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    PC Discussion Thread - All PC related in here.

    No I don't consider doing OC, I know I probably could but I like to use things "as-is"... stable, steady, and for as long a time as possible...

    PC Discussion Thread - All PC related in here.

    Probably my first post in this thread, I'm considering a CPU Upgrade, my motherboard being an Asus P5N32E-SLI, meaning Socket 775. Currently I got a Core 2 Duo E6600, at 2.4Ghz. I kinda burrowed into the options, and was wondering - I'd either go for the Core 2 Duo E8400 at 3.0Ghz, or I'd go for a Core 2 Quad, which maximum supported is the Q6700, at 2.66Ghz. Since either of my two options present a compromise - the E8400 has only 2 cores, but 3.0Ghz clockspeed, 1.333Mhz FSB and only 6mb of cache, whereas the Q6700 has four cores at only 2.66Ghz, only 1.066Mhz FSB, but 2 x 4mb of cache, I was wondering which aspect was more important - higher FSB and core clockspeed although slightly less cache, or more cores with less speed and less FSB but with slightly more cache? I guess it comes down in terms of applications that exist so far that I use - I don't know of any that'd be optimised for quad-cores, my OS is XP, I refuse to go Vista, and I mostly play CPU-intensive but non-multicore-optimised games and respective software... what would be your considerations?

    GTA 4 / PC

    I was thinking about upgrading to a Core 2 Duo E8400 (3.0Ghz) - before the CPUs for that socket run out - would that be enough for a bare minimum?

    GTA 4 / PC

    I was wondering... my PC's achilles heel is the graphics card (a lowly Geforce 7950GT 512mb), 2 gigs of ram, and my CPU is the Core2Duo E6600 at 2.4GHz... Should I even be thinking of playing this game on my rig? The worst thing is, I've even been thinking on playing it online with my friends, but their rigs aren't quite up to my standards... rather than figuring out which rig is uber, my question is, which is the lowest-rated rig that can possibly run this game, even with everything set down to minimum?

    Starship troopers mod released

    Apologies in advance for digging up this old thread but I thought since it wasn't closed yet it'd be more interesting to post something here rather than to create a new one (since info on it might be worth to someone who would also like to have it) - but does anybody have the 0.3 beta version of this mod? The download link doesn't seem to work and all the rest that seems to be available is the 0.2 beta which was reportedly neither the last nor a "legal" release... could anybody upload the 0.3 beta somewhere please? Since, if I got it right, it was the latest release of this mod...

    Collection of Mechs with animated legs

    Am I the only one still remembering Philcommando's work??? Don't know where it's hosted but I'll see if I can upload it if no one else does before I get home... Also, he made two vehicle mechs which have kinda goofy walking animation - don't have a picture of them but I found a download link for them... really goofy but still, they exist... <a href="http://operationflashpoint.filefront.com/file/gofetch/ZmlsZWZyb250fHx8NTIwNzZ8fHxVRU1nVFdWamFITT18fHx8fHwxMTN8fHwvQWRkb25zL1ZlaGljbGVzfHx8cGNtZW NoLnppcHx8fDMxMTY3NDUyMDc2ODcxMg==" target="_blank">Philcommando's Mechs</a>. Edit: On your pic are at least two that I don't recall them having walking animations - the Powered Suit and the Arachnida - if you don't care much for walking animations then there's also the High-MACS, which has nice-looking limited flight capabilities, check it out here (select High-MACS on the left menu to access the correct page) : Rezin's Site. Also, you might want to check out the Gears & Striders Mod by Franze. Check out the respective thread here for downloads: Franze's Heavy Gear Gears & Striders thread.
  7. http://ru.youtube.com/watch?v=604tsvr7W9M

    Leopard 1 anywhere?

    I'm looking for a Leopard 1 that would look closest to the round shape of the Leopard 1 - not the 1A3 or 1A5, though I think the 1A3 still resembles more the 1 than the 1A5... does anybody know of any such addon?

    Looking for the power armor some made

    Heheh, that Powersuit addon seems to be one of the most popular requests these days... There are many more mech addons out there for OFP... but that one is a very nice one indeed!

    UNICON warfare for ofp.

    I wish I could, D@nte, but to me that always sounded like rocket science...

    Flight Sims X/2004/lockon etc..

