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  1. any one know how that moving water effects done then?
  2. aj_addons

    First anniversary of this little news snippet

    i got it from a  friend of a friend, who will remain anounomus fun little scout car Â
  3. aj_addons

    Hidden & Dangerous 2 is out

    anyone found the german back pack yet cause i cant seem to find one the same goes for germans carying Zb26's there rarer than rocking horse poo ive got to say my favorite maps have got to be the austrian and czech ones if only for the beutiful grass you get
  4. aj_addons

    The Iraq Thread 2

    thanks denoir hadnt heard about that, didnt even now there were italiens in iraq till just then
  5. aj_addons

    Modern usmc marpat

    Did you ever implement the blackout script that you were talking about ages ago where if you were heavliy shot up you would go in and out of consicnes
  6. aj_addons

    The Iraq Thread 2

    Before the war it was well publicesed that irqi gun shops couldnt get enough weapons to sell quick enough that they were selling so fast! In the end i dont think America is going to win this one short of pulling out and turnning the entire country in to a giant smoke crater, cause there will always be deep resentment towards the americans, I think they really are running on borrowed time
  7. aj_addons

    My pk machine gun, i need help!

    i havent downloaded it but have you checked to see if the muzzle flash is part of the otochlaven and otocvez named selections?
  8. aj_addons

    Csla 2 news

    hmm sounds nice anychance of being able to paradrop it out of that big atonov plane or what ever its called
  9. aj_addons

    Red Hammer Studios

    be glad youre not going to have to wait until weve tested some other secert ideas we have then you really wouldnt see the pack for a long while but you might get it in a later update asuming it works but there's no obviuos reason why it shouldn't. Ill leave it to your imagintion what this might be but as shadow said you should get the pack before the end of the year along with a nice suprise
  10. aj_addons

    Csla 2 news

    Bobby how bigs the Pt-76 because it looks a tad on the big size any chance of a photocomparing it to a soldier or another tank. ps the bmp's are Great fun
  11. aj_addons

    The need for improved manpads

    thats why you track the chopper manuely and dont use lock on that way you dont activate the incoming missile eventhandler and as a result the flares arnt activated
  12. aj_addons

    The need for improved manpads

    for a helicopter flying towards you or away from you all you need is some sort of wire guided at missle or rpg as your trying to cope with thing moveing across your view
  13. aj_addons

    Max faces and points for a weapon

    yeah i cant really remember if its the gunner view or pilot view though, ill check tonight
  14. aj_addons

    The need for improved manpads

    my favorite one has got to have been when in multiplayer i shot down a helicopter with a Bmp's sagger AT missile, the even funier thing was that the enitre opostion team was in the chinock at the time!!! theres another way to get round the flares problem and that is dont use the lock on function on the strela and stinger and guide the missile yourself and snice the script only activates when the missile is locked on you get a nice toasty helicopter wreck
  15. aj_addons

    The need for improved manpads

    nope i mean helicopters
  16. aj_addons

    Max faces and points for a weapon

    yeah the 5000 polys is only on the view pilot lod i think so that only player sees it the maxim external lod is 2500
  17. aj_addons

    The need for improved manpads

    the soviet AT4 and west carl guv are the best AA weapons hit something with one off these babies and its as dead as a doughnut
  18. aj_addons


    welocome to the club mate ive been trying to find out how to import p3d in to another 3d modelling prog for weeks and no sod seem to know even though ive saw it done
  19. aj_addons

    Csla 2 news

    yeah its a wee bit of look but not touch for us right now but weve got the t55's, and extras
  20. aj_addons

    Csla 2 news

    hehe working with use guys is going to be fun
  21. aj_addons

    Max faces and points for a weapon

    oops i meant sniper the rifles only 5000 polys and i think the poly limit for the shadow is about 500 polys but i could be wrong
  22. aj_addons

    Max faces and points for a weapon

    you think thats good ive got a 5500 poly m82a2 to go with my 20 thousand poly sniper
  23. aj_addons

    A new body

    making a new body is esay the tricky part is the named selections as they are quite fiddley to get right
  24. aj_addons

    Bulldozer and dx9 - issue?

    i use full screen and alt tab between the viewer and the oxygen.
  25. aj_addons

    Csla 2 news

    i remember asking maa about interoirs but there just amassing very very nice