored against super soldiers who covertly runs their own little war, but it is perfect for conveying the feeling of being a cog in the machine, as that's basicly what you are. Your vounerable, and that's the best strength ARMA has. BIS hasn't understood the story potential in their engine yet, and are trying to mimmic Hollywood and games that are designed towards making you feel like the hero from the ground up. ARMA isn't, and they haven't understood this since OFP. Special forces missions can be done well in ARMA, but not this fantasy of a single team single handedly solving a conflict. Let COD and Battlefield keep their action heroes, and have ARMA focus on conveying war stories. (not that there is something wrong with action heroes, but ARMA is a terrible plattform for such an experience)
  2. almanzo

    Helmet Mounted Displays MOD

    That is so awesome!
  3. almanzo

    Helmet Mounted Displays MOD

    Kimi, quick question before I give this a test run: Regarding the RHS helicopters, especially the MELBS: Does your mod introduce a reticle for the weapons on it as part of the HUD? For as much as I love the MELBS, flying them with TrackIR makes it very hard to aim, and this mod could potentially save me so much pain.
  4. almanzo

    bipod improvements

    Yes, this!
  5. Thanks to both of you, I was not aware that the binding of custom keys was a feature of CBA, I must adress them then. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction! :D
  6. Quick question: Does the latest ACRE build have support for setting thumb buttons on mice as keybinds? The version we use does not recognize thumb button presses, yet ARMA does fine.
  7. Thanks! Oh, and by the way, great thread! The soundtrack for OFP is one of my favorite soundtracks for any game, besides Final Fantasy VII and Deus Ex. Nice to get a chance to let the old music shine a bit =)
  8. Your missing Decide Lifeless Overdose Communism Cold War Dawn Organ Works I'm gonna go with "Decide" due to how epic it felt for me as a 15 years old when you retake Malden with "Decide" just blasting in the background, with the chorus going "Taking it back, taking it back, taking it back!!!" I so hated the enemy, it felt so good! But the sound track of Operation Flashpoint is simply just amazing, it's one of my favorite sound tracks and it is way better than anything BIS has shipped in ARMA, ARMA 2 and ARMA 3. All of the songs from the OFP sound track listed here are simply amazing. Walk... Secret... March hell... All amazing!
  9. almanzo

    Female character models

    Oh god, how much I hate to end up in the middle of two clear positions... But here we go: I'll adress Vegeta first. Representation in games is important to some degree, but while the AAA market might focus on a spesific demographic that is mainly male dominated, there are huge markets that directly cater to women and other minorities. Companies such as "Her interactive" is a good example, and there are a lot of developers who are making games for both casual players, or players who wants a different experience than is offered by the AAA industry. In short, there is enough demand for alternative games and the current system is flexible enough to meet that demand. The fact that different games deliberately caters to certain demographics is not a problem, no matter if we are talking about men, boys, girls, motorheads, gun nuts or people who enjoy sexualized women in their games. It's rare to find women who play shooters, I agree. However, you seem to think that the main reason for that being the case that the community is toxic or that the games themselves are sexist. In no part of your reasoning do you seem to ever consider that men and women in general have different interests, but that in all statistics there are deviations and variations from the norm. Just as it's rare for men to be interested in knitting, it is rare to find women who enjoy shooters. The reasons for this is to some extent up for debate, but there is demonstrably a difference. Now, gaming is a hobby, and so are playing fps games. In my mind, I can't find any reason for thinking that there is a problem with the fact that FPS games don't appeal to most women, the fact that those who play FPS games are mainly men should not be a problem. What does matter though, is that the women who do play are treated fairly. My point is that there is nothing wrong with games targeted towards men, and you seem to ignore that a lot of games are targeted towards women or have women as their main audience, in addition to a lot of games that have a more general appeal. Statisticly, women play more games than men do, but they play different games than men do. Please give me a reasonable explanation for why this should be a problem? Now I'll address Cephel: First of all, in a lot of countries in Europe, who are members of NATO women serve in combat roles. That's just a fact. I live in Norway, and Norway's armed forces is based on conscripts, and the rules apply to all. Women are conscripted at the same rate as men are, and women are found in allmost all branches of the norwegian military. The same is true in a lot of other countries. As such, female soldiers would make sense in ARMA. However, what matters more is the complete lack of female civilians, and this is a huge limitation for mission makers and others who are designing and making content for ARMA. ARMA II had a lot of female models in their game, and there was no one who ever complained that their existence took away anything from the experience. Not only did ARMA 2 have female civilians, the civilian population itself was reasonably clothed and actually looked like they inhabited Chernarus and Takistan. The terrible, terrible civ faction in ARMA III is severly lacking, and they all look like they are tourists. The civilian faction even in Operation Flashpoint was more fleshed out than this. So yeah, I can't see how adding female models would do anything but add to the experience of ARMA, they absence at least as civilians is completely stupid.
  10. almanzo

    Feedback Thread

    Please, please, please for the love of everything that is beautiful in this world do not implement an upgrade system and rank system. Keep it competative, keep the level playing field. Don't make this into another battlefield, we don't need that.
  11. I have another feature request as well, that might be useful. Maybe implement the recording of map markers too... Might make it easier for making proper AAR reports and analysis.
  12. almanzo

    Including DLC content into arma updates - Why?

