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  1. Quote[/b] ]What's with all the negative comments? If you haven't noticed already I support the Iraqi resistance (duh! ) and I'm happy when they score a victory against the aggressors. It's not that I want to see dead americans and their allies (which is my private thing if I do or don't), I just want to see Iraq get rid of invaders. Hopefully that day will come soon and without too much spilt blood.

    norris where exactly you from rock.gif

    i didnt support the war but i anit a fan of the resistance either personnely i would like to see peace restored a resonable goverment and for the troops to pull out peacefuly but saddly i doubt that will happen

  2. ozanzac the british system is similar to yours here you have to pass youre cbt(certificate basic training i think) test then you can ride anything up to 125 or under 33bhp if youre over a certain age think its 21 and when youve passed youre test and are over 21(not sure about the age) you can sit another test and get youre full liecense and then buy a 199mph suzuki hayabusa if you want tounge_o.gif

    though it may have changed as theyve changed it a few times in the last 10 years

  3. lol i took one down with an a10's avenger canon tounge_o.gif

    the addon is very good but isnt the display which the map is displayed on not a colour display but the traditional green and black im just thinking from lock-on as thats where the radar display is or is this just a consession for playability?

  4. ive enver liked hockey since high school as they never had any left handed sticks mad_o.gif i could play right handed but i was better left just felt more natural so i just used a right handed stick and played with the rounded edge just to piss them off tounge_o.gif

  5. sad_o.gif yeah saddly thats the problem alot of car drivers dont exactly look much for bikes being all nice and snug in the armoured volvo's

    I got to ride a friend of the familys honda xr125 when i was in yokohama that was interesting to say the least as i hadnt even driven a car about there but here was little me going solo on a not very well maintaned bike going to get food for that nights dinner in during rush hour crazy_o.gif

  6. this was actully in the origanl demo of the game wink_o.gif i was bored one day so set the time to 4x and left the game for a couple of hours and played the ambush mission at night time where i accidently hit the l key and all of a sudden a torch switched on but for some reason bis removed it, if you dont believe me try it smile_o.gif