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  1. X-Rolando

    Linux server beta

    bang bang! Welcome back, Bebul!
  2. X-Rolando

    Linux server beta

    I'm just hoping that it will be out at the same time as the final version
  3. X-Rolando

    How about a New public server ?

    Howdy! I could bring some web space (LAMP) + voice (TS/Mumble) hosting to this project, as long as someone would be willing to administer it in non-lethal doses I would also offer to host the actual game server but I'm not 100% sure that I can commit the required CPU cycles (with an AM2 X2 5600+). I occasionally run a single game server on it but haven't done so for quite some time, so I guess I could at least offer something that you can use as a temporary/test box. PS. Joomla + phpbb3 / fireboard?
  4. X-Rolando


    Apparently an addon that has been edited/removed. I do have CSM v2.0 installed but the .pbo is named CSM_Sounds
  5. X-Rolando


    It tells me csmsound is missing and then it stops loading up the mission.
  6. X-Rolando

    Gear selection broken on dedi?

    I'm currently seeing a problem with gear selection at the briefing screen. When someone tries to add a weapon to their load out, it sucks up all the bandwidth (3 Mb), causing lag when trying to pick your weapons. It does however work just fine when moving stuff to and from an ammo crate.
  7. X-Rolando

    Linux server beta

    I did run the install script but for some reason the Dta folder wasn't renamed to dta. Thanks for the heads up!
  8. X-Rolando

    Linux server beta

    Howdy... I'm running opensuse 10.3 x64 (GCC 4.2, 2.6.22 kernel) on an X2 3800+ and I'm getting some error messages and then a dump. The first error (No entry '.profilePathDefault' probably has something to do with me not designating the "My Documents\Arma" equivalent. Would anyone mind refreshing my memory and tell me how and where to designate profilePathDefault? I've tried "-profiles=" so far. You can find the full thing here.
  9. X-Rolando

    Linux Dedicated server

    Where? Good question. I can't find the interview, so it must have been wishful thinking.
  10. X-Rolando

    Linux Dedicated server

    BIS mentioned that they would start working on a Linux dedicated server binary after the mod tools had been finished.
  11. X-Rolando

    Server 2003, 1.08 and Securom

    I tried installing the 505 version and then patching it but I'm still getting the same Securom error message. I'll try installing a different iteration of Windows.
  12. I'm running an OpenSUSE 10.2 dedicated server with Virtualbox 1.4.0 and Win2003 as the guest OS. I downloaded the full 1.08 rar archive and gave the arma_server.exe a try. What I'm greeted with is a Securom style error message: Compatibility mode doesn't help. All I can say is, it worked fine with VMWare and 1.05. Any takers?
  13. X-Rolando

    Dedi Box - AI Warping

    Try lowering "MaxSizeNonguaranteed", mine is set to 64 and it seems to be better. (at 256 they were still jumping, but the distance from one jump to another was halved...).