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    Most Awaited Mod!

    I44 gets my vote with Falklands a close second. Jojimbo and the team have been slowly releasing a steady stream of stunning images and with Phase 1 at beta stage, shouldn't be too long to wait for (in the big scale of things).
  2. ade_mcc

    Seamless addon/mission management

    re: Seamless addon/mission management It seems logical to me (i.e. maybe not true) that a really good mission should still be a good mission whether it was intended for America vs Russia, or units altered to become BAS rangers vs Tonali, or UKF vs whoever. Good missions are lacking for quality units but not because of the lack of quality missions. Could this be better managed? At the moment, I download at work and play offline at home. Scenario - disaster, I've downloaded a mission but cant play as im missing one addon or another. Mission templates are the way forward. Start the mission - you get asked your choise of unit and opposition. Maybe even a choice of map. Maybe im told the mission authors recommended units. Maybe I dont have the required addons. Never mind, I use a slightly different one that I do have. I can use the editor with a bit of patience, but I just dont think that it should be this tricky. I dont think i've put this together very well, but its wet outside and im supposed to be working. Just thinking outloud - I quite like MaxPowers suggestions too.
  3. ade_mcc

    Top 100 games PCGamer Sept 04

    #1 GTA VC #2 Deus EX #3 M:TW #4 KOTOR #5 Thief Deadly shadows #6 COD #7 Battlefield 1942 #8 Planetscape Torment #9 Halo #10 BG2 #11 HL #12 System Shock #13 Rise of nations #14 Planetside #15 Prince of persia: The sands of time #16 IL2-Sturmovik #17 Day of the Tenticle #18 Warcraft 3 #19 UT 2004 #20 Far Cry #21 Max Payne 2 #22 Operation Flashpoint etc.. etc.. (sorry, my wrists hurt) Not bad for a game that is usually ignored outside the community and looking at the games which didn't make the top 22. edit to clarify that this is the UK version of PCGamer
  4. ade_mcc

    Top 100 games PCGamer Sept 04

    Hi folks, my appologies, I started this thread expecting only a couple of replies, went on holiday for a week and then came back to 6 pages of debate - woosh! Anyway, just to clarify and I didn't see this mentioned by anyone else, that this is the magazine writers opinion.  The readers opinions are being collated and will be published in a couple of months or so. Just give 10 nominations, each with a reason, and send them to pcgamer@futurenet.co.uk  (no multiple entires or voting for the same game more than once). I know which game is #1.  Lists are nice but they wont change my opinion.
  5. ade_mcc

    The best war movie ever

    Das Boot (The Boat) Like Band of Brothers, not quite a movie, but powerfull enough stuff.
  6. ade_mcc

    Finnish Defence Forces Modification 1.3

    To those in the UK who don't have this mod yet, it is on the September 2004 issue DVD of PC Gamer. Â This includes the russian weapons and the winter map (Nogojev?).(Å5.99) This is great for me - my brother downloaded it weeks ago but every time I went round to get a copy he was out. No other news in there but quite a nice little review on FDF. Â Ill scan it in later if I get a chance.
  7. ade_mcc

    Clean Sweep II second objective checke on start

    Sounds intersting - any chance of a link, Avon or Messiah? Cheers! edit - just seen it in user missions! DOH!!!
  8. ade_mcc

    What Is Missing

    yes,Yes, YES! Â That would be a fantastic idea and probably something a tallented editor could program. Â Before anyone leaps on me and says that it has been done before in the 'make ofp modern' mod for example (sorry, i forget the official names), what I mean is an easy interface that can quicky and easily substitute any unit into any mission by clicking a couple of buttons and without having to manually change the mission coding (i.e. let the program do the hard work). Â Without the editing knowledge or programing knowledge I would struggle to do this myself but can this theoretically be done? Â Would the scripts be able to cope? Otherwise and anyway, more missions please (the ones re-done for the BAS TSF were outstanding and reminded me why I love flashoint). Â Quality missions mean that I will actually use the addons significantly more. Sorry if this sounds selfish - id do it myself but im still learning the basics and appologies for any mistakes - its a new keyboard and its a bugger to type with! Cheers!
  9. ade_mcc

    Feature In next months PCGamer

    Right, its number 9 in the PCgamer readers top 10 "most wanted" then a picture of a fella that could be OFP or VBS with the quote "a well-rounded figure". Â Ho ho ho. I could scan if anyones fussed but I dont have anywhere to host. (and its not that exciting either). @Nathanz - my question was simply unanswered. I'll have a good read tonight, but that seems to be everything. edited for spelling and messed up quote marks!!!
  10. (Appologies if this has been mentioned but I did search and everything...) In this months UK edition of PG Gamer magazine July # 137 page 145 detailing next months issue (on sale July 8th) amonst other things is: 'Features: How Operation Flashpoint 2 is training the military' Thats it, no more, no less. Now, I recon that they have confused OFP2 with VBS and that we won't be seeing anything that we don't know already, but you never know. If I get chance, i'll sign up to the PCGamer forum and ask for confirmation. ps, i've got a scan of the page but there is nothing more than the test decribed above.
  11. ade_mcc

