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    ECP 1.085 Released!

    Downloading now, cant wait to try it!! Great job ECP!
  2. adrenaline red

    Addon Requests: G3 and Fnfal

    Vilas has some pretty nice FALs, and G3's. I like his versions best.
  3. I have always wanted soldiers in OFP that wear body armour to have higher armour values as in reality. Anyone else feel the same?? I know that modern body armour systems like the Interceptor Body armour US troops currently use are able to stop Ak-47 rounds and pretty much any round that is less powerful. So I think that maybe newer addons and or older addons with body armour should have higher armour values for the torso. It seems like the AI like headshots so I wouldnt think units with body armour would be invincible. I have no clue how to make addons or mess with configs so I was wondering if people familiar with that sort of thing would weigh in and tell me how likely doing something like that would be. To support this proposal here is an interesting video from Iraq. In it an American Soldier is caught on tape being sniped by terrorists, probably with a sniper rifle that I am guessing is at least 7.62 calibur. After being hit almost dead center he is knocked down but is able to get up quickly and take cover. The pictures of this soldier and his armour show that he escaped with a nasty bruise and a big dent in the front armour plate. The video: http://www.donttouchmyride.com/CG.wmv Pictures after: http://groups.msn.com/isapi....J5WU6Dg http://groups.msn.com/isapi....6*KyIaA http://groups.msn.com/isapi....GsYZcYA
  4. adrenaline red

    Anyone else think armour values are too weak?

    True, that would be a good effect. I was just against making these guys slower than they already are. I think the FDF has does something like that, if you sprint for a while aiming is almost as hard as when you have gotten shot in the arm.
  5. adrenaline red

    Anyone else think armour values are too weak?

    I dunno how accurate the getting winded thing would be. I couldnt find the exact specs of the Interceptor System but I doubt it is heavy enough to "wind" soldiers. I would even go as far as to say the equipment, ammo, and other kit weigh more. Plus these guys are in pretty good shape.
  6. adrenaline red

    Anyone else think armour values are too weak?

    Ok thanks! So I would tinker with "armour body" then? And by what values do these go by? A 10 point scale? I know what you mean, once I figured out how to tweak Rome Total War I haven played with the original config.
  7. adrenaline red

    New Iraqi Forces

    The image dosent work anymore.
  8. adrenaline red

    Napoleonic Mod Pack 3

    I cant use the calvary units. Whenever I try to use them my PC locks up or CTDs.
  9. adrenaline red

    Iranian soldiers

    Great work guys!! But as someone has already mentioned the legs of these great units turn white when they are shot there. Other besides that great unit! I cant wait for an update.
  10. adrenaline red

    Iranian soldiers

    Hey Bucketman. U have any screenies of the Iranian SF you wanna share with us?
  11. adrenaline red

    Iranian soldiers

    I cant wait! But I know it will be worth the wait.
  12. adrenaline red

    Iranian soldiers

    Any news??
  13. adrenaline red

    Iranian soldiers

    Great looking units! I cant wait! But you are right, they do look allot like the iraqi units. I would sugest making them look a little bit more Western IRT uniforms. For example I think they would look better with combat boots with the pants tucked in. Or berets, or newer vests. Here are some pictures: http://img249.imageshack.us/img249/3204/526443944py.jpg http://www.mehrnews.com/mehr_media/image/2005/03/119926_orig.jpg http://www.mehrnews.com/mehr_media/image/2005/03/119940_orig.jpg
  14. adrenaline red


    I love this pack! But am having some weird bug with the suicide car. I tested it allot, and I can get it to drive up to some units on flat terrain no problem. It blows up and kills anything really close to it. Most troops 25+ ft. away are ok. But when I try to get it to blow up something in the middle of the street, it goes all the way around it, and stops miles away. Or I can be 500+yds away, it will blow up within 30ft of its target, not destroy it, yet kill me when I am lying down really far away.
  15. adrenaline red

    Iraqi National Guard 1.0

    Yeah I missed that part. Any news on an update?
  16. adrenaline red

    Iraqi National Guard 1.0

    This is a good addon, but I have one small request for anyone making another version of the ING or to the creator of this addon if he is planning on updating it. I think they should be under the West side. Right now I think in any Iraq missions this addon would be used in, most of us would use JJR's Middles East Resistance to be the OPFOR. The problem is that these units are also on the resistance side as are the ING units.
  17. adrenaline red

    Csla 2

    I am sorry if I missed the answer to this question, and I do try to keep up with this thread. But whats the new story line for the resistance and new patch going to be like? Is it CSLA and the US against the FIA? Or what? And on an island made by you guys? Thanks and sorry if this has already been answered.
  18. adrenaline red

    Upcoming lost brother addons

    Looking good as always!
  19. adrenaline red


    Awww! Damn! No problems I guess we can wait somemore.
  20. adrenaline red


    Good to hear it Budulay! I look foward to using a bunch of new Soviet Infantry addons in the near future!
  21. adrenaline red

    Ah-1W - Super Cobra

    Hey Vit! Great helo! My only complain is that the hellfire missiles donnot lock on to anything. They are like FFARS, I can just point and shoot. Keep up the good work!
  22. adrenaline red


    Great! ...If you feel bad why dont you make your own thread. You obviously have some awesome looking Soviets to drool over. You know what they say, it never hurts to ask. If u dont want to ask I am sure someone else could ask for you! Heck I will even do it! I have done it before for other addon makers and most in my experience are more than happy to let people use their addons. Either way great looking addons!
  23. adrenaline red


    Cleo those units look great! Thats just what OFP needs! We already have Russian VDV, Naval Infantry, etc, but OFP lacks Soviet VDV and units like that. Any chance for Soviet VDV in that brownish uniform your infantry are in?
  24. adrenaline red


    Looking nice! I say you guys should use the ORCS weapons pack. I hope I am not the only one who would love to see some 80's era soviet paras, maybe with the soft tanker like helmets, and maybe some KGB border guards and other units that OFP lacks.
  25. adrenaline red

    1800's addons?

    Sounds great! I always wanted revolutionary war units.