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    Here is : Do it
  2. YacieK

    DMA nextGen anims updated to 1.1

    Awesome work Sanctuary thx for you work.
  3. YacieK

    Invasion 1944 Info Thread

    Screen`s,screen`s and screen`s ( ) but, where is Mod? Release date or something
  4. YacieK

    I need a medic stretcher

    UH1 by CSJ have worked strechers and scripts ...
  5. YacieK

    I need a medic stretcher

    Look here http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin....;st=135
  6. YacieK

    VTE open beta 09-13-05

    wow , very good stuff.
  7. YacieK

    A4- Skyhawk re-release Public Beta

    Chapeau bas col Klink. Very nice and very veeeeeeeeeery good job.
  8. sad too hear that - Good luck Drow and... see you.
  9. YacieK


    Very nice work. Really next VietNam island ;).
  10. YacieK

    Us colonial marines

    Wow !! good for you nephilim well done.
  11. YacieK

    Bushranger BETA release

    @ CSJ Thank you for this  UH1 "Huey".Very good job. Only one,to weak engine sound. Sounds like washmachine, not like  "Huey".( see at SEBNAMPACK). Please - check it.  BTW - sorry for my  bad english.
  12. YacieK

    Vietnam Warfare: Burned Battlefields

    @ Cpt. FrostBite thx - for speed reply.
  13. YacieK

    Vietnam Warfare: Burned Battlefields

    Any news ? Where is water buffalo ?? dead or something? My rice paddies is empty my gooks is sade im too