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    Late last night, Modo>Max>O2

    Hello, what dimmensions have your pipeline model? Like NZX said, try to scale your model 10 or 100 times and then import it into o2. Because by importing into o2 is the model optimized, vertices , wich are close by another are merged into 1 point. Maybe this is reason why your model is deformed.
  2. Me too , keep up the good work. check your inbox, i will send you a PM.
  3. Hello everybody, I would like to post few screens and WiP renders of my work in Arma. Aligator PSO - 4x4 APC with normal and specular maps - thanx to Indy for great discovery Aligator RCWS - with 12.7 remotely controlled weapon station Mini Samson (.50 cal and spike missiles) Tatrapan MOD - 6x6 APC based on Tatra undercarriage Aktis - medium off-road truck
  4. Yano

    AFSR addons

    little update render of Sa58P and Sa58V
  5. Yano

    AFSR addons

    thanks to all Care to share how this was done? Yea, just take a look on this topic http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin....t=55639
  6. Hello all, Im currently working on the 6x6 transporter, where front 4 wheels are steering. <<-- driving direction _/------ OO---O l___l l_l front back wheels steering wheels Problem is with the middle axle (selection: leva dalsi/prava dalsi), middle axle doesnt rotates and doesnt steers. I have ver. 1.46. Can somebody help? thanks
  7. Yano

    Middle axle of 6x6 transporter

    in resistance it is surely possible, 6x6 others 8x8