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    Dynamic Afghanistan

    Hello! What a weekend! Thought I had all the addons required for Dynamic Afghanistan v1.3 but had misplaced / forgotten Sigmas Old Truck (No internet at home - download everything at work). The mission acknowledges that the old truck is missing, then plays the outro (presume its the losing one as the rebels shoot some people) before THE END is shown. Dont know coding, but just wondered if there was anyway to prevent the outro playing when there is an addon error? Actually, now that i've written it down, its not really that big an issue. Hope to play DA tonight!
  2. ade_mcc

    DMA Release Day

    Fantastic release, and just before the weekend too. I can't see much other work going on in the next couple of days. Cheers!
  3. ade_mcc

    directx 9.0

    No fix as everything should (and is) absolutely fine with DX9 How do you know DX is the problem. Type dxdiag into your run bit on the start menu. Everthing working alright? dx9.0c is the most uptodate AFAIK.
  4. ade_mcc

    Internal Conflict, HOW to win?

    I thought that there was two versions of this mission - one that came in the campaign, and another that came with one of the later addons, but I do not know what the difference between the two was. The stand alone missions did however give you the option to go in on foot or in the tank (I forget which). Going in on foot, the best I have ever done is by advancing slowly down the main street picking off enemies as we go. (there are loads of them). Never been able to get a check on the main square though before being ordered to retreat. Once we had retreated, we were re-inforced and we advanced once again, only to be met by even more rebles. Never got to a finished scene without dying however. I keep playing though, as for atmospherics, its a cracking mission. Never tried the airstrikes though....Gona boot it up tonight and give it another whirl.
  5. Sounds and looks great. I especially like the hedgerow effect. Are these passable on foot or do I need to find the style? (absolutely no idea if this is how to spell style).
  6. ade_mcc

    Dynamic Afghanistan - DELTA FORCE

    Well, GMER 1.2 is now available! Why did I have to choose the next week to be on holiday, why?
  7. Great news! Been looking forward to these for a while now.
  8. ade_mcc

    Equinox and the Solstice

    Are these stones generally known about? And I thought I knew Malden pretty well too! Whats the grid ref of the stones?
  9. ade_mcc

    PC Gamer Top 100 Game Awards 2005

    This is the top 100 games as selected by the writers of PCGamer (UK). I think given the caliber of games further down this list, OFP has done extrordinarily well to do this well. Congratulations BIS and all persons associated. 1 Half life 2 2 Rome Total War 3 World of Warcraft 4 Deus Ex 5 GTA: San Andreas 6 Battlefield 2 7 Thief: Deadly Shadows 8 Planetscape Torment 9 Knights of the old republic 10 The Sims 2 11 Balders Gate 2 12 System Shock 2 13 Call of Duty 14 Rise of nations 15 Guild Wars 16 Quake 3 Arena 17 Counter Strike Source 18 Warcraft 3 19 City of Heros 20 Day of the Tentacle 21 Darwinia 22 Far Cry 23 Operation Flashpoint: CWC Last year #22 Blurb: Flashpoint is more of a soldier sim than a soldier game, but that doesn't make it any less loveable. With the campaigns finished long ago (including the nortoriously difficult Resistance), PC Gamer's attention has switched to the brilliant on-line co-operative mode, where teams of 4 or 5 work together to complete the vast archives of missions provided by the mod community. This is a game where half the fun comes from crawling through bushes for hours at a time, slowly working your way to the perfect sniper spot. 24 Civilisation 2 25 Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War 26 IL-2 Sturmovik Forgotten Battles 27 Splinter Cel: Chaos Theory 28 UT2004 29 Elde Scrolls: Morrowind 30 Tie Fighter 31 Grim Fandango 32 Brothers In Arms 33 Prince of Peria: The Sands of Time 34 Ultima Underworld 2 35 Pro Evolution Soccer 4 36 Combat Mission Africa Korps 37 Football Manager 2005 28 Eve Online 39 Sacrifice 40 Max Payne 41 Ultima VII: The Black Gate 42 Doom 2 43 Halo 44 Trackmania Sunrise 45 Total Annihilation 46 Sam and Max Hit the Road 47 Silent Hunter 3 48 Freespace 2 49 Beyond Good and Evil 50 Monkey Island 2 51 Psychonauts 52 GTR 53 UFO: Enenmy Unknown 54 The Longest journey 55 Fallout 2 56 Homeworld 2 57 Outcast 58 Giants: Citizen Kabuto 59 Swat 4 60 Elite+ 61 Diablo 2 62 No-one lives forwever 2 63 Syndicate 64 Neverwinter Nights 65 Perimeter 66 Mafia: City of Lost Heven 67 Starcraft 68 Hidden & Dangerous 69 Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 70 Hostile Waters 71 Grandprix Legends 72 Simcity 2000 73 Deus Ex : Invisible War 74 Jedi Knight: Mysteries of the Sith 75 Duke Nukem 3D 76 Freedom Force Vs The Third Reich 77 Ground Control: Dark Connspircy 78 Serious Sam 79 Alien vs Preditor 80 Need for speed : underground 81 Battlezone 82 Mutant Storm 83 Cronicals of Riddick 84 Tempest 2000 85 Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 86 Anachronox 87 Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 88 Commandos 2 89 Midtown Madness 90 Hitman 2 91 Startopia 92 Uplink 93 Alien Swarm 94 Mr Driller 95 Ancorhead 96 Worms 2 97 Boiling Point 98 ZangbandTK 99 N 100 Doom 3
  10. What, like NGG Press Release and <a href="http://www.bistudio.com/presspages/aapressrelease.html" target="_blank">AA Press Release</a> Both of which can be found on the BI news forum. Codemasters will also release a game under the name OFP2. Hope this helps
  11. ade_mcc

