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    1.05 Patch. Errors accross the board.

    Victor - I had these errors to which I clicked ignore to each. Shame as everything else seems to work, except for the mission files. Still, I suppose it matters or not depending on how much you play the official missions. (I'm on the German Download too BTW)
  2. ade_mcc

    Forums: Very Slow? Firefox Friendly? Heavy Load?

    ..has something to do with it. Congratulations BIS!
  3. ade_mcc

    Patch 1.05 impressions

    I guess so, but if this is the case, its only a matter of copying the files from the Patchwise.Bak folder back into the relevant folders.
  4. ade_mcc

    1.05 Slight Delay - Read News

    Im guessing that its probably a good thing to remember to remove Sickboys language thingy before applying patch. (Just incase anyone forgets in the excitement) Im assuming this is the case anyway, let me know if im incorrect.
  5. ade_mcc

    Infantry, prepare to be amazed

    This is ace - nice video.
  6. I'm sure the misses would prefer me to be playing computer games than having an affair.... Hang on, I don't need to justify playing ArmA!
  7. Not completly unrelated - I was experimenting with switching between the on-board soundcard and a Soundblaster live. Everytime I switched, ArmA refused to load untill I rolled back to the previous restore point. I dont think ArmA likes change, but any help in this matter appreciated. We're all going to need to upgrade drivers at somepoint surely?
  8. ade_mcc

    So many idiots, so little time

    Was on one of the larger servers last night and usually pick one with a high number of players most nights and have experianced little to no TK'ing except for occationsal accidents which are in the most part immediatly appologised for. Maybe I am just lucky? If its a real problem for you, join a clan - there are many recruiting at the moment.
  9. ade_mcc

    Poor Framerate?

    Similar spec to me and im having no problems i.e. similar performance to Maximus_G. It wasn't initally though, mainly because my drivers were all over the place. Do a bit of searching around - there are plenty of threads describing ways to optimise your pc for ArmA.
  10. Or Google 'enditall' for another similar powerful application killing program. Although no longer officially available free of charge, there are plenty of legal sites that it can be found.
  11. ade_mcc

    How do I beat this part?

    Note that it is possible to place a satchel charge by each of the tanks using stealth and withdrawl without raising the alarm. I started at the left tank (as looking in your pic) and worked round to the right. It took me a couple of goes but its certainly possible.
  12. ade_mcc

    Found a cheat :/

    I deliberately left OFP/ArmA/Stamina/actual values out to keep things simple and was referring to games in general. Was just making the point that running diagonally would not necessarily perform the way we would expect in many occasions.
  13. ade_mcc

    Found a cheat :/

    The speed thing is an issue with many games and is down to Pythagoras. Press forward and you move one unit forward. Press to the side and you move one unit to the side. Press forward and to the side simultaneously and both actions are carried out simultaneously (one unit forward and to the side) Root of the square of the sum of the other two sides etc.etc... In essence, moving diagonally moves you 1.41 times faster than simply moving forward or sideways. Hence in a lot of the Half-Life speed runs and similar, guys are bunny hopping diagonally down the corridors. Hooray for maths! (doesn't explain the not running out of breath bit though...)
  14. ade_mcc

    Anyway to disable the intro movies?

    By all means remove the intro screens using the methods above (I do! ) Just remember that due to the way the game is loaded that you will not experiance significantly shorter loading up times. I'll try and get a source for this info but i'm sure it was on this forum... Edit: formating issues
  15. ade_mcc

    PCFormat feature full shots

    Unfortunatly, not as I just read it in the shop. However, thats not to say that someone else on this forum may have an issue to hand... (though some people have had grief from the publications for scanning current editions of some magazines)
  16. ade_mcc

    Big Brother Racists

    On an international forum such as this, yes BB ceased to be any good a long, long time ago.
  17. ade_mcc

    PCFormat feature full shots

    and keeping on-topic, this months PC format (UK) has a half page preview page on the uk release of ArmA. Nothing that anyone has not seen before, but worth a quick read if you're in the newsagents and fancy a browse.
  18. ade_mcc

    Entry tools

    Bit tricky to compare like-for-like due to the noise characteristics of each, but sufficient to say that both are f-ing loud (to use the industry terminology). edit: typo
  19. ade_mcc

    DEFCON: Everybody Dies

    If you remove the nuking part of the game (which gained the game a lot of attention), then the other major part of the game is one of forming allegiances and betrail. Since there can only be one winner, or to put it more correctly, there can be only one person who loses the least, then a huge amont of time can be spent in the game co-ordinating with other players, forming secret aliances and generally spending a lot of time in general paranoia watching your bounderies. Its just that the victims in question are the faceless masses who don't generally get much of a say in the whole affair. Going back to your quote above, my girlfriend says exactly the same thing about flashpoint. My reply being that the subject facinates me on many levels.
  20. or Retaliation for example...
  21. ade_mcc

    DEFCON: Everybody Dies

    For the record, I haven't personally removed the weeping lady myself. And Everyone Dies sums it up completely. There are no winners in Global Nuclear Warfare.
  22. ade_mcc

    DEFCON: Everybody Dies

    I was going to say something along the lines of what difference there was between this and a 'killing' in flashpoint, but the point has been made perfectly well above. What I will say though, is that DEFCON is an excellent game and it sounds as though you, k@voven, was perfectly happy to launch a nuke, but were emotionally moved by the consequence of your actions. This is powerfull stuff and is very effective for a graphically simple game with emotions not often seen in other games. Bear in mind too that it is perfectly possible to play this game on the defensive. The only thing that is a little disconcerting is the occational woman weeping, and this can be relativly simply removed following steps provided on the Introversion website. Ps, for only a tenner, this game is a steal!
  23. ade_mcc

    Cheats and griefers out already

    Well, there is Invulnerability if you haven't patched to 1.02 yet. See Biki link.... Biki In general, there are cheaters in every game out there. Solution - only play on password protected servers. Simple
  24. ade_mcc

    The A-Team

    I pity the fool! But seriously, being able to switch from Murdock in the chopper to BA in the cabbadge cannnon would be most fun.
  25. ade_mcc

    Finishing first mission

    Head to one of the small camps roughly north east of your starting position (from memory). There are only a couple of guys at each fire and they are easy to put down without alerting anyone. At each camp fire there are plenty of satchel charges and other goodies that can be used to help you. I never did find those secret documents mind....Anybody?