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  1. Are you still making addons for ARMA? If so I would love to see an update of your great PKW Pilots for ARMA2. Thanks and love your work.

  2. ArmA Photography I - No images over 100kb.

    Full Size Full Size Full Size Addons : PKW_101 and PKW_Waco
  3. ArmA Photography I - No images over 100kb.

    Full size Full Size Full Size Addons : PKW-101 ADiv and PKW-C47 nonpublic :P
  4. Although "BoB" is a very good movie,It is a lot of errors on the equipment. In Normandy paratroopers use the M42 jump suite, not M43/44 Models of good, but there is no normalmap and the ammopouches size should be corrected.Correction of this raise their quality But as you can see the work going in the right direction, keep it up - regards
  5. 101 AirDiv and SDKFZ from my little project "Carentan".
  6. Nice Pantera, although grid zimmerit seems too large. @Agamoth 101 and 82 div in Normandy use a parajump uniform type 42. Look... click click
  7. Nice to see that improve the quality of models - I hope that we'll see the final models have a really high quality and faithful to the realities of that era. Best regards and keep up work

    Miles Please clear your PM box.
  9. Great work tanks beautiful. I lack only one, good nohq and smdi in model soldiers. How do you want, I can help with that. PM to let me know when you choose - greets - Yac
  10. The Unsung Vietnam war MOD

    Hollywood movie "Forest Gump" is not a good material about the history of the war in Vietnam. References to it are not very accurate As for the rest of it to see what You asked, but as far as possible based on historical facts.
  11. The Unsung Vietnam war MOD

    We are simply a lot of work with the mod
  12. Well that showed the F-4. Improve the texture and will be a great. @ SnakeMan VTE does not have a monopoly on the F4.
  13. The Unsung Vietnam war MOD

    Cold, rain falls, still under internal tests