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  1. I would think you would need to check the mission.sqm and tell people not to use mods that are not loaded on the server. Either someone is wearing the boonie from the pack (and not everyone is required to have it) or when the mission was made someone was using the TF86 SEAL addon. Not really an issue with the SEALs, it's an issue with someone using a mod that is not on the server. Not really sure if there is a way to isolate who is wearing the boonie hat, as you won't see if it you don't have the addon. Aside from telling people to not use it I am unaware of ways to find out who it is or stop them from using it. Sorry.

  2. Thanks! Safetycatch did most of the texture stuff on them, glad you like them!

  3. Hi Fletch94,

    That is a nice idea, however someone is already working on doing such a thing with the SASR units. They will look very good when they are done, but I cannot say when that will be. Best,Ardvarkdb

  4. Sorry idfhayal but I do not have permission to redistribute the mlods for these models.