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  1. Never thought about trying to load it manually. It does load that way (although the aiming down sights is messed up. I assume I just have to adjust the naming of my memory lod points to match whatever the RHS hk's use).


    So how do I add the baseweapon parameter? Here is my code:


    class CfgWeapons {
    	class Rifle;	// External class reference
    	class UGL_F;	// External class reference
    	class rhs_weap_m4_Base;
    	class rhs_weap_m4a1;
    	class rhs_weap_hk416d10;
    	class ST11_HK416 : rhs_weap_hk416d10 {
    		scope = public;
    		author = "Road Runner";
    		dlc = CAG;
    		model = "\ST11_HK416\ST11_HK416.p3d";
    		displayName = "CAG HK416 PLAIN";
    		picture = "\ST11_HK416\inv\hk416s_x_ca.paa";
    		UiPicture = "\A3\weapons_f\data\UI\icon_regular_CA.paa";
    		hiddenSelections[] = {"camo", "camo1"};
    		hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"\ST11_HK416\tx\hk416_co.paa", "\ST11_HK416\tx\smr_bk_co.paa"};
    		handAnim[] = {"OFP2_ManSkeleton", "ST11_HK416\Data\Anim\HK416vfg.rtm"};
    				class Library {
    			libTextDesc = "HK416 Geiselle Rail";
    		class ItemInfo {
    			priority = 1;
    			RMBhint = "CAG 416";
    			onHoverText = "CAG 416";

    Thanks for the help!

  2. This is probably something easy to do, but configs are my arch nemesis.


    I'm trying to take a new model of an HK416 with Gieselle Rail (the one made by Toadie and Road Runner) and give it the sounds and other values of the RHS HK416 (recoil, etc.). I tried making rhsusf_c_weapons a required addon, and then referenced the base classes from the RHS config, but it wouldn't show up ingame.


    Is there a way to create a simple weapon config that will inherit all of the properties from the RHS HK416 but allow me to use a different model, texture, and hand animation?


    Any help is appreciated.

  3. Current version is not very 3rd party addons friendly but fear no more - I reworked scripts to accommodate system for more dev-friendly system (so AFRF AKs could mount different grips too) and it will be available, together with some documentation, for 0.4.2 release.


    Great to hear! It's such a great feature, it's a shame it's not default to Arma 3. Looking forward to the next version :)

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  4. f7kACKn.png

    6y44cc3.jpg  Mh0DxJa.jpg

                                   bFt8LkH.jpg  jpu6yGR.jpg


    A retexture of the default NATO Blufor uniforms to be more in line with Crye Gen 3 combat shirts and pants. Includes uniforms in the following camo variants:
    Multicam / Multicam Arid / Multicam Tropic / Multicam Black /AOR 1 / AOR 2 / Woodland / Gray / OD Green / Tan

    Also includes several boonies for all of the camo variants (minus the solid colors).

    Known Issues:
    Wounds don't work. This is an engine limitation of Arma because I'm using custom rvmat files to change the normal maps from default.


    Download Links:

    Steam Workshop - Version 0.7

    Crye Gen 3 Uniforms (NATO Retexture) v0.7  -Armaholic


    --Old Versions---

    Crye Gen 3 Uniforms (NATO Retexture) von ardvarkdb (28.08.2016) -Arma3.de


    Ardvarkdb - Textures
    Ma77h3hac83r - Texture template that sped up some selections and some dirt and other gritty overlays

    BI - Base model / uniform texture / Boot texture

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  5. Just wondering if anyone has had any luck replacing the CTRG uniforms in the new Apex expansion?


    I'm using the following code, which works on the Arma 3 CTRG, but doesn't seem to work on the Apex ones. Is it because of the encrypted pbos?

    This works and replaces the default CTRG with another uniform

    class U_B_CTRG_1 : Uniform_Base {
    		class ItemInfo : UniformItem 
    		uniformClass = "Ard_AOR2_A";

    This does not work when trying to replace the Apex CTRG

    	class U_B_CTRG_Soldier_F : Uniform_Base {
    		class ItemInfo : UniformItem 
    		uniformClass = "Ard_AOR2_A";

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to get this working? Never been a fan of the CTRG camo and I'd love to play through the Apex campaign with something else on their uniforms. I made another replacement that replaces the Apex CTRG units placed via the editor and that works, but during the campaign it does not.



  6. Robert Hammer has graciously accepted my offer to take over this weapons pack from this point on. He will be carrying it into the future, so it will be in great hands.

    There are no planned updates at this point, but I'm sure Robert will keep everyone posted on any developments. Thanks for all the positive feedback and it's been great seeing these weapons get so much use. I hope people continue to enjoy them in the future.

  7. That does sound cool robowilso. I would imagine, since Arma 3 doesn't have the nice DayZ weapon features, that they just change the model based on the attachment you pick up. As far as the variations in performance, that is likely done through config changes for each weapon. Even though it looks like you have the same weapon with a different attachment, it's likely different weapons in the config with varying values.

    As far as the animations go, I know some of them are a little off, but I'm no animation expert and they are a pain to make work 100% of the time, so they are good enough :)