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    Crucial week for tony blair

    Ah well i thought he would find some way sneak out of it and by the looks of it im right , right wheres that mailorder magazine with the in it m82a1 what i really want is a inquirey into how blair took us into the war in the first place and have it look into fact that we were all told that there would be large stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction(or distraction as its turning out to be)
  2. aj_addons

    Csla 2

    you think 300kb is fast im getting it at 664kb thank god for Glasgow uni's t1 conection
  3. aj_addons

    Finnish defence forces mod 1.2

    the draken cockpit looks well pretty simple not all that many swiches and stuff especialy when you look at things like the mig and hornet also you probably know this but the ai dosent like crossing certain bridges on the boarder maps
  4. aj_addons

    Crucial week for tony blair

    crosses fingers and hopes to see the back of blair but thinks that as usual hell find some way to wriggle out of it , probably useing hoon as a scapegoat
  5. aj_addons

    Suicide pill addon?

    its called catch the hand grenade or the rpg rocket jump, the only people that would be stuck would be those that went as a medic or a machine gunner but he's got so much ammo he can kill himself by firing into the ground cause of the funny indirect hit values bis put on bullets
  6. aj_addons

    Red Hammer Studios

    thanks mate where are we moving to?
  7. aj_addons

    Your opinions of the campaigns.

    FDF part one cant wait for part two even though ive kind of figured out whats going to happen
  8. aj_addons

    Tank fares?

    it dosent have a radius of 360 degree as there its only about 270-290 as there is a section on the back of the turret on the t-80um1 where the snorkel is stored and due to that arena is not mounted there
  9. aj_addons

    Red Hammer Studios

    Im sorry to say but the website is down again im notsure if its just getting updated or blackdog has pulled the plug again either way i cant get in
  10. aj_addons

    Vehicle replacement

    yeah suppose plus know one other than us has access to the mlod models as it dosent work with odol it crashs saying pre mlod format error
  11. aj_addons

    Vehicle replacement

    corp mate i just changed the Data and data3d pbos so that they had sigmas tanks in it and didnt need to touch the config
  12. aj_addons

    Red Hammer Studios

    i Think we better find another host anyway as by the sound of it this is just going to be a temperory measure
  13. aj_addons

    Red Hammer Studios

    yep the website is back
  14. aj_addons

    India buys russian aircraft carrier

    the navel version is the mig 29k but i thought russia used su-33's instead
  15. aj_addons

    Military plastic model kits

    supa that t-55 looks mightly familior dosent it wonder what thats based on
  16. aj_addons

    I'm a little bit irritated ...

    ohh yeah i forgot about that pack thanks for reminding me mate (starts downloading)
  17. aj_addons

    Resin model weapons

    hes selling them cant remember the prices though there was a thread on them in the rhs forums but thats gone
  18. aj_addons

    Red Hammer Studios

    yeah i feel kind of sorry for iv 1944 they had just lost there old host and now this
  19. aj_addons

    I'm a little bit irritated ...

    sounds like a news network
  20. aj_addons

    I'm a little bit irritated ...

    heres a small explanation GMR = Gold member realistic explosion pack BAS = Ballistic addon studios (black hawks and delta forces addons) RHS = Red hammer studios (T-55,t-64 packs think russian equvelent of bas) DR  = Dynamic Range Soundpack wss  = sound format used for ofp another one is ogg CWC = cold war crisis COC  = chain of comand (makers of nice torpedos and artillery) AEC = mod which made a really nice big island with all the bis islands in one DTA = usually means youre data.pbo file or youre data3d.pbo file i think? INQ = nice high res jpg textured guns which replace the bis ones WRT = anit a clue think its something to do with makeing islands? OPFOR = opposing force DKM = Decicesive killing machines VIT = addon maker that specailes in planes
  21. aj_addons

    Resin model weapons

    you pimping youre wares here now to a wider audenice now that our site is down. Good luck mate, how much do you charge again i want to rob a bank?
  22. aj_addons

    Ofp community history project

    Yeah even though ive been around the ofp comunity for awhile i missed alot of the eraly stuff that happened here as i used to bum around oflash.org as the adf forums were there and would like to see something like this. just one question what were the ofpn forums a forerunner to the bis ones we have now?
  23. aj_addons

    Red Hammer Studios

    so thats why i couldnt get in i guess iv 1944 and all the other mods hosted by blackdog are down aswell? (wasnt having a good day to start with this just made it better )
  24. aj_addons

    Addon request: intruder

    i want someone to make a corsair
  25. aj_addons

    Uk forces

    yep every time the army does a good job they cut it back the same happened after falklands i think. Even without the current cut backs there still running low on stuffas there a thing on the news yesterday about a tanker that got killed because he had to give back his flak jacket as there wasnt enough:angry: ive got a friend whos brothers out there he just bought his own one instead of chancing where either or not he would get one:( Â i say we just kill hoon and blair instead dont think many would be sad ot see the two of them gone but saying that give it a week or two and see what lord hutten has to say maybe hell do it for us:)