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    Delta's Fire Department needs your opinion!

    They look fabulastic! Though, I wonder, would it be possible to have two releases - one simple, without any special functions, as MP eye-candy, and the other, with all the razzle-dazzle sfx, for SP? But definitely, release for OFP!!!

    UNICON warfare for ofp.

    Which means unlike it should be able to it will turn on a dime - that's always the issue with tank-classed wheeled vehicles I guess... - Unless you give the wheels not an axis but a top connection (like the front wheel of an aircraft landing gear) with full turning radius for all wheels... Â Dunno if it's possible, but that really WOULD be friggin' awesome (no real vehicle has all wheels turning but since this vehicle isn't "real" you could take that liberty... )

    yellow square blues

    And here I thought that you should follow the white rabbit... (being the right season and all...) Anyways, shouldn't this have been posted in the FFUR thread??

    UNICON warfare for ofp.

    Kewl, though I dunno, I don't like MCAR very much, was wondering how you're going to implement missiles without it - or is that thing going to move as if it had tracks, with an APC class model? Looks great though!

    UNICON warfare for ofp.

    Don't worry D@nte, we definitely want quality addons, so please take your time (though not tooooooo much ) and release it when it's drop-dead gorgeous and rock-solid performing!

    UNICON warfare for ofp.

    This would be a great minigunner!!! (Especially taking into account the normally-occurring error of the barrels looking as if they're spinning too slow, although they're really spitting out hundreds of rounds per minute) - This would be great! Also, I wonder if Nephilim is still around? Maybe she can help you with the selection problem?

    UNICON warfare for ofp.

    Also available in shiny silver (which I actually own ) Oh well, looking good - and if it would be possible it would be awesome to have one in reflecting silver texture job, but I know it isn't so I won't ask for it...

    UNICON warfare for ofp.

    HA! I know what that looks like...

    Radar Ghost

    Well, it already exists for OFP... Check it out...

    UNICON warfare for ofp.

    this is also my thought. the gunship will have a twin guns, only burst mode. Not quite a fan of burst mode, since whilst maneuvering a burst may end up just short of destroying the target (and destroying YOU - had that happen to me a couple of times in some crazy missions... ) - but looking good, D@nte! An armored recovery vehicle... hmmm, something like this... Or this...

    Prince Harry IS in Afganistan

    Hmm, something just crossed my mind, I wonder if it's the media doing a payback with the publication of this story? I mean, I don't recall right now atm any brit journalist being mishandled by the army or something, I mean, the biggest burden right now is falling upon those also responsible for the prince's protection... And Sheps, your argument of him fighting a senseless war I could rebuke just as well, because you said you'd understand it if it were Germany - well taking into account your justification, Germany has never invaded England, so even if it were Germany and it would be like in the past, it would be England meddling in affairs that don't concern it's homeland borders, so stuff it... It's not like England hasn't been attacked by muslim terrorists, you know? England has to do it's share to fight off terrorists like practically every nation is doing, people from the UK also died in 9/11 if you wouldn't know, if I were from the UK I'd say they also would deserve their revenge - or that their death would at least be followed up by an effort to make sure that it would never happen again - but you saying that "if it Germans"... I must say as half-german I feel offended and in the obligation to remind you that we're the European Union now, if you haven't noticed...

    Ka-50 Blackshark

    I've had that addon but I must say I preferred using Ghost's Ka-26 beta addon since Ghost's at least had accurately contra-rotating rotors and is already a very nice addon even if it's just a beta and missing a rear door... [APS]Gnat made a flyable version of the static KA-27(?) that came with the Kuznetsov addon, but according to my inquiries it's useless to get any hopes up regarding that addon, since he stopped all work on OFP stuff, and only pictures of it were released... Â Â Â

    Prince Harry IS in Afganistan

    Using the old tactic of the carrot and the bat, in which the Prince is definitely the carrot and not the bat, I suppose...

    International Politics Thread

    Hey Spokesperson, how come if the USSR was a socialist state, that it was the Communist Party was in power? But hey, I applaud your logic - let's ban all socialist parties of all western democracies because their socialism will turn any country into a soviet model state of corruption!

    Zenith Mecha

    Strange that the v1.4 Wanzers aren't hosted by ofp.info anymore (they were the spider-wanzers' last version before their airborne incarnation). A pity that there was no hybrid version of the BOH Flying Wanzer (with the spreading wings on the back but no leg movement) and the leg-moving spider Wanzer... Must admit I've never tried out the newer flying Wanzer, always thought it was too weird - for a flying mech I prefer the High-MACS (aka Gun Griffon)...

    Zenith Mecha

    Why don't you download it and try it out for yourself... Personally taking into account that OFP was never meant to have such things I think it is a beautiful piece of work! Â

    Little request

    There ya go... Download @ rabidshare

    International Politics Thread

    Actually, it is known that the pharmaceutical companies actually already HAVE a CURE for DIABETES and a whole gamut of diseases plaguing the modern society - they're just reserving it for the ultra-rich... As for Nobel prizes, it's a kind of ridiculous question - since the Nobel prize committee has always been leftist-biased... (That's why everybody was so shocked that Hesse admitted to have been an SS ) - go figure, eh?

    OFP alive?

    OFP FOREVER!! Keep the faith with OFP! You can bet OFP is still going strong - graphics isn't everything! Everything done for OFP is more than !!!

    UNICON warfare for ofp.

    Cool! Or should I be saying... Hot?
  21. Evgeni's SU-34, Goslar Final Island

    European Politics Thread.

    AND, one World War already started over a regicide in the Balkans, so this may be seen as a perfect excuse to go at each other's throats again...

    European Politics Thread.

    Well, taking into account that there had been another "unique case" called East Timor, looks like there'll be alot of "unique cases", each case being unique indeed... Indeed, we shall next see the "unique case" of the Basques, then the "unique case" of Abkhazia, South Ossetia and the "unique case" of turkish Cyprus...


    Great find Marc15yo! Didn't even know there was a Su-34 released by anyone for OFP!

    Planet System BIS

    Dammit, beat me too it. "What do you mean bugs? I hate bugs!!!" "BUGS!!!"