    I can't believe that I'm supporting BIS new DLC policy, but here goes... This here is Sam. Sam is a happy ARMA player, but he is also a student with a limited gaming budget. Sam has a favorite server, and with the release of marksman DLC the server host wanted to introduce a sniper slot to incorporate the new weapons and models for players owning the DLC. Since Sam automaticly has the files needed, this doesn't effect Sam at all. He can still play on his favorite server, since he has the DLC files required to see the models allready loaded into his game by default. Now, if the DLC files wasn't distributed, what would happen if Sam joined the server and someone was playing as said sniper role? It wouldn't work. Sam would get an error message saying "this mission requires custom content to be played" or along those lines, and Sam would be automaticly kicked from the server.
  13. almanzo

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Hi guys! I noticed that several vehicles with mounted weapons doesn't have weapon zeroing capabilities, for instance all of the M2 Hummers. Is this intentional, and are there plans to add that feature in the future?
  14. almanzo

    Arma 3 COOP - Only in Apex?

    Nah man, for a huge part of the community, COOP is where the fun is at. Most coop missions out there are made by the community though, check out the steam workshop or better yet, join a community. It might seem like a huge step, but I promise you it'll be worth it. Head over to https://www.reddit.com/r/FindAUnit/or https://units.arma3.com to search for one! There are plenty of units around. If your not interested in using mods, or want to play vanilla to start with, I also reccommend checking out FOLK. http://folkarps.com/ As far as I know, they do not have any membership requirements or trainings, and there are no mods needed to play with them.
  15. The thing is, good sir, is that not only have you provided a mod that is amazing, I think you also have proved Bohemia Interactive wrong in some regards. I am asking these questions because they (and others) have claimed that female models have been impossible financially as they require their own animations and skeleton. We've been told that using the male skeleton would give weird results that looks terrible and won't work. Based on the replies to my question, this seems to have been disproven to some extent. If I understand correctly, female skeletons would make it better, but it also seems like you have been able to make functional and well made female models that doesn't look awkward or weird. Edit: After testing, this really did prove BIS wrong in some regards. Female civillians on the level of ARMA II would be decent enough and with better functionality using this method. Giving them their own gear in less variety is better than having none. Thank you for a great mod Zabb!
  16. So it doesn't look weird with male animations on female bodies? They seem to have different proportions as well, it still works fine?
  17. A simple question here. If someone is able to, could you upload a video of the female models in action? Would be nice to see how the animations look. I'm curious to see if the claim of how complex the animation work required would be to implement women. How do people find the animations, does it look weird? This opens up a lot of options, great work dude!
  18. MCC is also a good alternative, especially when you are too few to be able to afford to have a dedicated Zeus player. Have the mission maker throw down a couple of zones, populate them and then allow the mission maker to play a less crucial role.
  19. almanzo

    Arma 3 Units - Feedback thread

    For some reason, the save button is grayed out and I can't make any changes to my unit
  20. Hi! I just discovered the new units function and the ability to get both tags and the patch ingame. However, after testing it I noticed that my e-mail was visible from the connected players list on the server, and I really didn't like that. There should be an option on your profile page to edit what data that is visible. Also, it would be nice to be able to edit your remark and everything that is personal. automatically showing private e-mail adresses is not cool, but otherwise a cool feature!
  21. almanzo

    JSRS4 - APEX 1.2

    Agreed, I play with my effect volume at like 20% and that seems fine combined with TS and ACRE.
  22. almanzo

    ACRE2 Stable Release

    Hi! I've been trying to figure out how to do this on my own, but haven't been able to. We use persistent death in our community, and we use the MCC spectator script. I've seen that Shactac uses the same, but the key difference is that ShacTac is able to hear the people they are spectating as if they where there. In our case, if you are dead you only hear the other people who are dead. Is there a way to do this, and if so, how?
  23. almanzo

    Why are Insignias removed from MP-Arsenal?

    Has Bohemia added Squad.xml generation through the units page? How do you do this?
  24. almanzo

    What Makes a Good Arma Campaign?

    Yes, yes it was
  25. almanzo

    What Makes a Good Arma Campaign?

    Remember this? It was three missions long, and it was by far the best campaign for ARMA II in my mind. Lenght isn't that important, for as long as it has the same quality througout.