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  1. Hopefully I don't jinx anything and I can say that they will be done pretty soon. Feels like we have been working on them for a decade :) We are just fixing bugs at this point.
  2. SOTG (WiP) | ICP & Module Animation Packs | Alalibad Region | BAF (click for full res)
  3. ardvarkdb

    Dslyecxi's 'Paper doll' Gear Menu

    Very handy. Thanks for sharing!
  4. I would like to see separate attachment proxies for laser points and flashlights on weapons, as well as the ability to "move" optics, such as an eotech magnifier being able to flip up and down via hidden selections or animated like the backup iron sights on current weapons.
  5. ardvarkdb

    RH wip Thread

    Looking good Robert! That KAC PDW has always been one of my favorites. This new attachment system for weapons is a dream come true :)
  6. ardvarkdb

    Arma 3 weapons config guidelines

    Very nice. Thanks for the info!
  7. Good for you. Nobody cares. If you want something other than reskins start making some models and stop belittling others who take the time to make free content for you. Keep doing what you love Massi, that's what modding is all about!
  8. Thanks for providing the example models so quickly. Personally, I am very excited to finally be able to implement customizable headgear properly, no longer having to use the various workarounds from Arma 2.
  9. ardvarkdb

    Arma 3 plans for 2013

    Will we be able to purchase the alpha through steam or is it only through arma3.com with them sending out steam keys?
  10. Australian SOTG (WiP) / Blackhawks by YuraPetrov / Proving Grounds - PMC DLC / ICP Animations (Click for High Res)
  11. Lennard's Mi-17s / TF86 Temp Pack / ACEX / McNool's Aliabad / Tonal SF Redux
  12. ardvarkdb

    SF/Contractor Mi-17 Pack

    Really nice birds, thanks for the release!
  13. Looking really nice. I like all the little details in the terrain. Will be a good place for the Tonal guys to roll around in. Keep up the good work :cool:
  14. I doubt I will do a multicam texture. I did make one, but I didn't like it that much. There will be plenty of multicam in the near future :) As far as vehicles go, I made an mi-24 retexture with the Tonal camo on it, but I'm not sure if I like it. I am not planning to do any others but if someone is interested in helping let me know. As far as the ACE features go, I'm not sure exactly what those features are, I don't know all the ins and outs of ace. The ace interaction that lets you treat wounds and stuff works on all units for me. I don't know what all those other things you mentioned are lol, so if anyone can explain further what you are referring to or if anyone knows what the issue is let me know!
  15. ardvarkdb

    Blackhawks by YuraPetrov

    Is Lod 10 the Stealthhawk?! :) J/k....Big fan of your helicopters. Thanks for all the hard work!
  16. Looks like a simple config thing. I put in the code for them to be medics but forgot to set it to true. I'll update it for the next release. Thanks for the heads up!
  17. That would definitely help. The main lower torso is pretty easy to animate as there are only 4 main selections, pelvis, spine, spine1, spine2. It can get a little tricky when you get into the upper torso region, as you have spine1, spine2, spine3, neck, right shoulder, left shoulder, and the upper arm selections sometime. That area is always where I have the most trouble and takes forever, especially since previewing animations in O2 using the ICP animation pack can get you close, but ingame things always move a little differently.
  18. I am working on a small SEAL pack that should fit those requirements. They will use JP's GPNVG-18s and FAST helmets. Will also include a few weapons ;)
  19. Sorry for a quick update folks and a crappy initial release, but I've fixed all the shadow bugs and the missing collars so the units should all be playable. Q&A team (me) = fired. I have also added configs for West and East sides
  20. @Ghostnineone - the vest with no back was based on the original OFP designs. I am working on a small update to fix the horrible shadows on the Counter-Terror guys, didn't realize they were that bad but me tweaking them right before release was a bad idea :) as for the TF86 SF guys, I am no longer working on those but I am working on two other packs that will see the light of day sooner or later ;)
  21. Thanks for the mirror Foxhound! @ Krycek - thanks. I thought I found all of these hidden selection bugs but one always slips through ;) Already fixed for the next version. @ Spooky Lynx - there are only so many hours in the day. These are on my list, but at the bottom as there are still several things I need to do on this addon. If someone wants to help put together some additional configs for West and East I would appreciate it and include it in the next release @ everyone else - thanks for the comments, hope you enjoy
  22. ardvarkdb

    RH wip thread

    It will look something like this:
  23. Hey everyone, This addon contains 17 models of Private Military Contractors from 7 different countries. These units are retextures of Jonny's ACU SF v.1.0, with changes made to the models, textures, and config. Each country has a unique look (shirts, pants, weapons) and new wound textures. This addon is standalone from Jonny's ACU SF units, and can be used in conjunction with them without any problems (as far as I could tell). Here are some pics of the units: To download the units click here (~12.5 MB): http://rapidshare.com/files/18269815/ardvarkdb_PMC.rar.html New OFP.info mirror ftp://www.ofpr.info/ofpd/unofaddons2/ardvarkdb_PMC.rar You also need the following addons for these units to work: Operation Flashpoint Resistance (patched to v1.96). JAM3 (available from http://www.ofpec.com/addons/JAM.php ) SJB Weapons Pack v1.1 ( http://ofpc.de/files/addons/SJB_WeaponsPack_v1.1.cab ) Facestex2 ( ftp://ofpr.info/ofpd/unofaddons2/facestex2_9june2006.rar ) I'd appreciate any mirrors people could put up, since a lot of people don't like rapidshare. I have only tested these units by myself, so I don't know if multiplayer works, but it should. Comments / feedback are welcome. Enjoy, Ardvarkdb **** Also note that these units are in no way related with the PMC group. Thanks. ****