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  1. [general nuisance]

    Critics Condemn Violent Video Game Set In Juarez

    Anyone think that violent games can make people more aggressive? Perhaps because it's safe to do so. You're at the comfort of your own home, you're by yourself. There are no repercussions if you yell at someone and call them all kinds of names under the sun. It's a bit different when you're in close proximity to people. Then again alcohol can affect people in a similar manner because it removes their inhibition. So anything that makes someone feel it is safe or acceptable to do something, they'll do it. I think it's worth at least invesgating and taking a scientific approach rather than dismissing it off-hand.
  2. [general nuisance]

    Libyan Air-force ordered to bomb protesters

    What has Germany done which is different from the rest of the E.U? I think the problem with the E.U is there needs to be more decentralisation. For instance in the U.K, many people are angry because there are laws such as the Human Rights Act (?) I think which we no British judge can overrule due to a directive by the E.U. I'm talking about really stupid things, one being that prisoners have had their human rights violated due to this ruling by the E.U. Furthermore, there are those in the upper echelons of the E.U who are unelected yet are making laws and exercising power. Surely this is wrong? Funnily enough, many see the growth of the E.U's powers within its member states as becoming more 'federal'. If they were to adopt an American approach. Which is to decentralise various branches of the judiciary, legislature etc then I think things would be more harmonic. This to me would be the more 'federal' approach. I don't see a problem with the welfare state because it's still paid for by taxation. There will always be those who are vulnerable and in genuine need of assistance by the state. The problem we have here is far too many people are claiming benefits when they shouldn't be. Lowering taxes would be great for economic growth, in particular VAT and fuel duty! As for the topic at hand. How many jets have actually bombed their targets? We know of the two senior pilots that defected and claimed political asylum in Malta. I've been told that one pilot ejected from his plane rather than bomb civilians? Others have purposefully dropped their bombs on the wrong targets?
  3. [general nuisance]

    Sigh. Dogs of War. Again.

    I've just started this mission. Originally with the previous mission "Badlands", I had decided to kill Father Fyodor/Prizrak as I thought for political expediency and ease of passage that an alliance between the CDF and NAPA would make my job easier in future. Then I thought, this isn't how my character should behave. He's a US Marine, who's accountable to a certain virtue and a moral standard. A standard that always has to be upheld. The struggle of war is not only to win your objectives but also not to lose your humanity and forget for what it is your fighting. So I loaded the previous save and spared Prizrak. Now...I began to play "Dogs of War", lo and behold, I have to contend with the CDF, ChDKZ and the Russian army (on occasion). Who here opted to kill Prizrak? Who spared him and how did you cope with fighting three opponents? Is there any way to make an alliance with the CDF in "Dogs of War"?
  4. [general nuisance]

    BAF textures look basic

    Hello, I have used the search function of the forum for this topic but to no avail. The textures for the BAF soldiers and Jackals looks very basic to me. Now I only have the 'lite' version of BAF and PMC. I'm guessing because it's just the lite version, the textures for the unit are quite minimal? My video options are set to normal (bar one which is very low and another which is disabled). I upped all the settings but the textures remained the same with the low detail.
  5. [general nuisance]

    BWMod server

    Hello Snafu2 and thanks. I've tried to join the server but I got refused due to having the wrong keys. Would you please tell me where I can get the correct ones? I have the latest version of the ACE mod, in addition to BWMOD and its compilation pack.
  6. For clarification. If you join an online server which accepts the ACE mod. Can you run it and then play against those whom aren't running it? In regards to the placement of the mod folders. As I like to run "CO" I've put the ACE mods in my ArmA 2 folder. However, can I simply just move them to my OA folder in case I only want to run OA?
  7. [general nuisance]

    BWMod server

    Thank you for bringing your server to my attention. I had a go on it earlier and noticed there's no Warfare mode for BWMOD content. Has anyone made or released a Warfare mission for BWMOD or is one yet to be released? In addition, have you considered including the "BW-Compilation' and RKSL Eurofighter addons?
  8. [general nuisance]

    BWMod server

    Hello, I'm sure like many of you are very disappointed to know there will be no further development of the mod. However, given that the mod is still there to be downloaded and played. There's no reason why a server couldn't load the mod and see how many people would be interested. I know there's meant to be a few bugs with the mod but it shouldn't hamper the overall enjoyment of the game. I think games which have mods and addons for various armed forces only add to the already wide range of content available to the game. It would be a niche player base who'll enjoy the mod but ArmA and OFP for that matter has always interested the niche gamer. If anyone were willing to test the mod on their server and trial a few games to see how it plays online. I and many others would be deeply appreciative! Regards, GN.
  9. [general nuisance]

