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  1. I agree, the armour kit would be nice. So what kind of armout values are you guys planning?

    Im guessing this would be RPG fodder but maybe if you guys make the up-armoured version it would be nice for it to take at least some damage before it blows.

    Either way it looks great and I cant wait! thumbs-up.gif

  2. Just took it for a spin and I love it. My only complaint is that it is a bit slow.

    I dont mind a slow jet in ofp, but at least some decent acceleration would be good. It seems like whenever I start turns, strafes, and bombing runs I am borderline stalling, and an afterburner or something would have come in handy.

    Besides that excellent addon, thanks.

  3. Cany anyone help me out? I cant get this mod to play.

    I made a shorcut with the corect parameters and all, I get the black start up screen, but then in a few seconds its gone, no error pop up or nothing.

    I vaguely remember with the last version that you cant have the FDF and WGL mods at the same time, is that correct? Is that what is causing the probs?


  4. Did it work?

    Even when I got the WWII collection to work, the tankers and other units were all screwy. Like if I got out of a tank, my guy would be stuck waist deep in the ground and couldnt move.

    But moving all the addons to another mod's folder solved everything.

  5. Like many here OFP is my favorite game, but I have had the worst luck with it in regards to crashing.

    It seems as if I have tried everything but I still get frequent crashes.

    However I am pretty sure it is a driver issue.

    I had some luck with the older 78. series of drivers. But after a few minutes they would crash, and when I try to re start ofp I get the "cannot create 3d devise" message. But when I try the new 84. series drivers I can play only for a few seconds before my PC reboots. But instead of just crashing to the desktop the PC reboots and I get a blue screen saying the computer shut down to prevent damaging itself and among the lines of text I picked out "NVdisplay" which leads me to believe the Nvidia drivers are to blame.

    Anyone else have this problem? If so what driver is the best to use with OFP?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    I have a 7800 GT 256mb, 1 gig of corsair ram, 120 gb hard drive, AMD 64x2 3800 cpu.

  6. I wouldnt trust anything that URL says, all propaganda probably.

    IF it was hit by a mortar, must have been some lucky shot. But still I dont think the terrorists have mortars designed to penetrate armour. I believe all they have are HE mortars, and I dont think a HE round could do that much damage.

    But now you have me curious, what the hell could do so much damage?

    Anywhoo, back on topic, your Stryker will be plenty fast wont it?

  7. I was under the impression that such catostrophic damage could only be from a massive IED, or friendly forces using mavericks or hellfires to finish off a disabled vehicle.

    I may be wrong but thats the impression I get, especially looking at the front of that stryker ripped open like a can of sardines. I am no expert but I dont think an RPG did that, maybe a friendly ATGM, or huge IED, but not the standard run of the mill RPG.

    Although I have heard they are quite vulnerable, even to RPGs from the top. But even still the damage is a bit much, even for that. IMHO

    Again, I am no expert, just my .2cents.

  8. My best shot would probably be when you are running, then you stop and fire right when your rifle is brought up to fire. You dont even aim but manage a headshot or something.

    But recently one of the better kills in OFP I have seen was eating an RPG. I was messing with the Toyota Wars addons as a civilian, just walking through the fire fights watching the battle. Anyway I am slowly walking for some cover when I see something comming at me, it all happened in seconds so I couldnt react. At first I just froze to see what it was, but it turns out it was an RPG coming straight at me. I have never seen one from that angle, dead on, so I didnt know what it was.

    I was a civilian so it was a freak accident, some Libyan must have been aiming at something behind me. But when it hit me in the face I kinda did a back flip.

  9. I am a volunteer firefighter in Texas, and would be more than happy to send you pics of the equipment we have.

    ....But I would have to get my hands on a digital camera 1st.

    For a volunteer dept we are pretty well equiped, so if you need picks of anything just pm me.

    ....Just dont ask about a ladder truck, we dont have one yet.

  10. Your acu is comming along nicely. However I still think its a little too bright.

    Have you tried using an olive drab like color for the darker areas and a tan for the lighter?

    And in the future will you be using Lluama's head models?? No doubt they look allot better than the standard ofp ones.