    Feature In next months PCGamer

    I had a quick look for a copy yesterday but they only had the CD editions ****offtopic rant about most people having DVD drives etc etc...******* But I could only see a small section in the "coming soon" bit with a few lines and a blury picture of a soldier which could have been from anywhere. Â Im just about to go out for lunch - i'll see if I can pick up a DVD copy on the way. I just doubt that PC gamer would have any exclusive that we haddn't heard yet. ps, and my question direct to the PCGamer folks went unanswered too.
  12. ade_mcc

    Updated BAS Pavehawks

    Fantastic news - d/l ing now with pretty good transfer rate Cheers BAS!
  13. ade_mcc

    Very Important Announcement from BAS

    "Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all" Cheers BAS for the hard work
  14. ade_mcc


    1 foot = 30.38cm 1 yard = 3 feet = 91.44cm or to be specific, a yard is almost a meter! ...wanders off to work out how long a furlong is...
  15. ade_mcc

    Finnish Defence Forces Modification 1.3

    wow, that was quick! Cheers SmartDrv for the response. I would have used your FDF site forum, except this thread had specific relevence to 1.3.1.
  16. ade_mcc

    Finnish Defence Forces Modification 1.3

    Fantastic mod btw! Quick question - I really like v1.2 and want to start downloading v1.3, but would rather wait if v1.3.1 is another full d/l only as opposed to a patch. Â (for usual reasons, 56k etc etc.) Any thoughts at this stage? Â Cheers!
  17. ade_mcc

    "FlashNews" Launched.

    I like it and the idea of condensing the important details of the week into a bitsize chunk without having to check each of the sites overly often (and getting in trouble at work etc...) And if nothing else, at least it ensures that the main page (i.e. flashpoint 1985) is being updated regularly. I echo the thoughts of a weekly mailout, but hey ho! Keep up the good work!
  18. ade_mcc

    Update site?

    Looking around the site, there is more than enough evidence that ofp2 is still in the pipeline and will emerge sometime or later be it xmas 2004 or 2006+. This is a completly different situation to either HalfLife2, DukeNukenForever or Deus Ex2, projects that were promised then put back (forever?), or failed to have impact. CWC came out of (seemingly) nowhere and blew us all away and i've no doubt that OFP2 will do the same. Â I just wouldn't be worried about the lack of information. And in the meantime whilst tallented teams such as the FDF guys and individuals such as Kegety keep suprising us in the ways that they do, its an exciting time in the flashpoint world, whatever happends. Just my thoughts, im rubbish at arguments.
  19. ade_mcc

    Bis model replacement project

    Im a little confused about why some objects can be added easily enough, and some are quite tricky. Â But no worries, i'll have a search and if I cant find the answer i'll come back. But my reason for posting is to ask if the compass on the map screen can be changed? Â Or indeed anything on the map screen, but it would probably be the compass that would benifit the most. Â Im sure one of the big modifications achieved it but I can't find it right now...
  20. ade_mcc

    C&H, CTI mission packs?

    @Placebo: Dont know if you have seen on the Invasion 1944 forums, Winters has stated and I quote: "An "official" Invasion 44 CTI will be released with Phase 1" Hopefully this will feed your WW2 CTI hunger.
  21. ade_mcc

    Paintball sugestions

    @cero, yes, i'd be interested. Yes, OFP is all about realism and everything, but the occational blast on the original paintball map is great fun. I had a search the other day for variants on the original paintball map and found a grand total of 3 -> one using addons that I couldn't locate, one that lacked any inspiration and one exactly the same but with FDF units. Its never going to replace co-op or CTI but im supprised that there aren't more of this type. Just my thoughts, and good luck!
  22. ade_mcc

    Bmp2 help!

    I was going to direct you to the FDFs forum pages where this question comes up quite a lot, but just checking now I cant see any examples..... anyhow, the quick answer is no, you dont miss anything in the mission or the cut scenes. Â I forget why.... ...aha! heres one link.. http://www.tacticalblunder.com/~fdfmod/forum/viewtopic.php?t=539 and to quote: It is a bug in FDFMod 1.0 and 1.1 which was corrected in 1.2. Also missions made with all version before 1.2 were affected and will complain about "Missing addon BMP2". Older missions can be fixed by opening them in mission editor, previewing them and then saving again. --- I've been playing OFP for years but heres my first post..Woo hoo!