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    15 years of independance

    Hahaha, I'm saving this one for future generations... Priceless In 1991 I was nine... I remeber stepping into the voting booth with my mother. I remember her being rather undecided; after all, going from a single-party to a multi-party state is quite a change. Had I known that one of the participating parties was "The Polish Party of Beer Aficionados", I would have suggested that
  2. xawery

    The Middle East part 2

    Don't get me wrong, I'm all for dismissing someone's opinions, IF I can produce arguments against said opinions... Slightly back on topic: it seems that the French are more reluctant to field troops than they initially appeared. Now Olmert wants the Italians to lead the peacekeeping mission. I wonder why that is: perhaps because Prodi has been less vocal in his criticism of Israel?
  3. xawery

    The Middle East part 2

    Well formulated Phonix. That ought to shut him up. Why do you even bother to make a post if you dismiss Scary's arguments by default?
  4. xawery

    Reconquering Nogova: 10-mission Coop Campaign

    Hi Igor, I've had the chance to play a few missions on the Zeus server and I liked them very much. The CoC - WGL combo is great, and the satellite system is very nice too. I haven't used it before, but it adds a lot to the game! My only gripe is with the weapon selection system. The most obvious problem is that the AI are unable to get the weapons. The other problem is that such a wide choice of weapons results in M21 totin', LAW packin' medics... Not very realistic. If you give the players such a wide choice of weapons, they will inevitably choose the best ones. In my opinion it's best to stick to standard loadouts, or give the leader the option to change them. Other than that, great work! Regards, X.
  5. xawery

    The Middle East part 2

    On an unrelated note: no scientific theory has ever been "proven" - they simply remain "not rejected". One might say the difference is merely semantic, but it is significant nonetheless. It is a display of science's humbleness and an acknowledgement of the fact that one never may be 100% certain or claim to possess "the truth". It would be immensly refreshing if all those people who justify their actions with religious arguments would adopt a similar stance.
  6. xawery

    The Middle East part 2

    And if your going to spell everything correct, you may think about writing "About me saying..." On an unrelated note, Nemesis6's "about my saying" construction was correct. Incidentally, Garcia, I don't think Nemesis6 was trying to imply that you spelt 'sympathiser' wrong, only that he would opt for the US spelling.
  7. xawery

    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    I agree; I don't think today anyone would get away with writing something as undemocratic. Let's not forget that the Founding Fathers weren't 'men of the people': they were patricians. Mob rule (or what we would call democracy nowadays) certainly wasn't one of their objectives. Safeguarding their own interests was. Hence, for example, the undemocratic concept of electoral colleges. Isn't it mindboggling that a country so hell-bent on exporting democracy to other countries elects its president indirectly? Besides, I don't know what all the fuss is about amending the constitution. The constitution has been changed countless times over the centuries, and with good reason. If the US would have stuck to the original copy, blacks and women still wouldn't have suffrage...
  8. xawery

    Zeus Gaming Nights

    Hey chaps,d haha, we had a few good, unplanned games yesterday. Nothing special per se, but I would like to share one rather humorous event with you. The mission: War Pie. Eliminate the enemy in a bridge town and set up an ambush for an incoming Soviet tank column. Deadly serious stuff: we're badly outnumber, the enemy is well-armed, and just to make matters worse, there are two HMG's positioned at the opposite riverbank. We'll have to plan carefully and minimise our casualties if we want to make this one work. Everyone's dedicated and concentrated. We move out. We move to the FUP in three HMMV's, the formation is column. I'm the driver of the last HMMV. We ride through hilly terrain and the visibility is rather poor. We are almost at the FUP: the two HMMV's disappear behind a hill. I know we'll form up at a tree grouping just ahead, so I confidently crest the hill... ...only to arrive at the scene of a total carnage. Wounded soldiers scattered everywhere, and the AI is spamming the radio waves with "I need a medic!". Apparantly some knob forgot to hit the brakes and parked his HMMV in the other's rear end To make matters worse, the only medic we had was an AI. First he didn't want to disembark. After finally getting out of the HMMV, he decided to run around a bit. The image of a medic running away from a horde of injured soldiers shouting "heal me! heal me you bastard!" won't leave my brain any time soon The admirable thing is, we didn't even reassign but went on to finish the mission. And died.
  9. xawery

    The Retaliation Campaign Appreciation Thread

    I agree with you wholeheartedly, but I don't think the mods will appreciate you making a new thread, while an old one exists. Incidentally, has anyone managed to finish the WGL version of this campaign? The increased engagement range has made it impossible to even survive the initial ambush... I get cut to ribbons by the insurgents' MG's. I don't even get the chance to drop my weapon:S
  10. xawery

    A New Enemy

    I like it! But shouldn't that be Gubĺ? Besides, I think BIS should be very careful with choosing a potential future conflict as the background, exspecially if it is a plausible conflict. For example: Battlefront.com, the developers of Shock Force, were rather stunned when Israel invaded Lebanon. Shock Force is about a potential conflict between Israel and Syria... When the fighting in South Lebanon began, the prospect of Syria getting involved suddenly looked very real. Can you imagine the consequences for the developers, should such a fictional backgroung scenario occur?
  11. xawery