    Physics: User Control Integration

    @Balschoiw ah, thats quite obvious when you look, cheers! Dont like the idea of point and click though - I can see things getting complicated in 3rd person view. Further keyboard shortcuts is a possibility though (for NGG).
  12. ade_mcc

    Campaign-missions dissapear

    you need to type it whist on the campaign selection screen, as in the bit that looks like a book with left and right arrows to select the desired campaign, and a list of the missions completed thus far. Use the campaign cheat here, and the list will display all of the missions (including the ones that depend on the outcome of the previous mission). nobody knows except you. give it a go as Mr_Tea says!
  13. ade_mcc

    Physics: User Control Integration

    Sorry, couldn't be bothered to read the entire post.* Point 1 - It has been said in here somewhere that no more suggestions will be implemented into AA. (I will try and find a source to verify this). You would be better putting this into the NextGenerationPCGame Suggestions forum. Point 2 - There are many things in the action menu that dont corespond with an interation with something on screen. Immediatly I can think of 'items to drop' and 'to eject out of a vehicle/aircraft etc.' So although I do think its a good idea, I don't think that it would be adequate as a total replacement to the action menu. * - my little joke, course I did! hahaha
  14. ade_mcc

    Campaign-missions dissapear

    No idea, the warning that "these files are very large" always scared me to try saying that, i've no idea what program would open an .emf file anyway Anybody?
  15. ade_mcc

    Campaign-missions dissapear

    From Avons FAQ: http://www.theavonlady.org/theofpfaq/ "The following cheats are built into OFP by BIS and do not trigger FADE: Hold the left SHIFT key and press the MINUS ("-") key on your keyboard's numeric keypad. Once you have done so, type in one of the following codes to activate the respective cheat: savegame - Type during gameplay. This will save your game's retry position. Each time you save your retry position, your previous retry position will be overwritten. For other alternatives to performing multiple saves, read this FAQ item. endmission - Type during gameplay. This will let you end your mission before completion and, in a campaign, will let you continue to the next mission. All this comes at a price, however. campaign - Type during the main menu. This will display all the missions in a campaign and let you play them out of sequence as individual single player missions. topography - (From OFP: Resistance version 1.75 and above, you must play with a TERRAIN DETAIL setting of VERY LOW for this to work). This isn't a cheat but you might appreciate the results. Type during gameplay or while in the mission editor. This will create a file in your hard drive's root directory, named island_name.emf, containing a vector representation of the map of the island on which you are currently playing or editing. Note: these files are very large."
  16. ade_mcc

    Campaign-missions dissapear

    What version of OFP are you using Deathbullet? There was an issue with the resistance campaign version 1.75, if I remeber correctly. Have you patched to version 1.96? Otherwise, yeah, just use the campaign 'cheat' and carry on where you left off.
  17. ade_mcc

    PC Gamer Top 100 Game Awards 2005

    In the defense of PCGamer, between them they have played every single game extensivly and sure, there will be a bit of bias here and there - we're all human after all. As some one said in the PCGamer forums: We're biast, we love OFP but compared to HL, BF, Deus Ex we are a relativly small comunity. At yet OFP still did remarkably well. Nuff said. Have a good weekend folks.
  18. ade_mcc

    Very Important poll - Useful for FFUR!

