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  1. I decide correct of western airman`s. I present results of work over pilots of jets. in O2... in game... Pilots of helicopters will be next
  2. YacieK


    Next post please write here
  3. YacieK

    USAF F-16C Falcon

    Footmunch - topping work as beta version. Thank you for F16 :] My pilots can fly more than A10 or AV 8 PS. It think about Polish version F16
  4. YacieK

    MAG 58 with aimpoint

    OMG - what a ugly ***** :-/, sorry mate but this addon...
  5. YacieK

    Vilas' addons

    Nice It does not grant those minimal quality.
  6. YacieK

    hamas ver2 beta

    Good work, addon looks better. Keffija looks familiar.Inspiration from SoF-Payback?
  7. YacieK

    Autumn (recolored) plants

    Kondor - good joob
  8. YacieK

    hamas ver2 beta

    Has to be it joke? Even as BETA on weak addon. It do the best try more. It enrich about details, better textures. Then, maybe something will be from it.
  9. YacieK

    Vilas' addons

    as you wish Modern WP soldier
  10. Hello ArmA maniacs here is my first addon for ArmA. Beta version Polish Special Forces named "GROM" in desert camo. (Used in Iraq and Afganisthan). Readme Download PSF_GROM DESERT BETA 1.2 update to patch 1.07 ================================================================== Edit - Mirrors to PSF GROM DESERT version 1. Thanks Big from Armaholic. com Mirror #1 Polish Special Forces GROM Beta ver 1. Polish Special Force GROM Beta ver. 1.2 Polish Special Forces GROM Beta ver 1.2 for patch 1.07 and Lateflip from Armed Assault .Net Mirror #2 Polish Special Forces GROM Beta ver 1. thanks jammydodger from Armed-Assault-Zone.com Mirror# 3 Polish Special Forces Grom Beta ver 1. Thx Stavengerfrom nextgenerationgames.de Mirror#4 PSF_GROM_Beta _ver1. Mirror #5 Polish Special Force GROM Beta ver. 1.2
  11. YacieK

    PSF GROM DESERT Beta v1.

    Not, there is not - project85.
  12. YacieK

    PSF GROM DESERT Beta v1.

    PSF GROM has entered to greatest project. New version will be issued with them.
  13. YacieK

    Poprawniejsza Polszczyzna [beta]

    Zguba - thx Good work
  14. YacieK

    H&k mk23 1.2

    Good work Martin świetny laser
  15. <a href="http://img144.imageshack.us/img144/4410/image1nv9.jpg" target="_blank"> Fly litlle "Slick" , fly in to open sky</a>
  16. YacieK

    Nam units

    - use BinPBO.exe from BIS Tool. After binarized and packing until PBO yours addon will be had toward 50-70 MB.
  17. YacieK

    Nam units

    agamoth - i understood and all ok - I invite for discussion about from vietnam GI here It in place stamp BIS where it is given signs of clans in game MP
  18. YacieK

    Nam units

    There I see my work. M1 helmet coverage and M69 Flack Vest. Please of disuse my work made only to Vilas Vietnam pack. -
  19. YacieK

    VFAI - AI Extension

    Work excellent. Often it modernize list of weapon`s on equipment_ai.
  20. As nicely There is Oxygen and other tools , but next repainting BIS models. Top work, it truth. But it scants new elements in models.
  21. YacieK

    Vilas' addons

    Nice work Topas  odezwij się jutro na GG wieczorem
  22. YacieK

    BISoldier Model Tutorial

    It can so: Maruk - please. How make this damned textures of blood and wounds in your BIS Soldier model ? My contractors, east rebels, Nam Gi waiting for release, but without these textures in 100% not ready.