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  1. aj_addons

    Finnish defence forces mod 1.2

    its ok i can fix it myself any way just means i need to some jiggery pokery with the config please consider the trees though
  2. aj_addons

    Server admins, what are you doing!?!

    when i played online using a 56k the two words that kept spring to my mind was leper and outcast
  3. aj_addons

    Capitalism and communism

    anit going to happen though unless bushs dreams of world domination come true i have to agree democratic socialism probably is the best way forward (Mon the ssp )
  4. aj_addons

    Non-american war movies

    the beast of war its about the russains in affganistan thats a good film, saying that i think it might be american but its not about them
  5. aj_addons

    Finnish defence forces mod 1.2

    could you please reduce the roll rate on the mig a tad its a bit of twichy bird to fly with a joystick compared to all the other ofp planes and could you please get rid of some of trees at the end of the runway at the end of the runway on the border map as ive never seen an ai plane take off once without smashing into a pine try two seconds later
  6. aj_addons

    Modern us infantry

    looks nice any chance of a beta nudge nudge
  7. aj_addons

    Bradley pack by rudedog

    i dont know why but ive always like the look of the sheridan
  8. aj_addons

    Bradley pack by rudedog

    i made one of those awhile ago rudedog never got textured though if your looking for blue prints and data you know where to contact me
  9. not just make it a veihicle which you cant enter (ie script a logic into the driving seat) and has a speed of zero?
  10. aj_addons

    Will this be our future?

    if i remeber correstly there was plans to invade your place during the last oil crisis ace mate if i was you i would start arming your self to the teeth
  11. aj_addons

    Talk armour and tank addons

    yeah the suspension script is good idea just needs a slight tightening up in that it seems a bit to floaty for my likeing but very good never the less
  12. aj_addons

    New pbo decryptor/make pbo ?

    youll find that most addon makers bin there config file so you cant even look at it anyway download one of those config creation tools if youre having trouble
  13. aj_addons

    Bridges and more

    saying that i get it in fdf and any other map with bridges where either they are custom or bis
  14. aj_addons

    New pbo decryptor/make pbo ?

    yeah theyll have been binned saying that ive got one that will open them but all you can access is the textures, sounds and possible the config but never the p3d model
  15. aj_addons

    Bridges and more

    i have this problem to
  16. aj_addons

    Vitapc pack 1.1 finale

    i get a scripting error on the BMP3 arena when a non bis guided AT weapon is fired at it? ill take a pic if you want
  17. aj_addons

    Nogovan Armed Forces Project

    i think ive got permission to start fixing up the bofors for use lot plus ive also got a nice mig-23 and mig-27 with airbrakes
  18. aj_addons

    Talk armour and tank addons

    what only four and 6 lods i usually use 8 but saying that i do have a nasty tendency to model everything in polygons(dam graphic comunication telling me that the more acurate something is the better ) and then reduce it down until its a nice polygon count. saying that i think the ofp engine copes remarkably well with high poly models what it does cause it to die on dodgy machines is the amount of objects or ai on the map
  19. aj_addons

    Talk armour and tank addons

    i dont mind the locking ability has anyone here ever tried to hit a tank at 2500m in game even the AI has trouble at that range so thats when you use the at missiles
  20. aj_addons

    Nogovan Armed Forces Project

    ive pm'd my old boss at adf about bofors mate but i still anit got a reply back
  21. aj_addons

    2d desktops finally leaving?

    in one word pretty useless the last two just look like really fancy screen savers how the hell do you work on somehting that is flying about upside down
  22. aj_addons

    New sky pack

    that was the orcs team mate there not going to release it as they supposedly sold the tech behind it, the thing im wondering is how they managed to implelment pixel shaders as you would need to mod the source-code for that and as we all know bis anit for releaseing it
  23. aj_addons

    Red Hammer Studios

    the odd thing tactical blunder says the server is still being upgraded http://www.tacticalblunder.com
  24. aj_addons

    Ak model spetznats-b

    the AN-94 akaban is a compleltly different rifle from the Ak-74 and i doubt even the spetsnaz use it because it is so expensive
  25. aj_addons

    Red Hammer Studios

    website is down again im afraid the old site is working again http://www.tacticalblunder.com/~hammer/ very strange