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    Inavsion 44

    we'd love to tell you but...
  2. ade_mcc

    Great Websites of the World

    B3ta Badgers / mushrooms / snakes / kittens / woo /yay! snopes That urban legends bollox - FACT!
  3. ade_mcc

    Some neat idea

    Oh great, so now I'm going to have to scroll through an even longer action menu in order to tease my hair in a menacing way, or my character will walk awkwardly because I forgot earlier to [ctrl] [shift] (apply plaster to feet where its rubbing a little bit). Do we really want this level of 'life' simulation in what is essentially a war simulator? (with potential RPG elements in Game 2)
  4. ade_mcc

    ECP vs. FFUR?

    He has. He's used both for a while....... anyway..do you mean ECP or E-ECP BigPoppa? Just checking.
  5. ade_mcc

    Would you prefer online download

    null vote - buy hard copy for box etc. Could down load but have no desire to. Cheers!
  6. ade_mcc

    What is Streaming Technology then?

    Yeah, I think I confused my post by mentioning 'loading screens', but the principle still applies. that the amout of calculations on an object should vastley reduce with distance, but that each unit is still acounted for.
  7. ade_mcc

    ArmA Progress Updates

    so, no update to http://www.armedassault.com/ yet then? Otherwise, it seems like the ArAs media ball is up and rolling proper.
  8. ade_mcc

    What is Streaming Technology then?

    The streaming nature of the world in Dungeon Seige as mentioned earlier worked really well giving the impression of one huge world and preventing the immersion loss issues with loading screens. This worked, but was not of importance on a global scale - each enemy would sit there indefinatley until encoutered whereby it would attach. What you did in one part of the world had little impact on later events and areas. It sounds a bit like the larger areas behave like the living world in stalker, that is that everything is calculated globally, be it very simple calcs determining general movement depending on the individuals needs, and the outcome of any encouters with other individuals/animals, with the detials filled in within x metres of the player (specific movement, animations, behaviour etc....) As long as we dont have the repeating landscapes as displayed in Delta Force, then I will be happy.
  9. ade_mcc

    ArmA Progress Updates

    Unbelieveable, things like this always happens when I take a couple of days away from the computer! Screenshots look fine for work in progress. Very happy to hear that there will be new animations. So in the space of 6 months we can look forward to more screenshots, videos, and a demo before the game itself. All things come to those who wait...
  10. ade_mcc

    What do you *HOPE* will be in ArmA?

    Hoping for (but not suggestions - its far too late in the day for that and this is quite a nice thread so far! ) : All of the above plus: Game supplied on DVD (or at least optional) Game optimisations and more load put on the graphic card/off the CPU Wallpapers/Screensavers/Posters/T-shirts Not fussed about that green triangular thing though. Got 2 of them and didn't use either.
  11. ade_mcc

    invisible men....just guns!

    From Avons FAQ: Linky search for invisible: Argh! The AI soldiers and I have become invisible! This is a bug reported in OFP: Resistance by some players who have ALT+TAB'ed out and back in to OFP. If someone finds a solution to restore the soldier's graphics, please let me know. ---------- sorry it doesn't help much
  12. ade_mcc

    bf2 alike mod

    Really, if he can be shown a bit of instant action., then this will help. Think real paintball or one of the many on-line variants. If he still doesn't like what he see's then fine, its well recognised that OFP is not for everyone. Then explain how small scale this is, and that this is just the tip of the ice-berg. Try something with a bit more scale/grandeur. Either he will be caught up in the atmospherics, or turned off because of so called eye-candy (or suposed lack of). But you cant force anyone to like OFP's pace of play. But try and let him recognise himself BF's limitations. Realise that many do not care about realism. End of ramble
  13. ade_mcc

    always night time

    Appologies in advance if any of this sounds patronising, im just really curious - its an unusual error indeed! Does this apply to official missions or user missions? You're not confusing the 24 hour clock in some way are you? Clean instalation verses just copying over the relevant files sounds like a good idea, its probably just as quick.
  14. ade_mcc

    Hi, I'm new to the game.

    Each to their own and all that! I (and im not alone here) quite like Kegety's OFP Launcher Linky Its clean, tidy and looks nice. But I'll be honnest, I never did get round to trying the one suggested by gandalf the white above. So give them a go! On mod folders themselves, some people go for scenarios (WWII / Vietnam/etc). I personally go by author (BAS/FDF/etc). Go with what works for you but try to keep a grasp on what ones are dependant on others and which ones clash. Good luck!
  15. ade_mcc

    Invasion 1944 Info Thread

    great news to see this mod still progressing. Looking forward to Phase 1 when its ready. About to look at the other shots, but the ones above look fantastic.
  16. ade_mcc

    When (what date) did you all first play ofp?

    Late 2001. Was doing temp work at the time and paying off student debts and couldn't afford it innitially. Had played the demo to death and thought it was fantasitic, desptite not having internet access to 'tweek' certain aspects. I remember telling my mum 'See that hill, I can go there if I want'. I remember the certain wow factor that other games just didn't have. Still have the PC Gamer preview and review somewhere - classic reading. Got bought the Gold addon when it came out. Couldn't afford resistance, then couldn't find a copy when I had the money! Thank god for GOTY. Still the only game that stays installed whatever.
  17. ade_mcc

    BIS...perfect Game company?

    Thats a bit harsh isn't it? Particularly if there is no news to give. Id say Placebo does an A1 job on these forums. Why do you think differently deanosbeano ?!?
  18. ade_mcc


    based on what? Facts?
  19. ade_mcc


    Cosmi ?!? Can't be right, unless they are looking to branch out from top titles such as 'Texas Holdem Pro Tour Poker' and 'Championship MahJongg Deluxe'. Bizzare
  20. ade_mcc


    I dont think thats quite fair, if i've understood you correctly. Plenty of gamers from different game communities are moaning at any one time about the lack of progress or updates. off the top of my head, STALKER, Prey, FEAR, DNF to name but 4, have all recently unrest in there forums from fans demanding news/progression. Is it a bad thing? No, of course not. Cant we just wait and see? Is the concept of suprise too much these days?
  21. ade_mcc


    First impressions of Libya is great - the map looks and feels right and I have gained alot of respect for the addons. Never played with the mapfact stuff before but the oilfields are a nice touch. Forgot to download map_misc last night (not obvious), but got it now - hopefully thigs will look even better when I play tonight.
  22. ade_mcc


    Quick question, For the CAT/AGS Afghanistan Revisited island required, do I need the Special Edition, or can I get away with using the BIS Noe Textures Version?
  23. ade_mcc

    Blood Brothers

    As it looks as though I already have most of these addons, i'd say yeah, go for it. Im sure there would be plenty of people willing to beta test if requried?
  24. ade_mcc

    Dynamic Afghanistan

    DAv1.3 Went to rest but was told that I hadn't finished the mission yet! Went to see the bloke who told me well done or something, but the text was obscured by the previous text. I'll remember to finish the mission next time! Went to rescue a couple of pilots in a 'downed' chopper. Got reasonably close to the site when I was told that both the pilot and co-pilot had been killed. Maybe I have to be more stealthy next time?!? I pushed on anyway, shooting everything in the way. Found the chopper was in-fact intact and perfectly flyable so I flew home with the boys with it. I only mention it as im sure the fact it was flyable contradicted something in the mission statement. I could be mistaken. More playing tonight! (Will be downloading Libya when I get a chance)
  25. ade_mcc

    New Screenshots

    Impressive stuff - Cant wait to get my hands on this one. (I'll be moving into my new flat in November so that I can play AA without distraction - hows that for dedication)