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    Sahraniville Thread: UPDATED 04/09/07

    I will be setting this up on our dedicated, if you see it on there good for you, if you dont tough luck check in again to see if its selected as the mission.
  2. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    Sahraniville Thread: UPDATED 04/09/07

    I would say the hideout is great but make it so that the door can be locked, and the only person that can unlock it is the person who bought it just like the car script you guys have in there. So that the nosey police cant just Raid your house because they dont like your carpet.
  3. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    SquadServers.com any Good?

    Im thinking about renting a server for my unit, but i want a rental place that is trustworthy and that the stuff will work. Any of you guys know if this is a good rental place or a bad one? Any feedback is welcomed. Just keep it on topic.
  4. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    USEC Oil Rig (Alpha Release)

    Is this a bug? None of the ladders work for me, or is that something you have yet to finish since it is a Alpha Release?
  5. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    Sahraniville Thread: UPDATED 04/09/07

    Tonight we had a Sahrani Liberation Army and started to ambush the cops.
  6. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    Sahraniville Thread: UPDATED 04/09/07

    Just want to say awesome. A guy was distracting a cop and i stole his police car it was so awesome.
  7. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    AAN - ArmA Navy

    It was re-tex'ed by eddyD, passed to me, but not released because I found too many problems with it ..... now the tools are here I might be able to try again. But I suspect some problems won't go away for standard BIS aircraft. Honestly the aircraft dont matter to me that much. What matters to me is that Helicopters can land on there, boats dock in the bottom, and people be able to spawn there.
  8. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    USMC 1.4. goes ArmA

    Any news on this?
  9. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    AAN - ArmA Navy

    any updates on this?
  10. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    Vietnam: The Experience

    See i got out of the heli (pilot suit) to see if you can sit off the side and when i got in my guy is in the turret animation even when i went to sit in the cargo, and my head is sticking through the roof of the helicopter.
  11. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    Vietnam: The Experience

    Ummm ok. thats why i have this picture here. http://i131.photobucket.com/albums/p311/michael_hunt56/wtf-1.jpg Pay attention to the cargo seat, where the pilot which i had sit in the back is sticking through the roof. So what do you VTE guys suppose it is?
  12. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    Vietnam: The Experience

    Only problem i have is that when you get in the back seats of things, you kind of stick up in the air 2 feet, with your head going through metal. Other than that, good mod. Keep up the good work.
  13. -10thMT-Tack-Up


    Looks amazing very usefull for the 10th Mountain Division
  14. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    Submersables And Scuba Kit

    Personally, in that situation i would never drop my sh!t. NEVER. NEVER. NEVER. I agree with you though. If you are treading water for a long time you will indeed start to drop your stuff. Especially if you were humping around a SAW. The losing weapons feature should start first by losing grenades not smoke or flares. Then your pistol. Next binoculars, and so forth. But never ever do you drop your rifle or smoke/flare.
  15. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    Chammys Sound Mod

    Just want to say good mod.
  16. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    RKSL Studios

    So how about a $300 check. Will that get a release date. Lol.
  17. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    Working GTLD II Rangefinder

    Cool, this should be good for spotters. If we can only get the Single Lensed Spotting Device in ArmA.
  18. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    Oxygen 2

    I cant find a viewer thing in O2, the only viewer is in Visitor 3 for bulldozer, and it really doesnt help if i cant see the addon.
  19. It was supposed to be out last tuesday, that was supposed to be the first release.
  20. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    Dawn of the Yomies

    Yeah it works in MP, but they dont attack after you kill them once. Thats what happens to me anyway.
  21. Hopefully it will not be postponed. That wouldnt be fun lol.
  22. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    World War Z mod?

    Is this a game, that intised you to think about this mod, because if so i would like to play the game.
  23. Here it is 4 days later, any updates on its release?
  24. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    BPA Realistic Sound Mod updated

    Sounds awesome, i especially like the sound when bullets hit the ah-1z and then when it crashed and doesnt blow up, its awesome.
  25. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    Bad Strain Mission Pack Released

    Bad Strain all zombie missions are now released. It is a mission pack with combined traits from 28 Days Later and Dawn of the Dead. Two addons are required to play the mission the new m25 & CZM (Crappy Zombie Mod) Features: Lots of Zombies Infection Antidote Pictures: http://i131.photobucket.com/albums/p311/michael_hunt56/mission1.jpg http://i131.photobucket.com/albums/p311/michael_hunt56/mission2.jpg http://i131.photobucket.com/albums/p311/michael_hunt56/mission3.jpg If you would like to test future versions of this pm or msg me. DIfficulty: Average Time: 10 minutes to 2 hours Platform: MP MP: Players:4 Blufor: 4 Update: Unlike the WIP version it is now only co-op ArmAHolic Mirror Known Issues: Can get a little laggy at times.