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  1. -UKF-SF- Shaolin -Sgt-

    BLND HMMWVs pack Beta

    Good day Sir, First of all very neat addon!!! I really like these open HMMV´s one version would be interesting as well the MK19 would be nice to have. So what do you think any plans on Implementing this? Kind Regards
  2. -UKF-SF- Shaolin -Sgt-

    Uhao Evolution

    Good day Codex, That is Correct the ABL as the M136 are One shot weapons. So you are right you need to head back and get another one, the only thing which is a bit unrealistic with this is in RL you can carry more then one Tube with you but so far like said above this is a one shot weapon. Kind Regards
  3. -UKF-SF- Shaolin -Sgt-

    ArmA Addon request thread

    Good day Gents, First off all thanks for the quick info Franz. Hmm I basicly didn´t know that thanks for the info though will take a look into it. I guess it would be a nice stand alone Addon though since this would make it way more challanging to designate a tank and would force teamplay between Pilot and Ground assets. @Franz I basicly tested it with XAM 1.4 and you got a rangefinder integrated but Tank still doesn´t react on the Laserbeam so not sure but I guess it is not implemented. Kind Regards
  4. -UKF-SF- Shaolin -Sgt-

    ArmA Addon request thread

    Good Day Gents, I would like to see an Tank defence system if Possible. The Idea is basicly if you designate a tank in RL with an Laser Marker the Tank is able to recognize it and will swing the main gun in the according direction and Fires on it. I´m not quite sure how this could be solved but I guess there are gents around who will be able to make it. Kind Regards
  5. -UKF-SF- Shaolin -Sgt-

    Uhao Evolution

    Good Evening Gentlemen, You are absolute right MR_Tea this is done with the Operation Frenchpoint Units which are Basicly French Army Units. Since we simulate the 2 eme REP in our Clan this is a new version with some new features like the French Rank System and French Ranks and as soon the Frenchpoint Gentlemen will release the French Vehicles and Airpack this will be Upgraded with them. To get more info on the OFrP mod visit www.ofrp.net and there you will find all you need. Kind Regards
  6. -UKF-SF- Shaolin -Sgt-

    Uhao Evolution

    Good Day Gentlemen, As I´m a fast mover I basicly made the Red Version today so hope you Enjoy it and Hopefully it works as supposed to @Damp The Vehicles not Moving is sort of an Issue with the Island basicly they don´t spawn straight on the Road sometimes just few next to it in the woods and that is the issue why they don´t move sometimes. Or at least seems so to me. *Edit all Links in the First Post Kind Regards
  7. -UKF-SF- Shaolin -Sgt-

    Uhao Evolution

    Good day Sir, Basicly that could be caused by the KI and the Island I´m not quite sure how they use the routes on the Island when the spawn in the woods it could be tht they got stuck somwhere. I will take a look in it if there is a way to fix it but I can´t promise though. Kind Regards
  8. -UKF-SF- Shaolin -Sgt-

    Uhao Evolution

    Good Evening Sir, Sure can do an Red Version will take a bit to make it but take it as in the works. Would say maybe ready on Friday. Kind Regards
  9. -UKF-SF- Shaolin -Sgt-

    Uhao Evolution

    Good day Gentlemen, I basicly got it fixed so all you need to do is delete the old version and redownload from the first post and the Side Missions should work like supposed to. Sorry for overlooking this!!! @Damp Thanks for getin back on me on this one, I hope it´s now working for you Sir!!! Kind Regards
  10. -UKF-SF- Shaolin -Sgt-

    Uhao Evolution

    Good Day Sir, To give you an Update I basicly got the Missions fixed just the CSAR is some sort of an issue but could´t take long to fix it will be back when Ready. Kind Regards
  11. -UKF-SF- Shaolin -Sgt-

    Uhao Evolution

    Good day Sir, Thank you for the info there, to be honest I didn´t look into the side missions there will see if I can fix that seems the only issue is the size of the Map though. I will try to fix that and let you know when it is done. Kind Regards
  12. -UKF-SF- Shaolin -Sgt-

    Uhao Evolution

    Good day Sir, You are welcome just let me know if you find there any bugs whithin it so that I can try to fix it. Kind Regards
  13. -UKF-SF- Shaolin -Sgt-

    6thSense.eu Presents: "Pack1"

    @Mark Check your PM mate. Hope you can make it since I got no luck with it.
  14. -UKF-SF- Shaolin -Sgt-

    Uhao Evolution

    Good Day Gentlemen, I just brought the Evo to a different Island basicly the scripts are all the same so no Modification was done there. Only thing changed is the Island which is the Ohau Map made by OF man and that is the only addon Needed. Just for the OFrP variant you will need the OFrP addons. So all Credits go to KillJoy and the other Authors for the scripts and the Original Mission and to OFMan for the beautiful Island. Have fun to bring the war to an Holiday Island  Uhao Evo Blue Uhao Evo Red Uhao Evo OFrP It can be Test Played on our Public Server just search for UKF-SF in the upper box of the filter. BTW we have nothing to do at all with PUKF just to clarify this!!
  15. -UKF-SF- Shaolin -Sgt-

    Skins Online

    I guess you are not talkin about a custom Face what you want to do is use different mods online right? If so first way of using stuff online would be built in the Mission so that means when mission maker is doin it he will place the Addons i.e. characters etc on the map. The second way is use replacments for it there you need to have the original model and the Replacment .pbo search for them and search for modfolder method whithin the forums search button and it will tell you. If you want to use custom faces use the search button again and it will tell you.