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    Weapon that can shoot round corners

    nah gimme a mirror on a stick and gpmg and if you see some in the mirror just unload a belt through the wall or just chuck in a nade if the walls are a tad on the thick side
  2. aj_addons

    Lock on: modern air combat

    ok thanks for clearing that up as for graphics wise ive got everything turned all the way 8XAA and 4XAS plus all the nice things like heat blur and so on now i know what chrimbo pressie is going to be
  3. aj_addons

    Lock on: modern air combat

    what they expect you to pay for the manuel what the feck do the they think there up to with that one . sod the manuel no wonder people bitch about ubi so much on the lo mac forums. im also thinking of getting the game but the fact it dosent have a manuel is extremely off putting(remembers the days when your average flight sim manuel had a couple of rainforests worth of paper in it) Also ive been reading alot about lo-mac performance issuses?? ive got the demo and quite frankly it runs sweet as a su-27 i get a constant 90fps and it only drops to around 60 when flying low over a city
  4. aj_addons

    Ofp combat photography. No pics over 100kb.

    let me guess Evil Johnny?
  5. aj_addons

    The Iraq Thread 2

    thanks avon all those previous posts now make sense
  6. aj_addons

    The Iraq Thread 2

    really really dumb question but who's TBA and TBA2 blair and bush?
  7. aj_addons

    Light stopped

    i bet that give it an hour or two and denoir will turn up and explain everything
  8. aj_addons

    The last samurai

    yeah its good its got billy connally is in it ,Brillant Scottish comedian who used to be a ship builder in glasgow and my dad new him before he became famous think of a drunk version of robin williams with a scottish acent and youre just about there to what his stand up is like
  9. aj_addons

    Red Hammer Studios

    yeah that anit the suprise alright weve actully really got more than two secrets and it just depends what one is finnished first as to what youll get
  10. aj_addons

    The Iraq Thread 2

    good for taking out an abram's though just blast away at the engine deck and watch those he rounds do there magic
  11. aj_addons

    The Iraq Thread 2

    if i was to take down any sort of moderen helicopter i would use a wire guided at launcher, all flares and chaff in the world anit going to distract it . not sure if hitting a plane would be so esay proably when its landing would be best and just keep under its flight path and just let the thing catch up with it and you have to worry about tracking the things movement on the the y axis and good bye Mr Bush, ive always thought i would make a good terrorist/fredom fighter
  12. aj_addons

    Model replacement/reskins?

    i depboed my res data, data 3d pbo and replaced the Tank models with sigmas M1a1 and M60 and the RHS t-54A, t-72 BM and T-80 UM1 palying the campagn is alot more fun now with nice shinny tanks
  13. aj_addons

    1985 cwc campaign revisisted.

    what there was a bit after you got in the apc in defender? even with 1.00 the mission would always finnish for me as soon as i got in it. also on montignac must fall i always had to sluahgter my own team to get the retreat mission rather than the black hawk down one where as now it seems kind of random as to if i retreat or not. saying that i find it alot easier now just because im used to flashpoint physisics and stuff and the fact that i grab the nearest AK 74 grenade launcher i can find. also view distance makes a big difference anyone ever played ambush with the veiw distance at 5k the BMP starts trying to shell the M113 near where you start and alpha squad starting position serves me right for haveing a good pc.
  14. aj_addons

    Csla 2 news

    there using our tank rider scripts so that if someone is shot while ridding on to of the tank every body else ridding on top jumps off instantly either side of the tank so it dosent get blocked but i also think theyve done it so if the tank is in combat mode ie hatches down you can only ride inside but if the crews turned out people can ride inside and out side this mod is going to kick ass quickly runs home to play with his early beta CSLA BMP 1 and 2
  15. aj_addons

    The Iraq Thread 2

    i always remember seeing the live feed of when that convoy of special forces, kurds and journalists were mistaken for a tank and were bombed. i remember the camera man looking about and there was a half kurdish fighter on the ground his legs and waist were about four feet away from the rest of his body and there was body in one of the destroyed jeeps that was basically just seered and burnt form the blast. that really was scary
  16. aj_addons

    New bas thread

    Deadmeat i dont know if you actully know this or not but sigma's Abrams which you are modifying/remaking has a big bug with 2003 m1a2 ammo values in that they are far far to powerful. Because currently it will take out an oplot with a single shot the oplot dosent even stand a chance, even though it has the same 120mm cannon . This is highly in acurate as the Oplot should at least match the M1a2 on fire and probably has better armour. I would hate to think that we have a situation where this thing can wipe out anything it goes up against even allegedly superior soviet armour
  17. aj_addons

    Bmp has no rocket @ turret

    ok the demo model has the model because it fired different missiles it fired the sagger not the at3 and the sagger is fired from a wee launch rail note a tube a la AT3
  18. aj_addons

    Bridge engineers

    well jezz actully but i helped quite a bit it just needs texturing and a some hidden selections for the delploy animation and a we bit of scripting some pics here but there quite old the newest version actully deploys the bridge http://community.webshots.com/user/ajjezz
  19. aj_addons

    Red Hammer Studios

  20. aj_addons

    Russian vehicles

    oh yeah isnt the smerch mlrs system alsoknow as the BM-27 or am i just getting mixed up
  21. aj_addons

    Operation flashpoint picture awards

    Black dog any chance you hosting a pic for me as ive got the funnist ofp pic youll ever see the only thing that would make it better would be if i had george bush model ill post it tomorrow
  22. aj_addons

    Russian vehicles

    yep me to and shadow knows why
  23. aj_addons

    Coc unified artillery 1.0 released

    ive discovered something really handy you know how when you set the terrain detail to very high how all the ground instantly goes very bummpy with some extremely deep bumps well heres my step by step method surviving a heavy artillery bombardment step 1 listen for the shells coming step 2 go in to the options menu and drop the view distance down to 500m step 3 set the terrain complexity to very high step 4 look about and notice something very handy instant foxholes!!!! step 5 dive in to the deepest one you can find before the shells land step 6 lie there until the bombardment is over and put your view settings back to normal works really well if youre computer can handle it
  24. aj_addons

    Coc unified artillery 1.0 released

    oops made a mistake
  25. aj_addons

    The Iraq Thread 2

    im amazed no-ones tried to burn those american flags that are hanging from lamposts near buckingham palace we Scots should show them how to do it we burn British flags all the time damm those English oppressors and there leader iL Duche blair Â