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    Usmc gaia island

    As a matter of fact, this has little to do with what is and isn't allowed. Driving a tank through a forest that is moderately dense (not like the 'forests' near Modrava on Nogova) simply isn't possible: you may knock over the first few trees, but eventually they will get entangled in the following trees, resulting in a heap of wood and leaves you will NOT drive through with tank. Just to clarify: a pic (marvel at my Adobe skills! woohoo!) Thankfully, the forests on Gaia are not that dense. And they're a hell of a lot prettier than the blocky grids on standard islands. Good show! regards, X.
  2. xawery

    Wargames addpak

    Wouldn't want to sound repetitive, but the pack is simply great, astounding, excellent, plus some other superlatives... Really looking forward to the release of the manual, there's bound to be tons of stuff I haven't explored yet. One thing I was very excited about were the modular weaponsystems, i.e. the HMGs and mortars. Especially the fact that a seperate ammobearer is necessary to belt-feed the MG appealed to me. I've tested it, and it works fine in SP (though a bit cumbersome) but in MP nothing happened after loading the mag. I heard someone say that it's a client-server issue and that player A cannot fire bullets loaded by player B. Is that true? Is this going to be addressed? regards, Xawery
  3. xawery

    Usmc gaia island

    As I have stated in numerous other forums, Gaia is simply breathtaking. I would say more, but I ran out of superlatives in the previous posts. The towns and cities are *finally* more than wee hamlets with two houses and a dog (with a slight limp). The fields are stunning, and the forests finally look like forests! BIS had a good idea with turning the forest in a square with a single texture around it when viewed from a long distance, but it looked thoroughly silly when viewed from a higher vantage point (say, a mountain). But this... this is a forest! And one you can drive through with a tank, too:) Still, AI has some major trouble with pathfinding. At one point, my troops were unable to get out of a garden:/ But the port... wow, really very very nice. Especially the derelict town S of the port. It really has the feel of 1900 labourer housing in London:) The units are very, very nice. It's nice to see that this pack has really been created with MP in mind (the distinction between Team Leader and Squad Leader, for example). I recall someone complaining that the East troops were rather poor compared to Res and West, but I would have to disagree: the VDV troops for example are great. So are all the weapons: a level of detail that has left me speechless. There are indeed a few blank textures, but it's good to hear that it has been fixed. The wounding script is what I really like best about OFP. Now if only it would also have consequences for the AI (it doesn't does it??) I would be a happy man:) In sum, this pack makes the maxim "OFP the way it was meant to be" ring a great deal more believable. I am really looking forward running up a hill with my ammo bearer, while the bullets whizz by and a BMP explodes behind us, setting up the tripod and machine gun, and having it belt fed by the ammo bearer while the 12.7 rounds rip the enemy to shreds... Mmmm... Can't wait to get my hands on those mission. Excellent work gentlemen!
  4. xawery

    The unsung sky pack released

    I say, excellent work! To be quite frank I find these skies better than Kegetys' ones... Except, indeed, for those fairly blatant seams The remark about the cloudy skies being very blue is indeed true, but I can't say I find it too disturbing: they have this nice 'heavy', oppressive feeling that storm cloud have:) Nice work, can't wait for the final release! regards, Xawery