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  1. I was wondering about the issue of max viewing distances - I for one have always noticed only marginal improvements over the times as I have upgraded my hardware, but I must say I'm quite happy with my current rig (Intel C2D 8400 3Ghz, 2GB DDR3, GTS-250 1Gb), normally I run OFP at 3k viewdistance, my trick being that I use few addons and old islands that don't need additional addons. One thing I remember though is that in MP the viewdistance is reduced, is there any fixed value for that? Same goes for the weather, it also impacts viewdistance - best weather gives farthest viewdistance, whereas crappiest weather gives reduced viewdistance - would anybody know as to how far the viewdistance is reduced to with worst weather?

  2. It's the one game which I know I'll always have to have space for. I have ArmA but I didn't reinstall it after the last PC upgrade. But OFP stays, it's simply too good. Recently I also finished my first machinima, which inevitably had to be shot in OFP. There I can control everything - even the passing of time and the weather! And I can offer the perspective of being a passenger - something I'll use in my next video. I don't mind it showing its age - its perfection still shines through. And I don't have visual mods either - I only have extra addons like islands, cars, vehicles, planes, units... and that's enough for me.

  3. My 1st video... Well, it had to be of this venerable game. It's far from perfect, I should've worked a little more with the music but it's just an intro to something. Also I have to correct the credits so as not to forget Stoppelhopser, author of the original WW2 russian soldier, so expertly reconfigured by Macser, to whom I again extend my thanks. Enjoy - and please don't try to bash it too much as it is my 1st video ever...

    Since I haven't gotten myself a youtube account, I'm afraid you'll have to download it to watch it...


    P.S.: Is there any better file hosting site other than rapidshare?

    Edit: Fixed the version, all is fine now.

  4. I've recently upgraded my rig's Gfx card from an Asus EN7950GT to a Gigabyte GTS-250, and DXDLL doesn't seem to work at all, although it worked perfectly well with my old card... is there any solution to this? Sorry if I haven't read through the whole 131 pages of this thread, I read the last 5 or so and didn't find anything similar to my problem... any help is appreciated!!! :help:

  5. Wow, haven't been on these forums for quite some time now but recently I wanted to revisit an island but I forgot its name... I just remember that it had Resistance textures and objects, was composed of at least 4 smaller islets (one in each corner forming a square IIRC) which were very low height (didn't rise much above sea-level and were mostly sandy texture), connected through bridges or very narrow stretches of land, didn't require other addons... was sort of an atoll island paradise... any ideas?

  6. I've got a question about mouse software. Last year I chose to buy the Saitek Cyborg mouse but I never really got the software going for it. Until recently I didn't feel the pain too much of not having every button of it functional, but recently me and some friends decided to go for some old-school fun but I found that the game in question didn't support more than the two buttons and scroll wheel of it. Since Saitek's own software does not seem to work, even having installed the profile-creating software, I was wondering if there was some sort of third-party software that would enable my mouse to emulate certain keystrokes?

  7. Bah, the whole F-22 issue really is moot, the only question mark on the current political landscape that make it worthwhile is China, and even that hasn't been known for making the best of aircraft...

    As for the F-35, that's a plane that should never have been made... Sometimes some planes for some roles already reached their pinnacle, anything newer doesn't mean better, as in the case of the F-35 this is especially true. The F-16 is cheaper and can carry more. And it doesn't come anywhere near the A-10 for it's role, since it's neither armored enough nor carries enough nor does it carry a big enough gun in the nose, nor is it ugly enough so that people would love it. Actually, I think the A-10 looks sexier than the F-35, which is just about as bland as new-age plane construction could get. And something tells me that even the Royal Navy would be better off having something else than the F-35 to fly off it's future aircraft carriers. So I say - reopen the A-10 production line, don't just give 'em upgrades, the USAF needs more. Ha - having A-10's fly off RN carriers, now wouldn't that be something? Since CAS and COIN seem to take a much higher priority in today's conflicts...

