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  1. adrenaline red

    What do you guys think

    Kinda, Jackal made something like what I had in mind a while ago. But yeah bipid extended and maybe a longer cool looking scope that can zoom real far.
  2. adrenaline red

    What do you guys think

    Any chance for a nice sniper modified m-4? I know it probably would be fake but it would be cool for one with a super long barrel, bipod, nice huge scope, etc.
  3. adrenaline red

    What do you guys think

    They look nice, especially that revolver. There arent that many revolvers in OFP.
  4. adrenaline red

    Polska Island and updated vehicle pack v3.1 by Vil

    Hey villas, I love your weapons and units. Any chance for a readme with the unit and weapons name any time soon?
  5. adrenaline red

    Horse with rider

    I dunno if anyone has asked this already, but how do the AI react while using this script?? Do they shoot from moving vehicles as the human player would?? Cause this would be great...especially for some nam type missions.
  6. adrenaline red

    Mirage F.1

    Oh ok, it was just a sugestion. Either way they are looking nice, I can't wait for them.
  7. adrenaline red


    Nice units, but your Mp-5 looks more like an Mp-10. Which is great, I have been wanting one of those in ofp.
  8. adrenaline red

    Horse with rider

    Can someone please tell me why I need to buy ofp 2 when it comes out??
  9. adrenaline red

    Mirage F.1

    Hey for the textures you might wanna see if tomi-d can help. I think he gets his textures from games that probably have mirage skins. Thataway you can concentrate on the jet.
  10. adrenaline red

    F14 Tomcat Footmunch & TomiD

    Yeah Tomi we now need some retextured F-16's.....And Footmunch a block-60 would be nice too.
  11. adrenaline red

    Radeon 9800 pro

    My rig is pretty similar to yours and I have no problems. Do you have the latest ofp patches and drivers for all your stuff?? Do you run ofp with the "-nomap" line? Maybe you have too many addons or something. But that is odd, mine runs fine and I have a 9800 pro with only 128mb.
  12. adrenaline red

    Polish Army&Police pack update

    I am still waiting for a readme or something with the weapons names to surface. Anyone know if he will release one? He has some nice weapons, not to mention his units.
  13. adrenaline red

    Bayonet Fight in OFP1

    Looking great! Do you have more pics??
  14. adrenaline red

    F14 Tomcat Footmunch & TomiD

    Damn TomiD your on a roll! Keep it up!
  15. adrenaline red

    Artillery, Cannons...

    The ROC mod has some excellent chinese and taiwanese artillery pieces.
  16. adrenaline red


    Looks amazing. Any chance for some vietnam or 80's era crew for this?
  17. adrenaline red

    F4B Footmunch with new textures by TomiD

    Great job! The textures and loadouts are great. I have a request though. For me the F-4 flies like a brick, and it is easily outmanuevered in dogfights and it takes forever for it to circle around any ground targets for a second run. I am not sure if the real phantom flies like that in real life but I was wondering if maybe for your guy's next release, you could tweak this so it would be more maneuverable and enjoyable.
  18. adrenaline red

    Unsung - updates

    So true, I think you guys are easily one of the hardest working mods out there. You make sure to have updates regularly, have awesome stuff to show, and have done all this with a relatively new mod. Keep it up!
  19. adrenaline red

    M113 Based ADATS

    Looking nice, but what ever happened to the DKM TOS-1 and all your other stuff? You guys just tease us with these awesome looking vehicles and never release them. LOL
  20. adrenaline red

    1800's addons?

    Wow! Now we just need some US Marines and Tripolatian pirates.
  21. adrenaline red


    W W Looking nice.
  22. adrenaline red

    Unsung - updates

    Ok, what about all the other weapons? Are they all made by the unsung mod too?
  23. adrenaline red

    Unsung - updates

    Are you guys making your own M-14? Cause danak47's M-14 are amazing and maybe you guys could ask if he will let you use them.
  24. adrenaline red

    Hyk modern u.s. infantry pack released

    Awesme addons! Thanks allot! Any chance of you turning your skills towards making some opposition to these great soldiers? I think we have enough russians, so how about terrorists, insurgents, mercs, or that type of thing?