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  1. -CCCP-Stalker

    Bas blackhawks

    Guys one small q. Where can I find thoose test missions for Blackhawks which Nagual posted pages ago ? The links don't seem to work now...
  2. There's a more simple and realistic way. Just turn them off and than, if you need 'em on again in another mission just restart OFP. And why is it more realistic ? Have you ever seen street light being knocked down after the electricity was off ?
  3. -CCCP-Stalker

    Flying device thing (pepelatz?)

    OFPEC Addons Section/Pending. I think it was right under BAS MH60
  4. -CCCP-Stalker

    Bas blackhawks

    u must b kidding right????i dont know wat imo stands for so dunno if ur kidding..... No I wasn't kidding. I was just saying my oppinion.
  5. -CCCP-Stalker

    Sentry turrets!

    Nope. You don't need any scripting. Just make a turret you like with the gunner underground. The gunner won't be visible
  6. -CCCP-Stalker

    Bas blackhawks

    Guys I thing you must return to old fastrope anims. Theese one you have in Blackhawk loor worse. IMO.
  7. -CCCP-Stalker

    Flying device thing (pepelatz?)

    Yuo haven't seen a Wheelchair 2000 and Shopping cart do u ?
  8. -CCCP-Stalker

    Question about hawks mi-26

    Hawk is always releases his addons with really bad handling.
  9. -CCCP-Stalker

    Concept: civil "relaxation" mission

    Link ?
  10. -CCCP-Stalker

    Batlle field earth beta

    Stalker, yer thinking RTS style thing. Every type of vehicle has different pros and cons like: a 5t truck can carry a lot of people and equipment. M113 is slow, and doesnt carry as much. Chinook is a totally different category, isnt really maneouverable, and cant land in every place. In X-com (it's suppose to be a clone, am i right?) there were no upgrades, only research. You could research new weapons, better armour, etc. And even then, a new upgrade didnt mean the best, there were different reasons both from tactical and economical point of view to keep the level of technology at a certain level. And why not to make the mision a bit RTSsish Maybe not uprgades but reserches and ability to buy 5t Truck, M133 etc
  11. -CCCP-Stalker

    Question about hawks mi-26

    Mi26 was never used in the army as far as I know
  12. -CCCP-Stalker

    Russian sf pack

    Everybody has this prob.
  13. -CCCP-Stalker

    Russian sf pack

    Just rename it to for example marines.exe
  14. -CCCP-Stalker

    Reskined go229 gotha

    Yeah, shame they detracted from the Norweigan SOE soldiers that pulled off that raid by having a lone american soldier do it. American propaganda: "Americans won World War II and every other nations helped 'em"
  15. -CCCP-Stalker

    Red Hammer Studios

    Yeap. At least when I was in RHS they had 'em on all tanks...