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  1. This is not fixed yet... Killing PvP..
  2. zapata

    Arrowhead Community [Hardcore Realism]

    I can not see your server from remote
  3. From yesterday event https://youtu.be/waXOJWyPPXI
  4. zapata

    Changing into a bird upon relog?

    problem still persist
  5. Noticed too unit see him self dressed but all others see him naked
  6. zapata

    Guys Getting Stuck on JIP

    Same problem happened after converting missions to Eden.
  7. zapata

    Unknown Error when Respawning with Menu

    In Eden respawn & revive are not workin to gether
  8. zapata

    Eden Revive & Respawn

    Tested on old 2D Editor => result no problem at all.
  9. If I use Eden in order to set up respawn parameters I get error and revive doesn't work I don't get menu position. Respawn custom position Revive Menuposition MenuInventory Tickets If I use description.txt respawn = 3; respawnOnStart = 1; respawnTemplates[] = {"MenuInventory","MenuPosition","Tickets","Revive"}; JIP get error below and spawn with black screen at start. Server rpt for 2nd case :
  10. I get errot message: I have OA installed over vanilla arma II both from cd. I tried by installing downloadable files and also with Six Updater 2.1dev.