    What, and mess all my other shortcuts up? F:\ProgramFiles\Games\Codemasters\OperationFlashpoint
  19. ade_mcc

    FPS in OFP

    Yep, if anybody else around here is worried about their FPS being too high, I will happily sell my state of the art (in 2000) 866MHz Pentum 3 monster that is sat round here somewhere. (It actually played vanilla OFP:Res really quite well! ) Edited to sort those sodding smilies out
  20. ade_mcc

    FPS in OFP

    I've never achieved over about 60FPS even with just one unit on desert island. Sounds like a great excuse if ever one was needed to wack up your view distance and texture detail and terain settings. Not heard of a command to limit FPS though. Just what rig are you using to achieve these fantastic frame rates IceDude?
  21. ade_mcc

    PC Gamer Top 100 Game Awards 2005

    Yes it is - 73 Deus Ex : Invisible War I refer you to rule #4 - Sequels usually trump the original game, unless the jury agrees that the original is superior, or different enough to be included seperatly. Doom 3 is considerably different enough from Doom 2 to make it into the chart. Doom is very similar to Doom 2 and is therefore superceeded by the its sequal. Not a bad list at all considering
  22. ade_mcc

    PC Gamer Top 100 Game Awards 2005

    Knackers - Ive just found the entire list in full on the cover DVD. That would have saved me all this typing!!!! Oh well, it does come with the list of games dropped from last years 100, copied and pasted below and UK readers may be interested that the OFP demo v1.42 is included on the disk. As is Battlefield 2 which I will play with tonight, purely for research you understand. I will not be drawn to the dark side I promise! What we have learn't from all this: 1 - PCGamer love OFP 2 - PCGamer are really anticipating AA + Game 2 too 3 - PCGamer aren't afraid to promote OFP. The 2001 demo on the current disk and FDF mod twice in the last 6 months. Right, off now to their forums (I post there infrequently) to say hello and to see if they will think about putting ECP etc on their disks. --- The Top 100 discussion began with the ritual culling of the fat from last years chart. Game Previous Position Oasis 100 Lord of the Rings: Return of the King 99 Tron 2.0 97 Colin McRae Rally 4 96 FIFA 95 Delta Force: Black Hawk Down 94 Age of Wonders 2: Shadow Magic 91 Mechwarrior: Mercenaries 89 Broken Sword 3: The Sleeping Dragon 84 Star Wars: Galaxies 82 Rainbow Six: Raven Shield 78 MDK 76 Toca Race Driver 2 75 C&C: Generals 64 Full Throttle 60 Jedi Knight 51 Enemy Territory 49 Commandos 2 48 Laser Squad Nemesis 44 Championship Manager 36 Planetside 14
  23. ade_mcc

    PC Gamer Top 100 Game Awards 2005

    The rules, just in-case some of the inclusions/exclusions look a bit fishy. Taken directly from the mag: 1 - The annual Top100 is the work of the collective will of the staff of PC Gamer magazine. It does not reflect one writers taste - its an amalgamation of their opinions. The top 5 games of each writer are listed elsewhere. 2 - All games are measured against the standars of their peers. The PC is an evolving medium, where new technology enables new experiances. Unfortunatly, games do date - and simple nostalger is no reason to keep a game in the chart. Games that are not worth playing today are dropped infavour of those that are. 3 - Games have to provide the same fun today as they did when we first enjoyed them. This rule is especially important for Massivly Multiplayer online games. This year we removed Planetside from the chart entirely, from the lofty position of number 14. Changes made by the developer, and a declining audience, prevent us from engaging in the same wide-scale battles that we loved two years ago. 4 - Sequels usually trump the original game, unless the jury agrees that the original is superior, or different enough to be included seperatly. Doom 3 is considerably different enough from Doom 2 to make it into the chart. Doom is very similar to Doom 2 and is therefore superceeded by the its sequal. 5 - This year we've allowed a group of mods and freeware games to enter our chart. The PC Gamer collective considers these works of user-created entertainment as worth of consideration in their own right, This has ment a drop in position for games that in the past have relied on their own range of mods and add-ons to propel themselves into the higher reaches of the chart. ----- As mentioned above, the top 5 game of each of the 8 writers is also listed. One writer puts OFP at #5 whilst another puts it #3.
  24. ade_mcc

    Playing a custom soundfile

    Part 2: How can I use my own customized shout sound when playing online? From Avons OFP FAQ search custom sound: Linky Just nothing too annoying, or too large in file size, yeah?
  25. ade_mcc

    New keyboard design

    That has some far reaching implications for everything! No longer have to scour the manual for that obscure key short-cut. Plus it looks wicked.