    The Middle East part 2

    So you're saying Satan is evil? I take offence.
  12. Hi Dinger, let me congratulate you on a job well done. I've only recently had the opportunity to see UA in action; it was on the Zeus server last thursday. We were assaulting a beach, and as soon as we had landed we came under enemy fire from a hill. We requested arty support from our spotter. I can't tell you how cool it was to hear "SPLASH" over TS and watch that hill turn into a smouldering pit of death The sounds, the smoke... Great stuff, this is what gives me that visceral feel when playing OFP!
  13. xawery

    Liberation 1941-1945: Patch 1.07

    Obviously there aren't any missions in the Libmod folder in the OFP directory, because all missions are stored in a seperate Missions folder in the OFP root directory. Libmod actually comes with quite a lot of missions (though not all are (well) translated).
  14. xawery

    The Middle East part 2

    But that wasn't the crux of my argument... The point was, Lebanon was the only country where a woman could drink & smoke in public during Ramadan undisturbed, if you will. My remark wasn't about types of punishment, but the treatment of women.
  15. xawery

    The Middle East part 2

    Where does that quote come from? As far as I can find, B'Tselem has been founded by a diverse group of intellectuals, some of whom are were members of the Ratz party, which seems to have been supporting "secularism, the separation of religion and state, and civil rights". Sounds good to me I wonder Nemesis6, do you mistrust HRW and AI because you have some ideological differences, or simply because both NGO's criticise Israel?
  16. xawery

    The Middle East part 2

    First of all, only three countries (Canada, US, Israel) consider Hezbollah to be a terrorist organisation. The Netherlands and Australia only view Hezbollah's external "Security Organisation" as terrorists. Second, Hezbollah holds only 14 seats in the Lebanese parliament, and 2 government positions. So the claim that "half there government is filled with there representatives" (sic) is hardly true. third, it is hardly just that a whole country should suffer for the actions of a few. By the same logic, Great Britain would be right in bombing the whole of Ireland, because the IRA is Irish. fourth, the Lebanese government/army is far too weak to deal with Hezbollah. The mightly Isreali Goliath is unable to neutralise Hezbollah; how could a weak government, only recently relieved of Syrian influence (note that Syria supports Hezbollah),perform such a feat then? UN resolution 1559 is pretty pointless in this regard: it's idiotic to demand from a toothless state to dismantle a well-sponsored and well-armed militia. Lebanon was well on it's way to becoming the first Arab country to know true freedom. As one journalist illustrated, Lebanon was the only Arab country where a woman could openly smoke a cigarette and drink a glass of wine during Ramadan, without getting stoned to death. The country was considered one of the few successes of the American attempts at pushing democracy in the middle east. Sadly, Israel has "turned the clock back 20 years" with it's bombardments. Without stopping Hezbollah.
  17. xawery

    The Middle East part 2

    To be quite frank, I'm rather surprised that the Palestinian is referred to as 'soldier' not 'terrorist'...
  18. xawery

    The Middle East part 2

    Garcia! Don't you realise that the BBC is a biased, Arab-lovin' media outlet, hell-bent on discrediting Israel? Really! Nemesis6 told me so... (a polite nod to Bernadotte )
  19. xawery

    The Middle East part 2

    I bet it is, but putting something between quotation marks suggests that you doubt it's truthfulness. Quoting something as-is suggests that you agree with the quotation. You put "pure evil" betwee quotation marks. In other words, you seem to acknowledge that the left is "in denial", and question the statement that the right is "plain evil". Note the quotation marks. I question both.
  20. xawery

    The Middle East part 2

    Certainly, warmongers always find a reason... However, if all the 'viable' reasons for violence are removed (such as the Sheeba Farms, occupation of Israel) Hezbollah will have a hard(er) time convincing the Lebanese civilians to support them.
  21. xawery

    The Middle East part 2

    So what's the problem? Have Isreal give back the Sheeba Farms and dampen Hezbollah's impetus. As a matter of fact, this move has been suggested previously by a high government official (whose name I forget, I'll try to look it up), but it was sadly disregarded.
  22. xawery

    The Middle East part 2

    I want you to explain that to us. Why is the left in denial and why is the right "plain evil"? The fact that you put "plain evil" between quotation marks and not "in denial" is rather tell-tale.
  23. xawery

    The Middle East part 2

    Lol, it seems that the open source engine (Genesis3D) has been hijacked by all kinds of nutcases... Take a gander at this:
  24. xawery

    Mini Lunchman

    I was wondering about the same thing Ironically, I was thinking it was an American name for a lunchbox or something...
  25. xawery

    William Porter's Blog

    Lol, if I were the driver of that bus I'd just skip this stop "Whaddaya mean we have to pay the fare?!" *smack*