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  1. aj_addons

    Animator needed

    to busy at rhs mate plus im off to yokohama on june the 18th maya ple download http://www.alias.com/eng....MK0KIV0 as for tutes you should find some on google i bought magazine that had a good tute, the plugin youll need to search these forums for put maya into the search function and you should hopefully find it
  2. aj_addons

    Animator needed

    i use maya mate sorry think you can download maya ple though for free just need to find the plugin that lets you load in the appropriate files
  3. aj_addons

    Animator needed

    did you try to do it in ofp anim, maya is alot easier plus theres plenty of animation tutorials
  4. aj_addons

    Animator needed

    teach yourself mate it not to hard
  5. aj_addons

    Csla 2

    im getting a requires DX 8 error even though i have DX9 when im running the latest version of csla rip
  6. aj_addons

    Babylon 5 wing art contest

    youre trying to link it a file on your hardrive mate you need to host it online and link to it
  7. sounds very good guy cant wait to try this when i get home
  8. will shilkas and tunguskas open up on these things as they fly by or are they just some sort of super missile like a helfire or something and thus the ai wont attack them?
  9. looks at explosion in last pic and screams wishing he really didnt have an exam in 2 hours time so he could test it out
  10. aj_addons

    Gta san andreas

    yep all seeing all knowing teleporting police are a pain in the poverble in gta mafia did a far better job on that
  11. aj_addons

    Babylon 5 wing art contest

    number 3 is cool though thats probably because im half japanese
  12. aj_addons

    Red Hammer Studios

    yeah the t-62s have that and something extra aswell
  13. aj_addons

    Gta san andreas

    i want gta tokyo (always liked the yakuza missions in gta 3) or gta scotland (rockstar north is scottish after all)
  14. aj_addons


    it could be made the way boh made there tomahawk missiles
  15. aj_addons

    Rpg/law effectiveness

    if i remember correctly the reason t-72 and later model tanks turrets come off is becasue of the ammo stored in the autoloader magazine which is below the turret being set off, the ukranian oplot has its ammo stored in the rear of turret similar to the abrams to avoid this problem but im am not an expert and would never claim to be one
  16. aj_addons

    Red Hammer Studios

    you sure about the dedicated rpg soldier, Ive saw pics of russian rpg troops in afghanistan carrying an rpg and a ak-74
  17. aj_addons

    T54 - the best one

    yes we are making t-62s take a guess whos working on them right now
  18. aj_addons

    T54 - the best one

    its a t-62A no dshk on the turret plus the turret is lower and more dome shaped than the t-54 or 55 though im not entirly sure as the wheel spacing dosent look right, there good fun in ofp Â
  19. aj_addons

    Finnish defence forces mod 1.2

    you better not be kidding after all the stuff and remaking ive been doing on them
  20. aj_addons

    World championship in icehockey

    guess japan got humped off of russia as i thought they were meant to be playing
  21. aj_addons

    Vdv pack v2.0 by orcs

    imagine Earl & Suchey's one after its been force fed stroids for along time bit on the powerful side
  22. aj_addons

    Ofp combat photography 2. no pics over 100kb

    wasntthe orignal just a photoshop?
  23. aj_addons

    1.97 servers running at:

    where did you get that pic of that helicopter in your sig
  24. aj_addons

    Accurate tank gunning

    very impressive my friend looks like ill have to be taking a closer look at ofp scripting
  25. aj_addons

    Accurate tank gunning

    neural network in scripting i didnt think that was possible in ofp obvisously it is