    Hmm... Flight simming... First flight was probably in F-15 Strike Eagle 2 from Microprose, followed by F-19 Stealth Fighter, then Dynamix's A-10 Tank Killer, and then came the Aces over the Pacific and Aces over Europe... the next one I got was Jane's Fighter's Anthology, and to replace that I currently have what I consider one of the best franchises so far (although it's completely an underdog), Wings over Europe, whose franchise started with a crash debut called "Strike Fighters Project", followed by "Wings over Vietnam", then came "Wings over Europe", and then came "First Eagles" and most recently, "Wings over Israel". The nicest thing about this franchise is that most games are back-compatible, and some time after a new game comes out, a patch is released that brings all the others up to the latest standard, graphics and technology-wise... Whilst there also is some payware in terms of addons for that franchise, most addons are freeware and they're of good quality... I'll post some screenies when I get home As for non-combat flight simming... curiously my father bought the very first MSFS when it came out but I don't think he ever tried it... I did a review once for MSFS-X for my company but other than that I wouldn't pay a penny for it... Would rather wait until Flightgear matures so that I can just fly around... and that one's also MP-capable.

    Carrier Command: Gaea Mission

    Heheh, I know what you mean, I'm trying to come to grips with Riftspace atm myself...

    UNICON warfare for ofp.

    Looks good and sounds good, D@nte! Can't wait to see it skinned!

    Sam Vehicle Addon

    There's a Rapier fixed SAM battery by Swissmod available at Ofp.info http://ofp.gamepark.cz/index.php?showthis=3909 AFAIK that's the most practical one I know, but I think that there are others... Try to look them up at Ofp.info.

    Carrier Command: Gaea Mission

    Haven't tried out the free Universal Combat, doesn't it have the multiplayer features removed, Sactuary? Heard that the documentation on the retail game itself was quite lacking, but I always thought from the images that it would be something like OFP gone to space...

    Next Gen Stealth Bombers

    They look like perversions of the B-2 to me - Stealth doesn't get slicker than the Spirit IMHO... They'd be better off designing the next-gen as flying saucers... or somewhat more triangular like the Aurora...

    UNICON warfare for ofp.

    No comments on my Carrier Command suggestions?

    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    11/09/01 turns 7 today... Never forget! . (silent post)

    International Politics Thread

    11/09/01 turns 7... Never forget! . (silent post)

    AAN - ArmA Navy

    Hey Gnat, any chance that the ACC Epsilon might be added to the AAN?

    UNICON warfare for ofp.

    Hey D@nte I was just revisiting your screenies about your fighters and curiously I looked at the box art of the original "Carrier Command" that BIS is planning to do and I actually found them a bit similar... in honor to it you could do the paintjob in classic metallic silver with red edges, so that it'd almost look like one of them Mantas... whaddaya think? And maybe, as an homage, if you still have an armored vehicle to do, I was wondering, if it were possible to make an armored vehicle that could emulate the Walrus, being amphibious and carrying missiles, but maybe of two types? That's something that's never been done before - tactical missiles, like the AT missiles the BMPs have, and strategic missiles, like the SCUD, but with the ease of targeting that the DSF or even BAS SCUDs have (just set it up, choose the point of the map, and let it rip). Maybe even have reloads of the strategic missiles? Like, is supposed to be the future, so strategic missiles could be smaller whilst still carrying a mega-whopper punch? Now, SUCH a vehicle would ROCK! Â

    The "Why I'm going to buy ArmA2" thread

    I'll wait and see and in the mean time pray that all our hopes come true and that we won't be disappointed... But if it doesn't, then yeah, I'll dish out the kongbucks to get it... Because there simply isn't anything quite like it and I've always loved the original. Â

    Carrier Command: Gaea Mission

    ZOMG, I remember seeing this in a flyer of my really old games (Stellar 7 anyone?) and remembered that I've always wanted to have it but back in those days it just wasn't available where I lived... Now it's coming back... I think I'm gonna fall in love with it just as much as I did with Activision's Battlezone remake... Edit: And of course, this needs to be modded for OFP and ArmA 2! Â Edit2: For OFP Mini-mod... Terrain: Gnat's Waterworld... check! Carrier: Between Nimitz, Kuznetsov, and all the other carriers... take your pick... check! Planes: Uhh... too much choice... check! Amphib Tanks: Hmmm... Good question... check!

    Military Humor

    k@voven, here's the latest picture revealing what happened a few seconds later, demonstrating the missile's improved guidance system...

    UNICON warfare for ofp.

    Given the fact that even hovering vehicles have a tendency to leave tracks on the ground (or so I've noticed happening with every hovering vehicle I've driven in OFP so far), I'd suggest you'd go with tracked vehicles.