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  1. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    The ability to under water

    I personally would like the ability to come off a submarine and swim to shore underneath the water. Im of course talking about the Navy seals when this is happening, but jesus wouldnt that be the life. To be able to swim and not loose your gear.
  2. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    Backpack idea

    I have thought about this long and hard. And i have thought that long patrols or long battles would be much better if we had a pack to store extra magazines, grenades, smoke, m136 rockets and so forth. So i will begin working on this addon as long as i have a good deal of help. Because from what i imagine this will be slightly difficult. Heres what i can do: Texturing and script/config work.
  3. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    Backpack idea

    He has already been pmed.
  4. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    Backpack idea

    Im downloading the mod now, im going to try and get in contact with the makers, and see if i can have permission to try and import it into ArmA.
  5. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    Backpack idea

    Nope never played around with OFP. I was a console gamer until ArmA came out in the US.
  6. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    Spanish army mod pack 2

    So you can actually rappel or is that just thrown in there?
  7. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    Spanish army mod pack 2

    I do have to say one thing bravo, and very good job. I get an error when i put the Bell 412 in the game it says error rappel script missing. And are you guys planning on making the giant ship landable on with helos and all that?
  8. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    Swat units release

    Is it possible for someone to do a Replacement Pack on these. I would like to use these as default for a while. Now i only have to figure out a way to strap santa to a GBU. Huh. Oh well. Very nice addon btw.
  9. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    Arma beta patch 1.09 - released

    I am so happy right now. Vista is still a battle with this game, but this makes it more bearable.
  10. I am currently working on an Emergency Supply Crate something that could be dropped for down pilots from an aircraft when a evac is out of the question. Features: Custom Texture Includes BIS made weapons and equipment Current Bugs: Small config problems Features for the future: Custom made weapons Beacon Tool Many More ETA: Should be done by Friday
  11. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    Emergency supply crate wip

    Mods, Please close this topic. I seem to have deleted the folder, when i was cleaning up my desktop. Maybe i will release it later guys. I also dont have the time to do one little addon.
  12. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    Xam 1.4 released

  13. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    Xam 1.4 released

    Holy jesus. Its released http://time-to-cry.info/xam/forum/viewtopic.php?t=142
  14. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    HWM - HAC Huey UH-1H

    Yes i agree. That is the coolest thing in arma. Jesus job guys.
  15. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    Xam 1.4 released

    Yup totally agree. This should be made a government way to interrogate people.
  16. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    Xam 1.4 released

    What what Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    Xam 1.4 released

    In us EST it is 1:08 AM Damn.
  18. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    Xam 1.4 released

  19. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    Emergency supply crate wip

    Well the release date is tomorrow, just have to fix some stuff.
  20. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    Texview 2

    Same thing with me, i just use Photoshop and the paa plugin
  21. I have this program and am pretty decent with, but i dont know if it works with arma that is getting the terrain into it.
  22. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    Does terragen work with arma

    Thanks KKB and Gnat.
  23. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    Sound mod edited weapons sound problem

    While i do not know what is causing it i can tell you that there is no AK-47 in the game.
  24. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    Your favourite warfare era!

    Im a big fan of Vietnam games and addons. But i think that im a big fan of zombies and things. Just not suited for ArmA's engine unfortunately.
  25. -10thMT-Tack-Up

    Mapfact aircraft

    Yup all you would have to do is unpbo the pbo and find the texture that is on the tail rotor and put your number on. There isnt much to do with scripting. If anything just change the name of the pbo so it doesn't overwrite the original pbo. Note: You need some kind of texture editor or something like photoshop.