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    Well if I may make a suggestion, not shure whether this has been brought up or not but anyways... My opinion is that the current parachutes in ArmA are very annoying, is there any chance that in ArmA II we could maybe get a better more realistic parachute/ and landing animation for it?
  2. Wingnut Master

    USMC Units

    Oh ok thanks bud.
  3. Wingnut Master

    USMC Units

    Ok I'm not shure if I am the only one, but does anybody else have it to where the USMC grenadier class (M16A4GL) does not have any 203's? Thanks -Wingnut Master
  4. Wingnut Master

    USMC Units

    Yea im using chammy's that must be it i guess anyway of fixing it you know of ?
  5. Wingnut Master

    USMC Units

    Ok well I checked his gear loadout and he has 203's but if I try switching to the launcher, there is no grenades?
  6. Wingnut Master

    BATTLE OF ORTEGO by Mr-Murray [SP]

    I loved the mission. Great atmosphere. I especially liked the part where the bombs are dropped on the building and on the bridge, the audio really made it come alive. Great job Mr - Murray hope you make some more awesome maps!
  7. Wingnut Master

    Razani, North Waziristan Map

    Now this is what im talking about. This map looks incredible. I am already imagining making scenarios with Johny's Special Forces and this map. Man o Man great job NB.
  8. Wingnut Master

    ArmA Addon request thread

    After a random thought crossed my mind, what about a Civil War style mod? Where you have muskets and canonns, that would be interesting eh?
  9. Wingnut Master

    RealTimeEditor 5

    yay!Cant wait to play around with this piece of art, great job i0n0s!
  10. Hello all, I am having a little difficulties on my current map I am making where US troops are defending an LZ off of SLA divisisons. What I am wanting to do is have the enemy AI respawn and keep coming until a certain amount of time has passed. Any help is appreciated, thank you.
  11. Wingnut Master

    Respawning Enemies

    Any ideas?
  12. Wingnut Master

    Respawning Enemies

    Ok I found the map here is the link, http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=3023 But I am having some troubles on what scripts I need and how I need to set it up in the actual mission.
  13. Wingnut Master

    Respawning Enemies

    Thank you, I will see if I can find it.
  14. Wingnut Master

    Respawning Enemies

    Any ideas, im kind of stuck here .
  15. Wingnut Master

    Smoke Help

    one small question, sry to bring this up, but how can i make it to where i can use this on multiple objects instead of one, b/c it has to be called burn?