    ArmA 2 Game Launcher

    I've figured out the problem. I have a desktop shortcut for "ArmA II: OA". In its target line, it reads: "G:\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead\arma2OA.exe" "-mod=G:\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA 2;G:\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead\Expansion" -nosplash -world=empty Firstly, I receive the above error messages when the "ArmA 2" folder is loaded before the "Expansion" folder. Now with me, the first mod to be loaded is the first one on the right part of the ' mod string' not the left. It doesn't make sense to me but that's how it's working for me. The problem is with your launcher, the parmeter line reads: "-mod=Expansion;g:\bohemia interactive\arma 2;expansion" -nosplash -world=empty The "Expansion" folder only activates for me if the full target path is specified. I added the "Expansion" folder to the addon groups (hence why it appears twice in the above parameter) but its target line still reads simply as "Expansion" and not "G:\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead\Expansion" as it should on my system. Addendum -- I didn't realise that I needed to select my game version as "ArmA II - CO". I started the game up, however when I check my expansion menu in-game. I have two entries of "ArmA 2"? My parameter line reads: "-mod=G:\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA 2;Expansion;ca" -nosplash -world=empty . Regarding being able to join servers. The ones I tried did work so all the mods folders have loaded properly.
  10. [general nuisance]

    ArmA 2 Game Launcher

    I can't get the programme to work properly. When I select to go to an online server, I check the box for the appropriate addons and then start the game. However, the server will kick me off since it says I do not have the required addons. Furthermore, if I double-click on the server in the launcher and it asks whether I want to "activate server mods" I click yes and it says I don't have the mods in question! See here: I've made sure the addons are activated. So when I attempt to join the XR-DAO server for instance. The parameter line reads: "-mod=Expansion;g:\bohemia interactive\arma 2;@xrip" -nosplash -world=empty -connect= -port=2300 Then when I tried to run the game, I received this message: I've encountered the message before when I first tried ArmA II Launcher 3.1.1 by alpinestars. However, the mod order was to blame there as the "Expansion" folder wasn't the first to be loaded. However, the mod order is correct here.
  11. [general nuisance]

    BW-Compilation - Bundeswehr Extension

    Wow, I've been out of it for a long while. I never knew you could fight against China's PLA! I remember fighting the Russians and Americans (oddly enough - never sat well with me) in OFP which was a lot of fun. The PSG1 was a favourite of mine. I strongly agree. There ought to be servers which run BWMOD. There's the [sYN] server which is a German one. Perhaps they could do it.
  12. [general nuisance]

    Military SciFi Projects Thread

    In light of the release of the films "Skyline" and soon "World Invasion: Battle L.A" I would love to see an alien invasion mod within the ArmA 2 & OA games. The simple premise being an alien invasion force has to battle a modern military, perhaps a U.N unit (so that both BLUFOR and OPFOR units can be used) in a CTI mission. I think it would be incredible. I always prefer to have two opposing sides which are different to each other. Ones that fight with different weaponry and tactics. I think there is a solid player base for ArmA 2 who would respond to the idea quite positively. I'm no scripter/programmer but I'd like to make some sort of mod to be played online. Maybe others want to get together with me and thrash out some ideas? In regards for inspiration. See this video: ArmA 2 Alien Invasion The "Independence Day" one is hilarious but well made nonetheless:
  13. [general nuisance]

    BWMod v 1.7 released!

    It's a shame that the BWMod team have stopped. I loved their content for OFP and I have fond memories of playing the mod on CTI online games. As others have mentioned, perhaps a small group of guys can have a crack at ironing out the bugs? Furthermore, it would be great for someone to host the mod on their server and to arrange a session here so we can try it out.
  14. I know this isn't very helpful but perhaps you need a Core i7 CPU? The game works very well with my CPU and I'm sure one big reason for that is the CPU.
  15. [general nuisance]

    Nvidia bluescreen/CTD crash - possible fix

    I see there's been quite a few viewings of this thread already. I want to hear from anyone who's actually tried the recommended fix to see if it's worked or not. So far I haven't experienced any problems whatsoever and the game runs beautifully. Feedback would be appreciated. Thank you.