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  1. Yop you're right, i'll remove this part asap. I'll also clean the shroud texture and normal map + rework the stock. I take this opportunity to thanks in plubic RH who shared with me his HK416 and eotech models ; once again a huge thanks !!! :D
  2. lol thanx :) All FELIN scope have the same fonctionalities : NVG and FLIR filter + compass and vector integrated to the optic. Only zoom are different between famas and minimi : x10 for famas, x6 for minimi.
  3. Here it is for M1n1dou ;) :
  4. @ guyfawkestom : Not me :p but maybe Hexagone team will release something like that in their next updates. @ Lone.Wolf : I've already contact GMC for his eotech model but I have no reply yet. If he answers to me, I'll see if we could make an arrangement. ;)
  5. Yop FR-F2 will be great, I've already thought about it but I have to modelize it and as I said actually i haven't too much time to do this kind of work. So when my life irl will be more peaceful I'll try to do it ;)
  6. What do you mean by felin para ? For the scope, I will release the Famas FELIN in 3 or 4 versions : with the FELIN optic (that you can see on screenshots), a CQB version (with eotech as soon as i'll find one), a CQB/SD version (eotech + silencer) and J4 version (but i'm not sure for this one). + I'm actually working on a minimi FELIN ;) This will be for the beta release ; after that maybe i'll make some camo versions and add other stuff depending on people comments...
  7. Yop you can and they can be carried by all units who can carried backpacks too ;)
  8. Yes backpacks models are a reskin of BIS ones but loaded with PAPOP and FELIN ammo.
  9. PAPOP2 scope (in fact, it's the LCD screen that you can seen on the side of rifle: Famas FELIN : ---------- Post added at 02:20 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:19 PM ---------- lol Loïck, you are anywhere !!!! :D
  10. Soldiers : FELIN soldier : PAPOP2 soldier (sd) PAPOP2 rifle :
  11. Hi everybody I'm posting here because i'm actually working on my first addon for ArmA:OA. I have already done some addons on ArmA1 but it was only editing of existing models. For this one, i learn the basics of modeling for 1 month now, so please be cool with me and my newbie errors ;) So, the aim of this addon is to do the next gen french soldiers program known as "Program FELIN". I added another canceled program ("the PAPOP program") which was based on a multi-projectile rifle (like the OICW for the US army). I choose this rifle to learn modeling basics because it has very simple shape, as you'll see on screen below. The result is a fictive gun base on the real one (which is much more bigger). I met a lot of problem during the modeling and configuration phase, but mostly I found solutions by my own. Now I am facing some problems or something that I want to do and where I get nowhere... So I just give you my problems, hoping that someone can help me. ;) You can find some screenshots of the work already done on my next post below. So, here they are my problems or questions :p : 1) On PAPOP the grenade laucher has a charging handle (on the right flank of the gun) because it can fire 2 ou 5 rounds in semi-automatic mode. The problem is that I already have a charging handle assigned to 5.56 ammunition. In my cfgmodels.hpp, This charging handle (for 5.56 ammo) move thanks to a "class armement {};" which use source="reload"; The probleme is that "reload" works only for common ammo and not for grenade launcher ammo. I searched on BIS wiki but i didn't found anything which do the same for grenade launcher. So, is there a way to animate this charging handle when grenade launcher fire or reload ? 2) As you can see on screens PAPOP2 has a LCD screen on its left flank. This screen is connected to a camera whose lens is just below the 5.56 barrel. This screen is in fact the main scope of the rifle and use NVG and FLIR filter. For now, when you are in ViewPilot and 3rd view, I just applied a texture representing the Takistan map, but I would like to have on this LCD screen a direct view of what the lens sees ingame (like on real weapon). I don't know if it's possible... 3) Once again on PAPOP2 :P , I integreted in the scope a range finder and a compass, but I would like to have the display of the azimuth under the compass as we can find it on AH64 for exemple. I didn't find how to do that. Another thing, I managed to change color (in red) for the Range Finder, but the compass stay green despite my multiple attempts to change its color... 4) For CQB, you can see that the PAPOP2 has an aimpoint. In fact, it has no alternate optic but I told to myself it would be nice to have one as ARMA: OA allows it. But I think that aimpoint is not good enouth and I would like to use a Eotech. But now, I'm running out of time, and I wonder if someone could share with me a eotech p3d not binarized. Well, I think that's all. I know what I am asking are not things very easy, so I thank in advance those who will answer me :)