  8. Brains work on the basis of electronic impulses, hence our souls are no more than operating systems for the biomechanical bodies that host them; the memory capacity of the human brain has already been established as being in the magnitude of terabytes, so yeah, going borg I'd say ftw - since machines don't age, and if they do, they can receive upgrades. Human life though can be considered going uphill until your thirties, probably 40's are the limit, then everything goes downhill from that, longer lifespan notwithstanding. Imagine supplying our souls with bodies that would never die... growing "old" would become truly synonymous with growing more experienced, and loose all it's negative connotations!

    Ofc that could just be me since I'm starting to feel old...

  9. W00t! And here I thought I'd never see the An-2 released for OFP! Thanx! notworthy.gif

    Btw, Roadkill, if you're planning on removing dependencies, could you make one that's totally "clean" except for the animation stuff? Stuffed with a standard OFP Resistance pilot or something... would be perfect! Will there be an eastern version perhaps?

  10. Recently infected by an affection to do a WW2 invasion mission, I set about searching for addons, and I stumbled upon the Hobart's Funnies pack, as well as Pacific War Mod's beta LVT-4, to use them in a beach landing mission, but as I recently discovered, that there was no DD Sherman amongst the Funnies pack nor would the LVT-4 float. My question is if the floating is a config issue - which would make it possible by changing the config files of the LVT-4 to make it float, and simulate a DD Sherman by changing the config of Prime's reworked Hobart's pack - which has a separate config.pbo?

  11. Bennie 1983nl, I belive ok if you can do a new WW2 Italian units for the desert, Vilas only made of the Fascist Republica of Salo, and have personal weapons.

    But many time ago someone began mods and newer finished o launched (many of them of Italian ww2 mod of Dr. Rebus and another autors...), and no one have any news...

    all of this addons can be used in a DAK missions.

    http://ofp.gamepark.cz/index.php?showthis=4860 Breda 32 hmg

    http://ofp.gamepark.cz/index.php?showthis=6178 fiat mod. 35

    http://ofp.gamepark.cz/index.php?showthis=4388 cv 33 and m13/40 tanks

    http://ofp.gamepark.cz/index.php?showthis=4629 Bereta 34 pistol

    http://ofp.gamepark.cz/index.php?showthis=7147 fiat 300 tank

    http://ofp.gamepark.cz/index.php?showthis=6449 autoblinda ab 41

    http://ofp.gamepark.cz/index.php?showthis=6436 sahariana and om-35 car

    Another "light" army that we can find is the british army, we have a infantery, weapons, the vickers HMG, and a Daimler Dingo car and I use the ww1mod Rolls Royce AC, but we havent got any early tank like the matilda.

    http://ofp.gamepark.cz/index.php?showthis=5461 valentine tank

    http://ofp.gamepark.cz/index.php?showthis=6801 matilda tank

    http://ofp.gamepark.cz/index.php?showthis=6517 matilda tank and 25pound canon

    If someone can contact with the autors, and it isn't deleted or destroyed it, please put in download. thanks smile_o.gif

    Now there's a good question - where DID those addons end up? huh.gif Cause they look pretty much done, many of them...

  12. Heheh, well, didn't know it was from WW2team and not WWIIEC... guess I'll have to depbo-it to take a look. I know there are bigger weaponpacks out there, like upminder's, but I'm kinda fiddlish with large addonfiles... I like to keep my addonfolder as small as possible. Curiously though the readme doesn't even mention which weapons are included in the pack...

  13. Well, the monetary issue also comes into play - if I had more cash I'd probably do a complete overhaul, but at the moment, an upgrade is all I can afford, so that'll be it I guess... And after having checked CPU comparisons I think I'll go with the E8400, it's a reasonably-priced CPU which should work with my current motherboard... Thanks for the info on the compatibility problems, Universal, I wouldn't have known of them if you hadn't told me...


  14. Doesn't OC'ing reduce the life cycle of a CPU? I've never done it so I don't think I'll be willing to risk it - I know that it's less performance in that case but I'll just have to live with it I guess...

    According to the ASUS website, it is compatible with the E8400... Are there troubles with 45nm CPUs on the 680 SLI chipset? crazy_o.gif