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  1. ade_mcc

    CTF Hexenkessel

    it was ctf_40_ow_hexenkessel_v1-06.sara edit - played again tonight, dont know if it was the same server. No problems this time round
  2. ade_mcc

    Maximum Number of Players

    (On topic, it was asked in the initial post and never answered.) In the 190 page topic, click 'Print this topic', then use CTR-F to find what you need. Voila. Can't help with the maximum number of players mind.
  3. ade_mcc

    Demo Troubleshooting thread.

    Yes, its in the full game and yes, I agree. Its quite easy to forget that you are standing up straight when in first person mode.
  4. ade_mcc

    CTF Hexenkessel

    Not usually a CTF player but wanted a quick game last night and got onto a server that had this map on it. Had good fun with it until i got into a situation where I was respawing at the approxiame location of my death spot each time and then being slotted before having any chance to take any sort of cover which ruined it a bit for me. Sorry I dont remember which server it was or if it was running the most up to date version of this map but I wondered if this was supposed to happen on this map?
  5. ade_mcc


    Hooray! The PMC ArmA campaign is great so glad to see an update to this. I'll be keeping an eye out for any other ArmA stuff too - its all quality stuff
  6. ade_mcc

    Squad Leader Help

    The few times ive used the Take Cover command I have noticed a couple of AI leap into bushes (OFP anyway) but it was a bit random and didn't really feel like an effective counter measure. So I didn't really use it after that. In regards to the ai shouting "where are you?", I always thought that the command 1,1 i.e. Return to Formation was necessary to inform them where you were. Though I cant remember where I got that idea from, maybe cwc campaign?
  7. ade_mcc

    Goodbye Placebo

    Cheers Placebo - you were the one who perswaded me to get broadband for the multiplayer experience. For this I am eternally gratefull. Good luck in whatever path you choose to take.
  8. Just for the record, I have the German downloaded version 1.01. I wasn't asked during the update which version I had and everything patched fine to 1.02.
  9. ade_mcc

    Patch 1.02 Released for Czech and German ArmA

    Its done already Linky
  10. ade_mcc

    Patch 1.02 Released for Czech and German ArmA

    Not compatible - see page 2 of this thread.
  11. Good stuff Sickboy - I was just about to ask about that. In the meantime, do you still want us to let you know about spelling mistakes etc in this thread?
  12. ade_mcc

    OpenAL Performance

    Updating OpenAL worked wonders for me, hopefully now it will do similar for everyone else.
  13. ade_mcc

    Patch 1.02 Released for Czech and German ArmA

    Great news for the weekend Bring on the German patch!
  14. ade_mcc

    PMC First Fight - Campaign

    Just had a play and my hyperthetical method above of Endmission-ing the previous mission doesn't want to work, but then neither did trying to complete the previous mission without losing my lead man. Sorry about lack of detail - im now at my work computer. Just a bit stumped on how to continue without skipping some of the missions that I haven't played yet...
  15. ade_mcc

    PMC First Fight - Campaign

    I suppose a quick work around would be to apply the endmission cheat on the previous mission and carry on this way. Suppose it's not really cheating as I have already completed the mission, however, its not working the way Snake Man intended with a finite number of men for the campaign. I guess the options are to make the switch player option work, or to rearrange the surviving members into slots 1,2,3 etc or something along these lines anyway. Its guess its tricky, Snake Man being a pioneer in these things! Anyway, you keep releasing them, we'll keep playing them!
  16. ade_mcc

    OpenAL Performance

    Whiskey, sorry for short reply, it's late and I have to be up in the morning, but that link has made a huge difference for me. The sound is no longer stuttery, performance seems to be improved, its great. Yes, you cannot play ArmA maxed out except on the most monster of rigs, but ArmA certainly is not unplayable. (except the helo issue and that area is being addressed). I'll try and get an idea of fps tomorrow when i've slept, but cheers again Whiskey!!!
  17. ade_mcc

    OpenAL Performance

    Having trouble downloading here too. If you could host this file, Whiskey, it'd be much appreciated. Might solve one or two things anyway.
  18. ade_mcc

    PMC First Fight - Campaign

    This campaign is the mutts! Have enjoyed it all so far and am at the start of Clear Rug. Am having a problem with my lead guy keeling over right at the start (loads died whilst attacking the town in the previous mission) and not having the option to team switch.... However, you can see from my signature that my system isn't all that great (GFX card is only 128 Meg), but this plays with minimal lag! I'll be keeping an eye out for your next release Snake Man, this is great fun. Keep up the good work!
  19. ade_mcc

    official complaint to BIS

    DodgyGeezer, surley it was your loyalty to the company that made you spend money on a game before playing a demo and presumably reading any reviews?? No-one forced you to buy ArmA now did they.
  20. ade_mcc

    Confirmed release dates and countries.

    Excellent. I'll probably buy this despite downloading the German version. Reason being that I'll have been playing it for approximatly 60 days by then and at a cost of ~Å30 I reccon Å0.50p per night will have been well worthwhile.
  21. ade_mcc

    Laser beams??

    The screens above look just like the way my machine was performing about 12 months ago on my 6600GT. As you can see from my signature, I am still using the card, the problem being completely solved by sorting out the overheating problems. Extra fans, cleaning the exisiting fans of dust, ensuring that air can cleanly pass through the box by using smaller cables or tieing cables together. That sort of thing.
  22. ade_mcc

    Performance Issue

    To be honnest, I having a great time trying to get my slightly under powered system to work to its best. By forcing me check that my drivers are up to date, that the graphics card settings are reasonable and that everything else is working correctly (cooling, etc), not only is ArmA performing better, but so is other demanding games such as FEAR etc. Surely its better to get the best out of your current system, rather than spending money on a poorly optimised setup? Of course, if needs be though, then I can see an upgrade in the near future.
  23. ade_mcc

    Big Lod problems!

    Im playing on similar specs to above (details in signature) and have had a huge improvement by: Updating chipset drivers Updating Direct X to most recent Defragging both hard drives Going into Nvidia control pannel and chaning Texture Filtering to High Perfomance rather than Quality. This last bit made the world of difference and ArmA is certainly playable given a bit of tweeking. Keep with the game, this can only get better and better.
  24. ade_mcc

    Where to buy ??

    I agree, downloading was alot smoother and quicker than I expected. Installation seemed to be a bit slow mind - it took well over an hour. (I dont know exactly how long as I fell asleep) and it was a case of third time lucky. Still, at least I have the weekend now to play around.
  25. Cheers Sickboy, applied German -> English changes this morning and worked great first time. Couple of spelling errors here and there, but nothing I can't live without. Keep up the great work!