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  1. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    Player jumping

    My only concern is that this is going to take the tactical aspect out of ArmA, if all everybody is jumping all over the place and never running, its going to turn into BF2.
  2. Ok does it work like, say you are flying in multiplayer and your buddy says lets fastrope there, does it work like that or is it something that has to be done at a specific location. And does it also work if you started on the ground. Got tired of running around dieing on your mission, then you and a few decide to get in the uh-60, and rappel at lets say the hotel. Does it work like that.
  3. need a different vid link. It wont load properly.
  4. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    Is there a ArmA Huey

    Is there a ArmA Huey or something along those lines that have been released???
  5. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    Weapon Config

    Where to even start. Please dont send me a wiki link because i have looked through the entire site, and didnt find anything usefull. Im making a MP5 UMP. So any help would be appreciated.
  6. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    101st Airborne Division looking for Member...Hallo

    Not to be an ass, but 101st Airborne Divison is a U.S. Military Division, but you guys were speaking german. Im a little comfused.
  7. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    Is there a ArmA Huey

    I hope not, because in my opinion when he left he should have released all of his addons including the huey, because jeeze did that thing look cool
  8. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    Bad Strain Mission Pack Released

    Yes as i might have said before, it is planned for the 1.2 release. Only problem is after testing the yomies, after you shoot them in the brain once after they spawn, they tend to walk up to you and not attack you.
  9. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    Basic flashlight

    Would it be possible to make a blackhawk have 3 different lights in it. For parajumps. Red: Jumpers Ready Yellow: 5 Seconds Green: Jumpers GO GO GO!
  10. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    Any Ocean Divers?

    Will they still lose their weapons?
  11. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    Fastroping Addons Thread

    Very nice job mate, real excited about this one.
  12. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    new GateBuilder version

    Does it run with vista cause i get this error when i open it up?
  13. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    XAM 1.3 Released

    Very nice guys.
  14. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    Bad Strain Mission Pack Released

    You abviously dont or your ArmA is just screwed up. Because all of my friends have this mission & they had no problems. And if you dont play my missions because you dont have the mods Kings-Six. Perhaps some things make missions alittle for enjoyable. The M25 is not automatic so people wine. I had to do that because zombies do not carry guns so enjoy it. Note: If you get the addons from my good friends at armaholic everything will work, because thats where all the testers got their addons for the mission.
  15. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    Bad Strain Mission Pack Released

    that is scheduled for the 1.2 release. Thats why i said it can get a bit laggy.
  16. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    Bad Strain WIP

    Bad Strain a zombie mission will be released July 29th. It is a mission with combined traits from 28 Days Later and Dawn of the Dead. Two addons are required to play the mission the new m25 & CZM (Crappy Zombie Mod) Features: Lots of Zombies Callable Airstrike Infection Antidote Pictures: http://i131.photobucket.com/albums/p311/michael_hunt56/mission1.jpg http://i131.photobucket.com/albums/p311/michael_hunt56/mission2.jpg http://i131.photobucket.com/albums/p311/michael_hunt56/mission3.jpg If you would like to beta test this please message me. DIfficulty: Average Time: 10 minutes to 2 hours Platform: SP and MP MP: Players:8 Blufor: 4 Zombie: 4
  17. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    Bad Strain WIP

    It has now been released. I will try and fit what you guys have said into the 1.2 version of the release. That release is estimated August 15th 2007. Dont quote me on it though.
  18. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    Mikes Weopon Sound Mod

    I agree with the dramatized hollywood sounds, no affense to the maker. You just have to go to a range of some sort. There are lots of gun clubs that shoot all kinds of auto weapons.
  19. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    SightAdjustment (windage+elevation)

    Have something like "20 meters danger close, engage"
  20. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    Big Desert Sahrani Island?

    Even if someone would like to do it i would not expect someone to jump up and say yeah i will do it, because it would take a long time to go in and do the textures, along with replacing all the units in the missions with desert textures. All of that, would probably take 2 months maybe more depending on the person time they have to give.
  21. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    SJB Weapons Pack

    So when is the estimated time you think this will be completed?
  22. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    Cargo Ship

    any updates now???
  23. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    ArmA Addon request thread

    Hello i am the leader of 10th Mountain Division Airborne, would it be possible if someone could make us a uniform, so that we could use in our missions. If possible please email me at Tack@10thmountaindivisionairborne.us Thanks, Tack
  24. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    USMC 1.4. goes ArmA

  25. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    Addon or mod for kids

    There is indeed a rating on everysingle one, unless you downloaded it.